How To Make Him Want You More After A One Night Stand


If you want to make him want you more after a one night stand, your best tactic is to low key ghost him a little -- keep him guessing, don't seem too eager, and he will be sure to be calling you soon. This is a good example of supply and demand -- by limiting the supply of your attention, his demand for it will increase.

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Treat Him Mean, Keep Him Keen

A lot of girls on the hookup scene might not have that much of an idea of what to do if you want to know how to make him want you more after a one night stand. Bu the easiest way to get just what you want is to make sure that he does not (get what he wants, that is). Take your time back and spend it on yourself, and leave your cell phone alone for a day or two. The last thing you want to do is to let him feel that he has some kind of hold over you in terms of your time, and this means that the best way to keep him keen is to not talk to him too much.


How Can I Use Social Media To Keep Him Interested?


It can be really easy to get his attention with out seeing him or even texting with him, and the best way to do this is by updating your social media without talking to him directly. Selfies, alone or with pals, can be a great way to show him what he is missing out on -- because you can be sure that he is keeping tabs on you. Events that you have been to, or even just cozy nights in with a pal, a pet, or even on your own are great for a photo op. Tell the world what you are up to without giving too much away about your habits (be aware that some people can be stalkers), and use a smattering of hashtags to show you really are one clued up girl when it comes to social media!

Talking Is Good -- Or Is It?

If the first thing you think of after a one night stand is to get straight on the phone and dial his number, then think again, sister! If you call him right away, then you will be giving him just what he wants -- your attention. This is one of the few things that a gal has going for her after she has had casual sex with a guy. By holding back the attention, you can make the guy really start to sweat -- was he no good in bed? Will he ever see you again? Did he screw up somehow? This is what you want him to be feeling. In short, what you DON'T want to do is to put him out of his misery. It may sound harsh, but really what you want to do is to extend that misery as long as possible -- it is what gives you, as a woman, the upper hand. After all, he got to third base with you, right? Then why give him anything more? Let him do all the running, and you will be sure that you are not totally wasting your time with this guy. Talking is good, but taking it slow is better. Write that down.

Ghosting Can Play A Part In Keeping Him Interested After A One Night Stand -- But How?

The best way to keep a guy guessing is to ghost him. Not forever, but just enough, and just long enough that you start to get a response from him that suits your purpose. We know how to make him want you more after a one night stand, and in one word it's ghosting. Ghost him and you will be on your way to making him want you so bad his knees will drop off. Want to really give him blue balls? Ghost him AND post selfies to your SM accounts. Really turn the screw, and soon you will have him eating out of the palm of your (disembodied, ephemeral) hand.

Supply And Demand -- Why Being Absent Helps You Keep Him Interested

The thing you need to know about how to make him want you more after a one night stand in terms of supply and demand, is that you are the thing that is being supplied, and the demand is his demand for your supply of you. The best way to limit this supply and thereby increase his demand, is to withdraw from society a bit at a time, until only your grin is left, hovering peacefully above a moonlit bough. It will drive him crazy. Not literally crazy. He will probably just text you a lot.

I Think I Blew It -- How Can I Fix This?

It can be a tough game trying to figure out how to make him want you more after a one night stand and this is only made worse when you are racked with shame and regret over some trifle that has worked its way into the clam shell of your head and turned into a hard and glittering pearl of paranoia. The best thing to do? Pry open that clam shell and reach in to pluck forth the worry from your mind (figuratively speaking, since we do not condone self administered lobotomies). Basically, just chill out. The worst thing you can do if you think you done messed up is to make it ever more worse by texting him and making yourself look like a tool. Step one if you think you made a faux pas: forget about it and move on.

Top Ten Reasons Why It Doesn't Matter What You Do After A One Night Stand

1. He wasn't worth it anyway. This is the best way to make yourself feel good even if what you did last night wasn't (good, that is). Just tell yourself that he is a no good man.

2. Either he likes you or he doesn't. If he does, then you do not need to worry, because he will treat you with all the respect that you deserve. If he does not like you, then you do not need to worry about it because you will most likely never hear from him again.

3. Because you're the boss. You go, girlfriend.

4. He's probably so hungover anyway that he doesn't want to be seen anyway. Right?

5. It makes no difference to the human race. In the big scheme of things, unless your mixed genes creates the next hero to lead humanity to a better future, what you two get up to is really of very little long term consequence.

6. You already had your fun.

7. Because you're young and what you do now has little consequence for the rest of your life.

8. Because it is more important to get to work on time.

9. Your mother wouldn't approve anyway.

10. A man who is into hookups probably isn't really long term material.

Top Ten Ways To Give Him The Boot After A One Night Stand

1. Get out of bed and start getting dressed if you are still in the throes of bliss. Then start asking him what he is going to do that day. Let him take the bait to talk about himself and scram.

2. Pretend to get a phone call if you are still there and want an out.

3. Ghost him. Best way to deal with getting rid of an unwanted gent after a quick fling. Put your phone away.

4. Send him on a metaphorical quest to get dodo eggs. In other words, give him an impossible task -- sooner or later he will just give up, assured of his own failure. Examples might be to find you a dress that has a lot of very specific specifications, like tartan sequins that spell out your name, or to not call you until he has found an Ethiopian and Italian fusion resto to take you to.

5. Send him a cryptic picture of a home pregnancy test. Just kidding... but it would work.

6. Stay off social media for a while.

7. Sleep with his friend. Okay, not one for the more moral among you, but again -- effective.

8. Just be honest -- tell him you don't want to see him again. In hind sight, we are not sure why we didn't think of this one first... whatever.

9. Arrange a date with him and don't show. Cruel, but we are guessing there may be a reason why you do not want to see this guy again. Hit him where it hurts -- his ego -- and you can almost certainly look forward to not hearing from him again.

10. Move out of town and cut off all ties with your old town. This is the most extreme way to go, but an option to really think long and hard about if the dude who you had a one night stand with turned out to be a total and utter psycho and you need, like, witness protection and stuff. Again, stay off social media, at east under your old name. Here's looking at you, Rusty Shackleford.

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How To Make Him Want You More After A One Night Stand - SoNaughty

Welcome to your free sonaughty.com hookup advice guide to keeping him interested after a one night stand. We have all the advice you need on this topic.

How To Make Him Want You More After A One Night Stand - SoNaughty