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Discovering Yourself: Are You Bisexual, Lesbian, Or Gay?

Discovering Yourself: Are You Bisexual, Lesbian, Or Gay? is a gay dating test from ProProfs that was written to help people unlock their try sexuality.

One of the best gay sex tests to find out what you're REALLY into!

  • This quiz will tell you which sex you're more drawn to
  • Meet others with the same questions online
  • Learn more about yourself with this quiz

How To Know If Your Bisexual?

How To Know If Your Bisexual? is another gay sex test on ProProfs, but with a more focused goal; to find out if you're bisexual.

This sex test is great way to determine if you're attracted to both men and women!

  • Can be taken by either men or women
  • Simple and direct questions cut straight to the chase
  • Share your results on your social media to let your friends know if you're bisexual

Sexual Orientation Quiz

Sexual Orientation Quiz is a quality gay sex test from ProProfs that allows anyone who takes it to identify their sexual identity.

One of the fastest ways to find out if you're straight, gay, or bi!

  • A short series of questions about what you're attracted to
  • Your results will remain private or you can share them with your friends so that they can better understand you

Quiz: How To Tell If You're Bisexual

Quiz: How To Tell If You're Bisexual is a gay sex test from Ask Men that acts as a sexual education lesson for anyone who takes it.

Take the sex test to find out if you're bisexual!

  • Well researched and full of more information than most tests of its kind
  • Simple to follow
  • Geared towards men, since it's a site asking men for advice

Are you Bisexual??!

Are you Bisexual??! is a hot and informative gay sex test by Go To Quiz that asks the very simple but important question 'Are you Bisexual??!'

Bisexuals will be identified whenever they take this sex test!

  • Can be taken by both men and women
  • A quick and even dozen questions means that you don't need much time to find out whether or not you're bsexual

Am I Straight, Bi, Or Gay? -Guys Only

Am I Straight, Bi, Or Gay? -Guys Only from You Think is a men only sex test to help confused men figure out who they're attracted to, and what to do with their potentially newfound information.

You Think wants you to take their sex quiz to find out who you're attracted to!

  • Clear questions that result in clear answers for anyone who might be feeling confused
  • Answer honestly for the most accurate results
  • Comment after taking the sex test to further discuss the topic

What gender(s) are you attracted to

What gender(s) are you attracted to is a gay sex test at All the Tests that can be extremely helpful in determining which of all the genders you're most attracted to.

One of the best sex tests for people confused about their sexuality!

  • Answer 12 questions for fast results
  • Over 100, 000 people have taken this accurate quiz
  • Both sexes are welcome to take the quiz

Who are you attracted to?

Who are you attracted to?, a great sex test by Quibblo is another variation on the sexuality identifying sex test, but it's a fine addition to the collection.

The sex test that tells you who you're attracted to!

  • Two pages of simple questions
  • Some of the questions are a little bit basic and easy to determine your results based on the answer options

Sex And Gender Explorer

Sex And Gender Explorer is a massive sex test from Hemingways that takes a deep dive into your sexuality.

Explore your gender and sexual experiences with this great sex test!

  • If shorter sex tests haven't given you satisfying enough results, this 160 question test is for you
  • Set aside at least a half hour to sit down and answer this test and get the most accurate results

What gender do you attract?

What gender do you attract? is a sex test from Quotev that flips the script on the quizzes that have been focused on your sexual attraction, and looks at who is attracted to YOU.

What kind of person is attracted to you? This sex test will tell you!

  • Straightforward questions geared towards looking at your past experiences
  • Interesting look at the vibes you might be putting out into the world, and what that might mean about you
  • Solid results

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Finding quality bisexual dating tests can be a difficult, so SoNaughty.com has created this ultimate directory of bisexual relationship and sex tests.

The #1 Bisexual Dating Tests Directory - SoNaughty.com