What Are The Best American Cities To Be Single?


When you are single, it is important to choose the right city to live in, especially if you want to have an active personal life or you want to get married eventually. In our research, we found that the following are the best cities to be single: Moscow, Idaho, West Hollywood, Hoboken, Athens, Miami Beach, Ames, Ypsilanti, San Marcos, Oxford, and Carrboro. So, make sure you continue to read because here, you will find information on which cities are the best when you are a single man or woman.

Moscow, Idaho

Singles that reside in Moscow, Idaho have a fairly easier challenge in meeting prospective mates instead of those who live in other cities. In Moscow, Idaho, there are a high percentage of unmarried individuals who love to go to dance clubs, art galleries and pool halls. With these factors and the high quality of life in Moscow, ID, no wonder people consider this one of the best cities to single. In comparison to the rest of America, singles that live in Moscow are more into using online dating resources and tools to find dates. However, in addition to online dating, Moscow also offers residents a wide variety of ways to find romance. Moscow is one of the top college towns. It has gorgeous sceneries, and amazing rivers, forests and lakes. With the natural attractions scattered throughout the town, it makes Moscow a great place that you can meet new individuals and become acquainted. Snake River, for example, is amazing for camping, boating and swimming. If you love to hike, horseback riding or fishing, check out Hells Gate State Park.


Most singles will usually join specific groups of individuals who love to bike, raft and hike. Moscow has almost 24 parks for those who love the outdoors. Lining the streets are theaters, art galleries, restaurants and coffee ships where singles hang out. Throughout the year, Moscow hosts music festivals, concerts and art walks, giving singles a chance to gather in one location and enjoy each other's company.

West Hollywood, CA


The number of anxious singles that you find in West Hollywood, California says a lot about the place and how easy it would be to meet someone. The area has 80 percent single people. It is an ideal place if you are seeking same sex hookups. A third of the residents are either or transgender, bisexual, gay, or lesbian. In fact, the community is very outspoken and advocates of LGBT rights. There are quite a few gay clubs and bars in West Hollywood. However, there are great spots for both genders. In West Hollywood, there are more singles on dating sites and usage of dating apps than you would find in many other cities.

Most residents love to go to night clubs, art galleries and pool halls. This is a western suburban area, holding a higher concentration of individuals that love to hang out. Many of these hangouts attract famous and rich clientele. You will always find a full calendar of art shows, providing an opportunity to attend and meet new people who love contemporary art. In addition, West Hollywood has a wide range of fitness clubs such as yoga studios, hiking groups, gyms and boot camps, which provide individuals with a proven chance to meet new people. No matter what your taste, you will find various opportunities to find someone that will interests you for that potential hookup or date. There are a mix of singles that include divorced, geek, vegan, and Jewish singles; just to name a few.

Hoboken, New Jersey

Singles that live in Hoboken, New Jersey also use different dating services online and they do so double the rate of the nationwide average. So, in this city, people don't have to necessarily go outside their home to make the initial connection. Of course, afterwards, dates can be planned in some of the historic shops, comfortable hangouts and fine restaurants. Hoboken has a high number of singles that are seeking love. In fact, half of the population is single people and most of them are between 21 and 35 years of age. A huge event occurred in 2010 at the W Hotel and it was all about speed dating among four hundred single men and women. If you are single and a new college graduate, Hoboken is the place to live. Singles in Hoboken often go to karaoke events, bars, and night clubs. There are in excess of 10 bars located close o the Hudson River and most of them are dance clubs, gay bars, Irish pubs and sports bars.

Athens, Georgia

In Athens, Georgia, you can expect to find hip restaurants, trendy venues, distinct shops and a rich history as it relates to music. The population is large and made up of many singles that love to go out and hook up. They do so in nightclubs and movie theatres and bars. The dating scene in the city extends beyond the University of Georgia student population. However, as a college town, it adds more singles to the pool and many of these college singles love to go to sporting events, lectures, art shows, concerts and more. About a quarter or more of the single population are between 21 and 35 years old. Many of them are single professionals who want to hookup and finally start a serious relationship. Using online dating systems at a high rate, the singles in Athens are able to find dates and forge relationships. The city has a friendly charm and offers a setting that is conducive to the traditional method of meeting individuals. The city has a large assortment of fitness centers and gyms where lots of singles go to work out and meet new friends. Volunteering in an organization is something to expect from Athens singles. You can also expect singles to be at live performances, special events and art galleries. Some of the special events take place at Georgia Theatre or 40 Watt Club. The city of Athens could be the right place to begin a blossoming relationship.

Miami Beach, Florida

In Miami Beach, the warm climate is conducive to dating and being outdoors. It is also a city that shines its spotlight on fun and excitement. The city of Miami Beach has a large number of singles with a high level of eligibility. Yes, many of them are looking for romance. This makes the city one of the best cities to be single. The city has received bad publicity for being a place where you mostly see tanned men and women laying on the beach. However, this is not the case, but you can meet new people on the beach, of course. Nightclubs in Miami Beach are lively and attract a huge crowd, sometimes celebrities as well. There are places throughout the city that does not involved buying one glass of cocktail for $20 and having glow lights all over the dance club. You can find places that are low keyed such as theaters, art studios, outdoor concerts, and even cooking classes. The city has a large population of Hispanics and the LGBT community has a strong presence as well. So, there are several gay clubs, gay concerts and cultural events. Because of the beautiful beaches, warm climate and enough sunshine, Miami Beach is the ideal place if you love the outdoors. You can expect to find a lot of people involved in various outdoor activities. So, it is the perfect opportunity to meet new people on the beach, on the hike trail, at the park, at adult sports games and bike trails. This city is also a place where vacationers hang out all throughout the year, opening up more possibilities to meet singles.

Ames, Iowa

Ames, Iowa is located central to the Midwest region. You can expect to find a lot of singles participating in a huge dating pool. And moreover, there are many places to visit where these singles can be found hanging out. The residents in Ames, Iowa are very active and that makes it one of the best cities to be single. Many singles use dating apps and online dating sites to find their dates. Most of them spend most of their time in dance clubs, pool halls, movie theatre and karaoke bars. You can find Ames singles engaged in recreational activities such as running, hiking, golfing and biking since there are 36 parks, and 55 miles of hiking trails. Singles also hang out at the ice skating rinks and aquatic centers. Many singles also use the South Skunk River to go fishing, canoeing and kayaking. During the winter months, there is a reasonable amount of snowfall, which gives room for cross country skiing and sledding.

Ypsilanti, Michigan

In Ypsilanti, Michigan, there are a large number of young adults who are artsy, creative and hip. The city has seen a surge of more of these young adults in recent years because they like the small town vibe, which makes it easier to meet up. The city of Ann Arbor is in close proximity and has been said to have increased its cost of living. Therefore, singles have moved to Ypsilanti, Michigan for that reason. However, Ypsi (as it is abbreviated) has seen community progress and growth, making it one of the best cities for a vibrant lifestyle. In Ypsi, singles outnumber people who are married. One of the reasons could be that Eastern Michigan University is located in Ypsi. Singles use online dating as a means to hook up. However, they also go to the local bars and nightclubs. In the downtown area, you can expect to find many bars and restaurants where singles meet up. For recreation, there are numbers public parks, biking and hiking trails and golf courses. The city hosts several special events and festivals throughout the year; some of which includes Elvis Festival, Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival and Orphan Car Festival.

San Marcos, Texas

If you are single and want to find one of the best cities to be single, move to San Marcos, Texas. It could be where you play out your next love story. There have been several TV shows, music videos, movies and commercials filmed in San Marcos, Texas. This includes The Getaway and Steve McQueen's. Singles take romantic strolls near places like Canyon Lake and the San Marcos River. There are more single people in San Marcos than there are married people. Most singles are between the ages of 21 and 35. Many hang out at pool halls, nightclubs, dance halls, restaurants and bars.

Oxford, Mississippi

One of the top college towns in the United States is located in Oxford Mississippi. The University of Mississippi provides more than 2,000 students in the dating pool. However, you don't have to depend on the college crowd because there are many other singles around, many of whom are in the age range of 21 to 35. Most of the single residents go to nightclubs and the movie theatre as well as dining at the local restaurants or going to grab a drink at any of the local bars. You will see a lot of singles strolling through the downtown square and checking out the elegant shops.

Carrboro, North Carolina

One of the most progressive cities in the United States is Carrboro, North Carolina. It has a high concentration of singles, most of whom are quite socially aware and active. Many of them use dating apps or dating sites online. The city has a small college town vibe and lots of entertainment choices including bars, clubs, sports events, and biking, hiking, and public parks. Carrboro, North Carolina was one of the first Southern cities to award domestic-partner benefits to gay couples. It is not unusual to see a college student from the University of North Carolina seated on a bar stool since the university is quite close to the city of Carrboro. The Station is one of the top clubs in the city where lots of singles hang out. Make chance encounters while strolling in the historic area of downtown.

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