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Finding the best sex tests online can be a challenge. SoNaughty.com has created this ultimate directory for all your online relationship test needs. What kinds of tests are you looking for? We have teen dating, transgender, gay, lesbian, pop culture, bisexual, and so many more types of sex tests because we understand that everyone loves them, so we wanted to make sure as many groups are represented as possible

With the number of sex tests on the net, you'd think that there would have been something like this already made, but we think that everyone wants those hits to come to their own sites, and aren't interested in helping people out. There's so much unnecessary content out there, that we too often have to wade through. After having to go through way too many subpar sex tests, we took matters into our own hands and created SoNaughty.com's Ultimate Sex Test Directory

If you want to jump down to it, it's by the bottom of the pages. We love sex tests though, and wanted to talk about the world's love of them for a bit first, and how the growth of the internet sex test has changed the world in one of the most significant (but underreported) ways.

Not THAT Kind of Sex Test??


You wouldn't believe how many times when we were looking for fun sex tests to pass onto our readers, we came across pages that were instead for STD tests. We certainly think that those tests are very important, and encourage everyone to get them frequently. That search engines can't tell the difference between a "sex test" and a "sex test" though, was a bit problem that we came across. This paragraph might actually be making matters worse now that we read it, but anyone who's looking for an STD test clinic would surely be happy to find a small distraction in the form of this other type of sex test.

If you're looking for a clinic in your area to get an STD test, we suggest you search using both your city name (perhaps even the neighborhood that you live in to zone in closer) along with "STD test" rather than "sex test". There are a lot of great options in most big cities, including free tests in a lot of bath houses, so if you have one near you, you should check their website to see if they have days scheduled for free STD tests. But we digress...

The Comfort of an Old... Sex Test?


A lot of people find comfort in talking about their sex lives with their friends, but in these internet-driven days that we live in, and the fact that so many people do the majority of their interactions with their friends online, we're starting to see a shift in who we confide in. Before the internet, if we had a strange rash, or had had an embarrassing experience in bed, we'd be forced to ask a doctor or a friend if they had ever had the same experience in order to realize that that sex isn't as flawless as it's portrayed in the media.

Now with the internet, we can simply search whatever embarrassing question we might have, and have an answer written by a stranger from halfway around the world to read within two seconds. An instant answer, plus the fact that you don't have to work up the nerve to potentially embarrass yourself with a real person; it's not hard to see why people are shifting towards this online support system when it comes to their sexual activity. Realizing that there are lots of people out there, wanting to know that their experiences are common (or at least somewhat relatable). Talking with a real friend is always the healthier and more social method to communicate about our problems, but sometimes we feel like our problems may be a burden of some sort to our friends.

Message boards are a very popular venue for people to ask their questions, which allows for a real person to reply, but anonymously. Unfortunately message boards weren't designed to encourage instant back and for communication like chat rooms, so any follow-up questions could sometimes take days, if not weeks to get a response. Internet-dependent people were frustrated by the lack of efficiency in the system.

Enter the Sex Test


Someone had the bright idea to post information online in the form of multi-question "tests" that would effectively answer all of the potential follow-up questions someone might have because it allowed more space for the test writers to write about all of the points that thy felt were important. By putting this information in the form of a multiple choice test or quiz allowed people to find out information now without even having to ask the questions because the questions were already written out in advance, and like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, different answers would go towards finding the path, or in these cases, answers that best applied to your situation. All without you having to tell a stranger that "a friend" of yourself was dealing with an awkward situation.

Sex Tests As Sex Education


The amount of information about sex and relationships that's out on the internet in the form of sex tests is phenomenal. It's educational, while also entertaining in most cases. It's almost a gamification of sexual education. A society that has access to proper sex education is of course bound to be healthier than one without it. There are some pros and cons that go along with any good thing though, and sex tests are no different. We think that the positives outweigh the negatives, but they're worth looking at, and interesting to examine in contrast to the good that comes from them.

Internet Sex Tests: The Downsides


As we hinted at early, there's an element of removing direct human communication and bonding between friends when people are able to just find any information that they might be too embarrassed to ask a friend about. Those moments used to be significant moments that increased the bonds between friends, and meant that friends had shared secrets that they were entrusting to each other; signifying that their friendship was meaningful enough to them that there was significant trust. Everyone likes to know that others trust them. Trustworthiness is often considered one of the most desirable attributes that a person can have, so losing those expressions of trust can prove to be harmful to friendships. Not in a rapid way, but it removes a form of growth that friendships used to thrive on.

When was the last time you risked embarrassment by asking your friend about something that you felt shy or nervous about? Do you even have friends that you would feel comfortable enough with to talk about sex stuff? People who do probably think that everyone does, but shy people growing up with the internet have often leaned on the internet far too often to shake the habit. This can be alienating.

Enough of the downsides though. They're there, but the FUN! The fun outweighs them. Let's take a look at some of the incredible positives that the popularity of sex test has brought to the world.

Sex (Test) Addiction


As we mentioned before, sex tests are like a ramification of sexual education, which makes learning enjoyable and addictive. Now with cell phones being in our hands almost around the clock, it's not hard to find a couple minutes to take a sex test. You can be in your daily department meeting that bores you to tears, and while your boss rambles on about the same thing that she talked about for a half hour yesterday, you can be on your phone slyly learning all about semen, condoms, sex in the 1880s, or any other number of sex topics that you might be interested in. The easy way that we answer these multiple choice tests also tickles something in our brains that just likes fidgeting when there's nothing better to do. With every new test you take, your sexual knowledge grows. We all know that knowledge is power, so think how powerful sexual knowledge must be!

Your'll become a sexual encyclopedia, and give off the image that you're an expert at sex, so hopefully while you've been building up your knowledge with all of these sex tests, you've also been getting some action in order to put your knowledge into action, and improving your sex game where it matters most. After all, if you know everything there is to know about sex, but are bad between the sheets with another person, it would be a bit of a waste.

Dr Ruth


Do you remember Dr. Ruth? The diminutive sex expert who made appearances on television and radio shows to answer questions about sex from viewers and listeners? Dr. Ruth was so far ahead of her time, and understood better than most, how much of a market there was for people who were looking for anonymous ways to get an educated answer to all of their sex questions. When she became a megastar, a bunch of other supposed sexperts emerged to fill in for all of the gigs that Dr. Ruth wasn't able to do herself (she was only one person after all!). We now have popular sex radio shows, the numerous online sex tests that we've discussed and collected some of here, as well as the hot new media... podcasts. Radio shows for young people essentially, but without the need to have a radio tower to transmit. You can just send your show out over the internet, free of charge, for the world to listen to.

What's most exciting about online sex tests and podcasts is that they're very easy to create. It has democratized sexual education in a great way, when there are still parts of the world where there's a seemingly constant fight between schools and parents over what is the acceptable amount of sex ed for students to learn when they're younger. The information is now free for them to find on their own if they seek it out themselves, which is going to create a generation that's much more knowledgeable about sex, which is going to create better and safer early sexual experiences.

The ease of creating sex tests is also a fantastic platform for young people to take the knowledge that they've learned, and to shape it into a form that is more exciting and engaging for their peers. Being educated about sex by someone 30 to 50 years older than you is creepy. To learn from one of your peers; in a voice that you can better relate to, is a much better way to encourage safe sex.

How Many Tests Have You Taken Today?


Before you jump into the directory, how many sex tests have you done? We hope that the number goes through the roof now that we've provided you with this awesome collection of some of the absolute best sex tests that we were able to find in our extensive search. We hope that we've made you think about sex tests in some new ways that hadn't occurred to you before now. Don't dwell on the negative, of course. That was just an aside. The fact that the internet is full of people who're helping other people with their sex and relationship questions using their own personal experiences, is a beautiful thought, and made even sweeter because of the fun and often hilarious delivery method that sex test offer. Keep taking the tests, and hopefully one day when we make an updated director of sex and relationship tests, you'll have begun creating your own tests, and they'll be able to be included. Now stop reading this, and scroll up a bit to check out the over a hundred sex, relationship, and dating tests that we've put together for you to enjoy. No matter if you're taking the tests for personal reference, education, or just for fun-sies, we want you to have a great time!

The Ultimate Sex Test Directory - SoNaughty.com

Finding the best sex tests online can be a challenge. SoNaughty.com has created this ultimate directory for all your online relationship test needs.

The Ultimate Sex Test Directory - SoNaughty.com