The SoNaughty Guide To Dating Advice, Hookup Advice, Relationship Advice, And Sex Advice


We here at SoNaughty know that life isn't easy. Oftentimes we are left confused and seeking answers. We look for guidance in all aspects of life, but especially when it comes to dating, hookups, relationships, and sex. If we're lucky, we have trusted friends we can turn to. But even when we do have friends, sometimes we ned something more. That is where we come in! SoNaughty wants you to rest easy when it comes to all things dating, hooking up, relationships, and sex. We don't want you to be left in the dark at all. That is why we have put together this ultimate guide!

What You'll Find In This Ultimate Guide


In this SoNaughty guide, you'll find 40 - yes, that's right: 40 - advice columns ranging on all sorts of topics. We left no stone unturned when it came to putting together this advance guide. From the best and worst cities to be single to how tattoos can help you get laid, we've covered it all. You may not think you need to read every single one of these advice guides but we're pretty sure once you get started reading you won't want to stop! After all, knowledge is power. And when it comes to dating, hookups, relationships, and sex you can never know too much!

To make it super easy to navigate, we've separated our guide into four sections. You can read about each section below:

Dating Advice

Some people are great at dating and some not so much. This guide is for both of those kinds of people! Because even the people who are good at dating can use some much needed advice, right? Right! We delve into all sorts of topics to help you learn more and feel confident about all aspects of dating. We're pretty sure after reading through all of these posts you'll feel more confident about dating in general and specifically your own dating skills. Dating is such an important part of life; it can be fun, magical, and sexy. We love all aspects of it and want to make sure that YOU are having the most positive dating experience possible!

Hookup Advice

Dating is great and all but sometimes we just want a quick and easy hookup. Some people even prefer hookups to relationships, which is totally fine! There is nothing better than a hookup or fling. They are thrilling, steamy, and often the perfect antidote to the stresses of life.Sometimes, though, they can be hard to navigate and you can have a lot of questions about the best ways to go about hooking up. Well, after you read through this guide, you'll wonder no more! We dig into the nitty gritty of the hookup world so you'll come out the other end a pro.

Relationship Advice

After dating and hookups, there's one thing left: a relationship. Taking the plunge into a relationship can be a bit scary. Sometimes we worry about if we are making the right decision. Another common worry is that we might mess up. Well, if you read through this guide, we are very confident that you won't have any more fears! We uncover all the questions you've been dying to ask about relationships but were too afraid too. After spending a long time dating and hooking up, it can be intimidating to start a relationship. We want you to get the very most out of the experience!

Sex Advice

What do dating, hooking up, and relationships have in common? That's right: sex! Sex is the one thing that ties all of these things together. Now, it's not mandatory to have sex while dating or in a relationship. However, we strongly believe that it not only makes dating and relationships better but it makes them the very best they can be! And of course, hooking up is all about the sex. With all that being said, it's pretty clear to see that sex is super important. That's why you need to know as much as you can about it. Luckily we've got you covered with this super handy guide!

So Just How Will This Dating, Hookup, Relationship, and Sex Advice Guide Help You? Read On!


Maybe you're wondering exactly HOW this guide will help you? Sure, we are offering up dating, hookup, relationship, and sex advice but just how exactly is that going to improve your life? Well, it will help in a lot of ways, actually! We could list dozens and dozens of ways that the advice in this guide will improve your life but we decided to stick with six points. That way you can get on to reading through the actual advice even faster!

You'll learn new things and things about yourself.

We love learning and you should too! We especially love learning about sex, dating, and hooking up. Why? Because it can only make us better lovers! And when we're better loves, we're happier, healthier, and above all else: getting laid constantly. Learning about dating, hookups, sex, and relationships will also make you more confident and confidence is super sexy, trust us. Most importantly, learning more about all of these topics will help you to get to know yourself better. You'll learn what you like and what you don't like. And knowing yourself also increases confidence and makes us more content with our lives.

You'll get advice from real people with real experience.

Friends are great for advice but how knowledgeable are they, really? They may have good intentions but their information might not be correct. The last thing you want is to apply incorrect or bad advice to your sex life! Of course your friends mean well; we're not trying to say otherwise. All we are saying is that getting advice from trusted professionals is way better. And that is exactly what you'll find in this guide. SoNaughty works with experts in the dating, hookup, relationship, and sex world. They bring their years of knowledge and personal experience to each of these advice posts. We also make sure to research and cite scientific studies.

You'll feel inspired to be more adventurous and try new things.

Another great result of learning more and gaining confidence is feeling more adventurous. You may feel nervous about hooking up, for example, but once you learn all about it via this guide, you'll be all ready to get out there and hookup to your heart's content! Or you could be stuck in a rut in the bedroom and need some guidance for how to spice things up. The advice in this guide will have a similar effect in all aspects if your life. You'll find yourself wanting to try interesting sex positions, date new people, explore your body, and in general just want to get out there and experience new things.

You'll learn how to avoid negative and toxic people.

Let's face it: there are some negative aspects to dating, hooking up, relationships, and sex. Usually they come in the form of negative or toxic people. The advice in this guide will help to prepare and inform you so that you can avoid these people. You'll learn how to do it on a conscious level, by how to find the best and most positive people to date and hook up with. Even more importantly, you'll learn how on a subconscious level. What we mean by that is as you grow in confidence and experience, you'll naturally attract all of the best and most positive people. This is a fact!

You'll be able to develop meaningful relationships.

One of the greatest joys in life is a beautiful and loving relationship. That is why it can hurt the hardest when it is difficult to find such a relationship. By reading this guide and taking all of the advice to heart, you'll be able to not only find a great person to develop a relationship with, but you'll be well on your way to having that relationship for a very long time. We want you to be happy in the long run! Quell any fears or concerns you have about relationships by reading our guide and then get out there and find your perfect partner!

You'll also be able to fully enjoy steamy and fun hookups.

Another great joy in life is hooking up! And yes, it is totally okay to love both relationships and hooking up. It all depends on your mood, what you want, and where you are in life. And sometimes what you really want, and what will really make you feel great, is the non commitment and no strings attached of a quick and easy hookups. Just like relationships, hookups can be difficult to figure out. However with our guide, you'll soon be feeling like a hookup master! Just don't come complaining to us if you're feeling exhausted from all the great sex you're having!

Dating Advice From SoNaughty


Welcome to the Dating Advice section of our guide! We've already mentioned above some of the specifics of why getting dating advice is important and how it can help you. Are you ready to get learning? We are covering 10 great topics in this guide. First up, we have Are You Hurting Your Dating Life With Constant Selfies? Don't deny it, it's probably something you've been wondering! Another great article is What Are The Best Cities To Be Single In. Are you living in a good city for singles? Find out below! Each and every one of these articles offers great dating advice so get on reading!

Are You Hurting Your Dating Life With Constant Selfies?

If you have never heard about 'taking a selfie' with your selfie stick or with the camera on your phone, you must live on another planet. Everybody has been doing this for a while now, especially since the new trend is posting pictures to social media. Most people carry smartphones... Read more.

Can You Ever Let Someone Down Gently?

Ghosting is one of the new trends in the dating world that people are using as the primary way to tell a prospective partner that the relationship may not be going anywhere and you want to end it. These days, people do not use the traditional method of gently letting... Read more.

Do You Owe An Explanation To The People You Ghost?

Some people have a hard time moving on and forgetting the things they may have experienced in a given situation where they feel that they have been ghosted or taken advantage of. If you are the one who ghosted someone, you may or may not need to give an explanation... Read more.

How To Cure "Text Back" Anxiety

Before we had text messaging as a means of communication, people would just use the telephone to communicate when in a relationship and it appeared to have been simpler than texting. In the past, people in a relationship would speak to each other face to face and by home telephone... Read more.

What Are The Best Cities To Be Single?

When you are single, it is important to choose the right city to live in, especially if you want to have an active personal life or you want to get married eventually. In our research, we found that the following are the best cities to be single: Moscow, Idaho, West... Read more.

What Are The Worst Cities To Be Single?

Depending on where you live, you may not have the best dating life. If you live in the wrong city in the United States, no wonder why you are having a hard time finding dates or people to hook up with? You may walk into a lame restaurant and bar... Read more.

What Is "Drafting Season?" And "Cuffing Season?"

If you have not heard about another innovative dating trend, did you know you could be already doing it and not know? Yes, if you are honest with yourself, not everyone can stay abreast of every dating trend, especially since you are trying to hold down a job and keep... Read more.

What Is "Draking?"

Social media has become quite a powerhouse for almost everything and that includes draking. The Internet is used by millennials and others to promote and express new ideas and beliefs. However, there will always be lurkers online trying to scrounge for more attention by posting about their sad experiences as... Read more.

What Is "Roaching?"

These days, people coin terms for almost everything. In fact, it has gotten to the point where this is important, if you want to effectively navigate the dating game in this modern era. Yes, you will need the dictionary invented by the millennial. If you were to go back in... Read more.

What Happens When Your Ex's BFF Is An Online Match

It can be tricky to go through a breakup. In fact, it can be quite messy, hurtful and just hard to endure; at least for many people. And not matter if you are the person that decided to break up or the person at the other end of the totem ... Read more.

Hookup Advice From SoNaughty


Hooking up is a super important aspect of sex lives. Yes, relationships are great and so is dating but neither ever seem as fun and exhilarating as hooking up. In this guide, we have 10 great pieces of advice to help you become the hookup king or queen you've always wanted to be. We start off with a question that is honestly on everyone's mind: Do Men Judge Women Who Enjoy Casual Hookups?. We also dive into holiday time with How To Hook Up When You're Home For The Holidays and explore our younger selves with How To Reconnect With A High School Hookup

Do Men Judge Women Who Enjoy Casual Hookups?

The short answer is that yes, men do judge women who enjoy casual hookups; but the long answer is that men tend to make judgements based on their own self perceived needs: a man who wants a casual hookup will judge in a good light a woman who enjoys the... Read more.

How The Google Home Can Help You With Hookups

Google Home can help in a lot of ways with your hookup plans. You can use it to schedule dates, store contacts, and call contacts via voice commands. When you have a date at home, you can use Google Home to play music and change other ambient settings to make ... Read more.

How To Hook Up When You're Home For The Holidays

Make use of your old network of friends when you want to hook up when you're home for the holidays. Old pals from work, from college, even family connections can help -- put the word out there that you're in town and single for the holidays. You can also update folks... Read more.

How To Hook Up When You Live With Roommates

When you need to know how to hook up when you live with roommates, the easiest answer is to talk it through with them and come to an arrangement. You can set up a time share for your living space, and work around each other's schedules. The best way to... Read more.

How To Make Him Want You More After A One Night Stand

If you want to make him want you more after a one night stand, your best tactic is to low key ghost him a little -- keep him guessing, don't seem too eager, and he will be sure to be calling you soon. This is a good example of supply and demand... Read more.

How To Reconnect With A High School Hookup

When you get back in touch with an old high school hookup, you have to think about a lot -- would they want to hear from you, and what do you want to get out of it? After that, the steps you can take are pretty simple -- make full use of... Read more.

What Are The Best & Worst Emojis To Use When You Want To Hook Up?

Not all emojis were born equal when it comes to hooking up! When you want to hook up fast, then use the heart, eggplant, spraying water, and hearts in their eyes emojis, but steer clear of the praying, poo, ring, or church emojis unless you want to scare someone away!... Read more.

What To Do When You Hook Up With An Old Fling?

When you hook up with an old fling, what you really want to do is to keep it bright and breezy. Do not get too heavy too quick, and try not to rely on the past as a source of conversation material. You may want to think first about if ... Read more.

When Should I Contact A Recent Hookup?

The short answer to when you should contact a recent hookup is as soon as you feel like it; while it may be tactically correct to wait a while, not everyone has the same reserves of patience as the kinds of people who like to play the field. Contact a... Read more.

Why Did They Block You After A Hookup?

It is not that hard to work out why they may have blocked you after a hookup -- reasons range from you being too forward, or too cold, too talkative, or too quiet, and can be as severe as actions which they may felt to have been abusive, to something as... Read more.

Relationship Advice From SoNaughty


Of all the advice that people request from us, relationship advice has got to be number one. So we made sure to put together the 10 best pieces of advice to really help you have the very best relationship. Our advice guide starts off with a super important question: How Long Is The Average Couple Together Before They Get Married? and we continue with an equally important question: How To Handle Your Parents Not Liking Your Partner. Seriously, this guide has it all so get reading! You'll find great advice in each of these 10 articles!

How Long Is The Average Couple Together Before They Get Married?

Why hasn't your partner proposed yet? How long is the average couple together before they get married? SoNaughty.com is here to help you figure it out! There's obviously a lot of different variables that determine when someone feels like the time is right to ask the big question, so you... Read more.

How To Deal With Your Trump Supporting Partner

Love can be difficult when your partner has different political views. SoNaughty.com offers this advice on how to deal with your Trump supporting partner. Politics are one of the most divisive things in the world. Wars aren't started over arguments about who's the best Batman. They're started over political disagreements... Read more.

How To Handle Your Parents Not Liking Your Partner

We're sure you're stressed out about this, but there isn't any need to be. Let's simplify what you think is a complicated situation. Your parents don't like your boyfriend or girlfriend. How do you handle your parents not liking your partner? Let SoNaughty.com help walk you through it. Even though... Read more.

How To Tell If A Guy Is Ready To Settle Down

If you're here, it probably means that you've been seeing your guy for long enough that he should be ready to commit to get a little more serious about your relationship, but you can't tell how he feels. Why are so guys so hard to read, and bad at communicating?... Read more.

Is A Secret Relationship Ever Okay?

Thinking about cheating on your partner? Dating a married person? SoNaughty.com looks at the question of whether or not a secret relationship is ever okay. The answer to this question is dependent on your morals more than anything else, and since everyone is raised with different beliefs, it's a very... Read more.

Should You Wait Until After The Holidays To Break Up?

We've all been there. Wondering if you should wait until after the holidays to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend? SoNaughty.com is here to help you figure it out! So you've been feeling like your relationship isn't working, and you want to break up, but then suddenly, seemingly out... Read more.

When Should You Make Your Relationship "Instagram-Official"?

So you've been dating for a while now, and it feels like things might be getting a little serious. Your partner has been trying to snap a selfie of the two of you since your first date, but when should you make your relationship "Instagram-Official"? We live in a time... Read more.

When You SHOULD Bring Up Your Significant Other's Ex

When we start dating, it's considered poor form to ask about your partner's exes. SoNaughty.com looks at when you SHOULD bring up your significant other's ex. Jealousy isn't an attractive attribute in a partner. We don't want our partner to be a jealous person, but we often also have to... Read more.

Why Working Out With Your Partner Is Good For Your Relationship

Dating is hard. we have to worry about coming off as interesting, cool, and charming to make sure that our dates like us. But more than that, the first thing that we always notice is physical appearance. If you have some work to do, it's going to look like you... Read more.

Why You're Really Scared Of Committing To A Serious Relationship

Are you always pushing great partners away? SoNaughty.com is here to help you figure out why you're really scared of committing to a serious relationship. Being in a committed relationship can be as challenging as it can be rewarding. The struggle is real, and when it can be hard enough ... Read more.

Sex Advice From SoNaughty


Sex can be fun, beautiful, loving, and sensual. It can also be challenging and confusing, however we don't want you to ever feel any of those negative feelings toward sex! That's why we've provided you with these 10 most excellent pieces of advice. We start off strong with So Just How Long Do People Really Wait To Have Sex? and continue on with important topics like How To Dirty Talk Without Freaking Your Partner Out. Trust us, if you read through all 10 of these articles, you'll be a SEXPERT in no time!

So Just How Long Do People Really Wait To Have Sex?

One question that plagues us once we reach dating age and, quite frankly, for the rest of our lives is this: How long to people really wait to have sex? Often we use the answer to define our relationships and even explain why some relationships work and others don't. Admit... Read more.

How Having A Tattoo Will Help You Get Laid

There's no denying it: tattoos are exciting. Nearly all of us as children wish for a tattoo and many of us end up getting one (or two!) as young adults and adults. Tattoos create a certain image for both men and women and that image can definitely help you get... Read more.

How To Dirty Talk Without Freaking Your Partner Out

Sex is best with a bit of noise. After all, it's hard to keep quiet when you're in the throws of pleasure! However, sometimes we want to push it past the basic "yes!" and moans of pleasure. That's where dirty talking comes in. Sure, we've seen it in porn and... Read more.

How To Have Sex In Public And Not Get Caught

No matter who you are or what your sexual background is, there is one kind of sex that we have all fantasized about: public sex. Don't deny it! You've definitely had your own fantasies about public sex, whether it's in a private bathroom or in a parked car in a... Read more.

How To Have Really Great Sex With A Double-Sided Dildo

We all know about regular dildos. They are great! But what about a double sided dildo? Often they get thought of as gag gifts or a joke. Well, we are here to tell you that they are actually a fairly useful sex toy. Not only are they useful, but they... Read more.

How To Spice Up Boring Missionary Sex

When it comes to sex positions, often missionary is considered one of the most boring ones of all. If you tell someone you prefer missionary, they may accuse you of being a drag or not into very exciting sex. Missionary sex is one of the most basic and classic sex... Read more.

Is It Normal To Think Of Someone Different During Sex?

One thing we love to do to is fantasize about other people. This is a tactic we especially love to employ when we are masturbating. We close our eyes and imagine someone doing pleasurable things to us, or us doing pleasurable things to someone else. It's generally almost always okay... Read more.

What Is An Androsexual?

There are so many different kinds of identities when it comes to sex and gender. There are also so many different preferences for attraction as well. You have likely heard of heterosexual, which means that you are attracted to members of the opposite sex, and homosexual, which means you are... Read more.

Why Some People More Easily Separate Sex And Emotions

For as long as there has been sex and relationships, we've also be grappling with our emotions. Mainly, what to do about emotions in the bedroom. Some people prefer to leave emotion completely out of it and others enjoy what emotion can bring to a sexual experience. Ultimately, there is... Read more.

Why You Should Have More Morning Sex

We love every kind of sex but there is one kind of sex that we love more than all the rest: morning sex! Morning sex is the best kind of sex for many reasons, a few of them being: it's a positive way to wake up, it's more intimate, and having an orgasm is the best way to start a day. If you aren' a fan of morning sex, we guarantee that by the end of the... Read more.

With this SoNaughty guide, you'll be well on your way to having the best dates, hookups, relationships, and sex of your life


And there you have it! We hope that you've made the time to read each of these 40 articles. It might take a while but it is completely worth it. Seriously: the advice found on the above pages will help you to improve your dating, relationships, sex, and hookups. Once you've read through all of the advice here, you'll be ready to get out there and dating and hookup to your heart's content!

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From sex advice and hookup advice to dating advice and relationship advice, SoNaughty can teach you how to improve your sex and dating life today.

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