How To Deal With Your Trump Supporting Partner

Love can be difficult when your partner has different political views. SoNaughty.com offers this advice on how to deal with your Trump supporting partner.


Politics are one of the most divisive things in the world. Wars aren't started over arguments about who's the best Batman. They're started over political disagreements. If you're dating a Trump supporter, we're sorry to say, but this might be your World War III. Unless your political views line up with your partner's, we would very much suggest you do not date a Trump supporter! He's trying to turn the America into one of the most oppressive and upsetting countries in the world. His racism, sexism, and just sheer stupidity are all so blatantly obvious, that we can't see ourselves dating a Trump supporter, but you might find yourself in a relationship that you truly love, so don't want to give up on so quickly. So here are some ways that we can suggest to help you get through this dark time in both our country and your relationship's history.

Clashing Politics

Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason to who we find ourself in love with. If you've found yourself in a relationship with a Trump supporter, you now know this better than anyone. You might have known that your politics didn't completely align with your partner's but the U.S.A. hasn't had a lightning rod quite like Trump in our lifetime, and probably not yours either. His willingness to say the incredibly hateful and uneducated things that he does without pausing to think about whether or not he should, has inspired something dangerous in a lot of the population. We want you to know that you're not alone in this predicament.


For some it's that they have a Trump supporting partner. For others, it's their mother and/or father who support Trump and his dangerous politics. One could argue that it's worse for those whose parents support Trump, because you can't pick your family. You can however pick your partners. So while you currently feel like that this is something that you can get through, you at least know that the option of pushing the 'Eject' button is an option if things get too bad.

Educate Them


So many Trump supporters refuse to listen to opinions other than their own. They simply wave their hands around, raise their voice, insult you, and then leave a room flustered. Good luck doing that when you're in a committed relationship! If your partner cares about you the way that they should, and the way that you presumably care about them, they're going to have to listen to your opinions on Trump's policies, and all of the hateful things that he says. You can show them all of the things that Trump has done to try and injure anyone who isn't a white male Republican. You can make jokes about Trump's seemingly one-sided friendship with Vladamir Putin, and they'll have to listen.

Of course remaining civil and fact-based (something your partner may be slow to understand, so please be patient with them) is your best route here, so keep the jokes to a minimum. You want your partner to see your side, and hopefully their days as a Trump supporter will be extremely short lived.

Even though you're the smarter party in this differing of opinions, you can take the education that you need to give your partner as a great opportunity to do some reading on topics that perhaps you wouldn't have done otherwise. Educate yourself, so that you can better educate them. This added knowledge will serve you very well in life, and also during any argument that you may have over your partner's support of Trump.

There's also so much work that needs to be done while Trump is in power. So many people are having their rights threatened, and if you're so strongly anti-Trump, it would show your partner how important these causes are to you if you started to spend a lot of time out of the house to volunteer for some of the great organizations that are working as hard as they can to keep Trump from destroying everything that they love. It might not be a great idea to tell too many of your fellow volunteers about your Trump supporting partner though. Perhaps you'll meet someone there who's going through a similar situation though, and you'll be able to lean on each other for support.

You Want To Be Like Barack & Michelle, Not Donald & Melania

In a perfect world, we share similar relationship goals with our partners. Our five year plans, ten year plans, etc. are at least somewhat similar, and more importantly, we have a common idea about what makes for a good relationship, and what we want from each other. Show your partner photos of Barack & Michelle Obama and Donald & Melania Trump side-by-side, and ask him which couple he would rather be. Make it very clear that you want to be like Barack and Michelle. If your partner is so brainwashed that they say the Trumps, it might be time to let them know just how upsetting that is to you, and tell them that you have an extremely hard time imagining that life for yourself. Ask your partner to explain themselves in detail. Almost every reason they give you is going to be certainly problematic. After each reason they give you, interrupt them and give them a reason why Barack and Michelle are the dreamiest couple alive, and why everyone should be modelling their relationships on their seemingly perfect love.

If you haven't seen it yet, we strongly endorse the film, Southside With You, about the early days of young Barack and Michelle's relationship.

Hillary Speaks

Did you know that Hillary has written multiple books, and that they're available in audio book format? You're forced to listen to Donald Trump speak on the news every day of the week, so in the spirit of fairness, it's only right that you and your partner should listen to some of Hillary Clinton's books together. If your partner refuses to be in the same room as you when you listen, or tells you to use headphones, tell them that you want to listen to it at a high volume through your speakers for best quality. Perhaps start an argument about how they're trying to silence female voices, just like Donald Trump.

The Apprentice

If your partner is upset about how much of Hillary Clinton's books you've made them listen to, you can find a season or two of The Apprentice, and surprise them with the gift. They'll probably be a little confused, and maybe even think that you've put discs of Obama speeches in the packages. Insist that you just thought that it was only fair that you'd watch some of the show together. We're sad to say that we've watched multiple seasons of The Apprentice, BUT we're happy to report that our findings are that it's a very entertaining show, with an abundance of footage of Donald Trump saying and doing laughable things. It's so perfect for our purpose here. Allow your partner to see what a sad weirdo his president is. Within a few episodes, they'll most likely be saying, "You're Fired," (Donald's catchphrase from the show) around the house, and soon after that, realizing out lame it and Trump are. If you're able to get the Celebrity Apprentice, it packs an extra punch of sad and hilarious because of its washed up cast members.

The Red Hat

Things are desperate at this point. You've tried to communicate with your partner, and explain to them why Donald Trump offends every last inch of you, and that it's a huge problem. They just aren't being as responsive as you had hoped they would be. Can you believe that? A Trump supporter not being at all reasonable or responsive??

There are websites that you can go to to get a custom hat made. One of the iconic items of Trump's campaign has been his "Make America Great Again" red hat with white text. We think that it's time for you to get your own version of the hat made. Perhaps even one for your partner. There are so many great options that you could choose from.

-Make Our Marriage Great Again

-Make My Husband/Wife Read Again

-Make My Husband Potent Again

-My Husband Has Small Hands

-Make "My Wife" Borat Again

-Make Me Single Again

-I Want A Divorce Again

Change the text depending on whether or not it'll be you or your partner wearing the hat, of course. If you are going to be the wearer of the hat, we must warn you that these hats are so iconic now, that more often that not, people don't even read the text on them. They will assume (fairly) that it is the original MAGA hat, and that you are a Trump supporter. No joke is worth that.

Dress Like Hilary

This is simple. Begin to dress like Hilary Clinton. If your partner is a Trump supporter, there's a chance that they won't notice for the first day or two, so don't give up. But you need to put your politics in his face every day. If any anti-Clinton statements escape from their mouths, you'll have a great example to show them how far things have come to a point where you're being attacked by them just because of the way you dress, and that you aren't going to take it anymore. Ask them truly how much they love this orange man with small hands. If it cost you your marriage, does he think that Trump is doing such a great job that it would be worth it for the betterment of the rest of the world? These questions might bring about answers that you don't want to hear, but we suggest that you need to find out these things before the anger and disappointment festers on for too long, and you soon find yourself incredibly unhappy with your marriage. If that happens, Donald Trump will have destroyed both the world aaaaaand your relationship.

Silence Is Golden

If you're still 100% set on staying with your partner, regardless of their horrendous and hateful political views, and how they affect the majority of the people that you love, it might be a good idea to just set a "no politics at the dinner table" rule for you and your partner. Also, a "no politics in the living room or bedroom" rule. Your partner may call you a snowflake or a libtard. If they do, we suggest breaking up with them immediately. There are so many other people out there looking to hookup or enter into a serious relationship. One of the main struggles of first dates is having quality stories to make your date laugh. Your Trump supporter relationship will make for a very good story, and probably get you laid on the first date.

If however your partner is willing to keep their political talk to the time that they spend with their friends, then you have a potential short-term fix for your relationship, and so long as Trump isn't re-elected for a second term, you actually might be able to survive. It won't be easy, but if you're THIS committed to putting up with them, you must love them a lot, which gives us great confidence that you'll be able to manage. And then when there's finally a new president, you'll have a lot of work to do, but it'll be a great time to take out that "Make Our Marriage Great Again" hat for a good laugh, and for a little bit of inspiration to help you patch up the cracks in your relationship that formed while Trump was in power.

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How To Deal With Your Trump Supporting Partner - SoNaughty.com

Love can be difficult when your partner has different political views. SoNaughty.com offers this advice on how to deal with your Trump supporting partner.

How To Deal With Your Trump Supporting Partner - SoNaughty.com