How To Reconnect With A High School Hookup


When you get back in touch with an old high school hookup, you have to think about a lot -- would they want to hear from you, and what do you want to get out of it? After that, the steps you can take are pretty simple -- make full use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn -- and reach out to mutual friends. Then make the first move -- reach out with a friendly, casual greeting, and keep your fingers crossed.

Reconnect with a high school hookup -- the easy way with another easy to follow sonaughty.com sex advice guide. Keep reading to see what to do, and how to go about making a connection with an old flame from your high school days.

Is It Always A Good Idea To Reconnect With A High School Hookup?

The season of jollity is upon us, and with it comes the chance of hooking up with old flames from your home town. With this in mind, a lot of folk are asking sonaughty.com how to reconnect with a high school hookup. There may have been a lot of good things in your past as well, so if you think it is worth it and that you two may have a good shot at future happiness, then give it a go, but do bear in mind that it could be another hard slog waiting for you. If you decide that you do want to move on, then you can use a dating app if you know that they are using, or even better just reach out through their number, email address, or a social media account that they may be on.


Keeping It Casual Is A Good Step


Are all systems go? Have you thought long and hard about all the possible ways in which this could go horribly wrong, or wonderfully right? Then it is time to take your first steps into reconnecting with an old flame. If you want to know what to do when you hook up with an old high school fling, then you can start with staying casual. Do not go straight in with questions about the past and what their current love life looks like, as this will just scare the other person off from the get go. Instead, keep it cool, and fly casual. Start off with small talk about little things, like the weather, or a favorite TV show, a new movie that you think they may have seen, or even a meal that you made recently. These are all things that relate to the senses, and are good topics to draw someone in to a conversation.

How To Navigate Your Old Flame's New Life

Then the next thing that you will need to know if you want to figure out what to do when you hook up with an old high school fling is to know how to read the new landscape of their love life. There will almost for sure be new people on the scene. They will most likely know about you, so be aware that if you get back in touch with a person from the past that you will be talked about, and whatever you try to achieve may be stalled by other concerned parties. This is one thing that you may have to bear in mind, and so much more so if things did not end well the first time round. Did you dump them or did they dump you? It makes some difference, and mostly if you dumped them, or if your behavior was so bad that they had to dump you.

What Should I Do Once I Have Reconnected With A High School Hookup?

Step two in how to reconnect with a high school hookup is pretty easy -- you need to give them reasons to see you. If it has been purely digital up to now, then get them to go on a date with you. Tell them where to meet and when, and make it a place that they will like -- possibly a place from the past. This can be a favorite diner, or even outside the classroom where you used to study together, or in front of their old house, or somewhere you used to make out together, like an abandoned theatre, or an old cave system, or similar place of teenage dates. Better yet, take them to an upscale restaurant, and later a five star hotel if you are feeling flush.

How Do I Tell My Friends And Family That I Have Reconnected With A High School Hookup?

It can be hard to admit that you are trying to learn how to reconnect with a high school hookup but it can be even harder to tell your friends and family that you have been successful in your quest! You can start by asking your fam if they remember so and so. Hopefully they will remember the lucky soul in a good light, which will make it all the easier for you to get them to come around to the idea of you dating someone from high school again.

Keeping The Pressure On Once You Have Reconnected With A High School Hookup

Once you have cracked how to reconnect with a high school hookup, the thing to do next is to stop them from getting away from your devious clutches! This can be anything from blowing their mind with amazing sex, or a great meal cooked by yours truly in the comfort of your own home (or theirs), or by taking them on a succession of fun dates that will have them hooked.

Top Ten Best Ways To Reconnect With A High School Hookup

1. Get out the old year book and start circling your old flames with a big ole red pen.

Give them scores out of ten based on how you remember them, and go for the one you really liked. Just, uh, don't leave this lying around when they come over to your place, or they will be totes freaked out.

2. Facebook and Twitter are your friends.

They are also time vampires, so don't get sucked into buying imaginary sheep for people you have never met, and never want to.

3. Use LinkedIn to low key creep your old high school sweethearts.

Very good if you have never moved town and ended up working at a big corp where a lot of your high school pals also ended up working. Also very good if you are looking for a job. Skills: creeping people, low key online stalking, masturbating, gazing into the sunset, crying.

4. High school reunion parties.

Great if you like to rock a school uniform and dance to cheesy classics with a cocktail in one hand and your old buddy from Home Ec. on your arm. Because who doesn't love doing that?

5. Never leave town to start with.

Great option if you can somehow go back in time and tell your younger self that your home town isn't that bad, and that city rents are not worth the stress (or any amount of local vegan snack bars).

6. Just give them a call.

Assuming you still have their number.

7. Use social media.

This option is the easiest one to really get the most from reconnecting with a high school hookup.

8. Get that kid you used to sit next to to say hi for you.

Sure, they are probably a paralegal or a dentist by now, but chances are they still remember your high school crush, so get your old minion to do your dirty work for you.

9. If you are in touch with their family, get Aunt Myrtle to say hi for you.

This can work if you live in small town America and need to get back in touch the old fashioned way.

10. Blind date.

If you are wily and know you way around dating sites, then you could work out how to insinuate your way into your old high school crush's life using a blind date -- and it turns out to be you! You can either fess up, or blame fate (if you want to be super sneaky).

Top Ten Reasons NOT To Reconnect With A High School Hookup

1. Kind of icky. Right? I mean... you were kids. Maybe it's time to grow up and fantasize about adults.

2. Isn't everyone married by now? Probably. Chances are you both got hitched, and at least one of you is bored by now (you, and hopefully them...)

3. Remembering school gets old fast. There is only so far the same joke about your old Math teacher can get you.

4. The way you remember things often differs massively from the way things really were. Maybe you thought they were cute when you were both kids -- chances are they look pretty different now. And their old sense of humor that used to have you in stitches? Crushed by the grinding disappointment of life.

5. Nostalgia overload. Ever had that feeling where you're talking about the old days and it feels great, and then all of a sudden you get hit by a solid wall of sadness? This is the nostalgia version of brain freeze. It is caused, or so say the experts, by the sudden realization that all life is fleeting, and our best endeavors largely inconsequential.

6. If it was so easy to lose track of people from your past and never see them for 20 odd years, how do you know it won't happen again? Okay, so we have cell phones and social media now, but still -- you always knew where each other lived, right? You had land lines? You knew where each other ended up working, or went to university, and so on and so forth? If the connection was weak then, it may be now. Except that as a couple of old people, if you haven't had kids yet then there is that unexploded bomb just around the corner. Pessimistic much? Life is full of hard choices, and many a bad future has been founded on a weak decision.

7. The reality is never as good as the fantasy. Except when it is. Except that it won't be.

8. What would happen if you ended up marrying a high school hookup? You would have to talk about your shared school days forever. 'Hey mom, tell us about that time you set fire to dad with the bunsen burner in Biology class again!' 'Hey dad, tell us that story about how you rescued mom from Biff Tanner again!' etc. Sure, life could be fun if you found yourself stuck in a Back to the Future movie for the rest of time, but try to remember how funny it is while you are changing diapers at 3 am.

9. There is a big world out there. Why waste your time retreading old ground? Okay, maybe it is a bit harsh to suggest that seeing an old pal and getting jiggy with them is a waste of time, but... it is though.

10. It is such a clich´┐Ż. But hey, if you want to feel like you live in a John Hughes movie then go for it.

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How To Reconnect With A High School Hookup - SoNaughty

Reconnect with a high school hookup -- the easy way with another easy to follow sonaughty.com hookup advice guide. Keep reading to see what to do, and how.

How To Reconnect With A High School Hookup - SoNaughty