Why Did They Block You After A Hookup?


It is not that hard to work out why they may have blocked you after a hookup -- reasons range from you being too forward, or too cold, too talkative, or too quiet, and can be as severe as actions which they may felt to have been abusive, to something as minor as a personality clash. Whatever the reason, if you think that they may have blocked you, then they probably have -- but the main thing to keep in mind is that at core this person was not right for you, which at the very least leaves you free to move on with the rest of your life.

Welcome to your sonaughty.com hookup advice guide about hookups and why they may have blocked you. Keep reading to find out what went wrong and how to fix it.

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Did They Really Block You? Check Your Spam

Maybe things went well, and maybe they went less well than you thought they might; a lot of people want to know: why did they block you after a hookup? But it is not always as it seems. Sometimes you may find that their message -- so important to you, but so insignificant to your email provider -- may have got lost in the spam folder. Or their text may not have been delivered, or their letter got lost in the mail, or you have your Twitter DM notifications turned off. The bottom line is that if it is important to you to follow up but you think they may have blocked you, you can always try reaching out and see what happens. If there is no response after a certain amount of time, let's say 24 hours, then you should probably just move on with your life.


So They Blocked You -- Should You Creep Them?


Sure, why not. Go find their public social media accounts and see what they are up to? Still alive? You betcha. Hooking up with someone else? It happens. No activity at all? You may want to check whether they really did block you -- or just admit that this person is perhaps not all that exciting, or just too, well, old to be into social media. If not, then go ahead and check out their SM accounts. This may give you some insight into why they blocked you, and if not it may give you some of the closure that you need but were not able to get from them since they decided to block you.

They Blocked You -- Should You Give Up On Them?

It depends, is the annoying answer to that question. If you really and honestly felt that you had something special (though let's face it, it's hard to tell if something like that is real after a casual boink), then by all means reach out -- if you don't mind getting your heart broken. If, on the other hand, the fella was not all that great, then just count your blessings that they are not pestering you and, yes, move on. If in doubt, throw it out, as they say in the restaurant biz. Anyway, yeah, give up on them.

So They Blocked You After A Hookup -- What Does That Tell You About Them?

I hear what you are asking so plaintively: why did they block you after a hookup? Well, our answer is a question: what does the fact that they blocked you tell you about them? Don't worry, we have the answer to that question, and this time the answer to the question is not another question -- it's an answer. Which is that it tells you that they are a combination of thin skinned, judgemental, impulsive, harsh, and reactionary. Or, if you happen to have been a jerk, they might be hurt, defensive, emotionally fragile, or just plain looking out for themselves. Most likely, though, if you got blocked it is either because you said or did something that made them feel insulted, uncomfortable, or unsafe; or it could be that they have been hurt before and just don't want to see you (or possibly anyone) again any time soon.

Should You Block Someone Else After A Hookup?

Sometimes the question is not why did they block you after a hookup, but why don't YOU block THEM after a hookup? If they did something that made you feel that they were insulting you, or they made you feel unsafe or just plain uncomfortable, then sure, go ahead and block them. You have to look after yourself, after all. If you just don't want to see them again, then you may want to go for the slightly softer option of ghosting them. That way, you keep your options open while not having to commit to anything at all.

It Hurts To Get Blocked After A Hookup -- But Why, And Is It Normal To Feel This Way?

When people ask us why they got blocked after a hookup, they often ask us whether it is normal to feel hurt and rejected by this action after it happens. The simple answer is that whatever you feel is normal. Your feelings are valid, and if you feel hurt then you have been hurt. If you feel abused, then you have been abused. If you feel that someone has been rude to you then it may be a matter of cultural difference, but in all likelihood they have just been plain old rude to you. The best way to deal with this kind of rejection is to cut off any feelings that you may have had towards that person. Does it hurt if a stranger doesn't look at you in the street? Of course not. remember that the other person is a stranger -- they know next to nothing about you, so whatever reason they had for blocking you is most likely nothing personal.

Top Ten Reasons Why You May Have Got Blocked After A Hookup

1. You did not put out.

But hey, why should you? As the song goes: a kiss is not a contract.

2. Or maybe you were too eager to get to third base.

Hold your horses there, cowboy! No wonder she bolted if you were getting happy with your hands and she hadn't even touched her drink yet.

3. You talked about your kids.

Yeesh, that's, uh, maybe not a good look.

4. You talked about your wife and/or husband.

Okay, we thought that the last one was bad, but this one is worse, trust us.

5. You talked too much, period.

One of the things about people who talk about themselves all the time is that they give away a lot about about themselves. People who tak about themselves are invariably vain and egotistical. Be a good listener.

6. You didn't talk at all.

Not quite as bad as talking too much, but a lack of any kind of conversation does rather denote a lack of interest in your date.

7. You were late.

Being late shows that you do not care about the other person. This is not a good look, and even more so if you have not even met the other person yet.

8. You didn't pay for yourself.

Not cool. There is nothing that screams 'brat' like turning up to a date with no ability or intention to pay for at least your own share of the drinks or food.

9. You brought a friend.

Fair enough, maybe, if you're a girl, but guys -- do not turn up to meet a girl with another person. That is just all kinds of weird and intimidating, so just nah.

10. You took them somewhere really, really bad.

Like a BDSM sex dungeon on disco night, or something equally jarring. Okay, some of you folk may be into that, we're not judging, but just check first before you bring a date to something that extreme, no matter how much fun you may think that it is.

Top Ten Reasons To Block Someone Else After A Hookup

1. They were too forward, and came on too strong.

2. They seemed to be totally not in to you, like, to the point of rudeness, or maybe even point blank insulted you.

3. They didn't pay for anything.

4. They talked all night about themselves and didn't shut up for one minute even to get up and go use the restroom and insisted on talking over you every time you tried to say something which meant that you could not get a word in edgeways and so you ended up listening to what amounted to a lecture while his beer went flat and the bar started to empty out and then the sun started to come up and all the cabs had gone and you finally found that you had somehow fallen asleep with your eyes open and woken up again having had a horrendous dream that someone was talking non-stop at you only to discover that it was not a dream at all and that this was in fact exactly what had been happening to you the whole time that you had been at the bar with this awful jerk who you now realize is absolutely ripe for being blocked forever.

5. They smelled funny.

6. You feel like it, because you are awesome.

7. Your contact list is full. Kind of.

8. They gave you a funny vibe and made you feel unsafe in a way that you can't quite put your finger on.

9. Your best friend told you to. Eh, why not? They have your best interests at heart, and this other person is just a stranger who wants to shag you. Plus, why bother thinking for yourself anyway? It can be such an effort. Double plus, if your potential hookup was really dishy, then you can blame your pal when you get those 3 am regrets. So much easier than blaming yourself.

10. You decided to become celibate. Not always a bad thing, the single life, but what can make it even better is going full hermit. No peeps to tell you what to do, all your money is yours, and you can spend even more time bingeing on Netflix and cold pizza. Awesome.

If they really did block you, then there are a few things that you can do -- but most of them (in fact, all of them) will result in you probably not ever meeting the person who blocked you. First up, you can reach out to them through another medium that the one you got blocked on and two a couple of things: apologize for any action or words you may have offended the blocker with; ask what it was that you did to get blocked (if you do not know this already). This way, you can get it right the next time you go on a date.

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Why Did They Block You After A Hookup? - SoNaughty

Welcome to your sonaughty.com hookup advice guide about hookups and why they may have blocked you. Keep reading to find out what went wrong and how to fix it.

Why Did They Block You After A Hookup? - SoNaughty