What Are The Worst American Cities To Be Single?


Depending on where you live, you may not have the best dating life. If you live in the wrong city in the United States, no wonder why you are having a hard time finding dates or people to hook up with? You may walk into a lame restaurant and bar and expect to see people that you could hang out with, but you are deeply disappointed. You are not alone because there are several cities that are the worst to be single. In our research, we found the worst American cities to be single include: Fort Smith, Ocala, Thomasville, Punta Gorda, Lake Havasu City, McAllen, Kingsport, Yuma, Parkersburg and Anderson. Some of these cities have no bars or nightclubs and the ones that do are nothing to talk about much less boast about. In fact, you may find few single people that are interested in forming relationships.

Possible Reasons

If you are single and have been for a while, even though, you have been trying hard to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, there are two possible reasons for not having any success. It could be that you have been doing it wrong or you live in the worst city that exists for singles. If you continually say that single life sucks, then you live in the wrong city. If you think that there are no good women or men to date, the same thing is true. If you notice that there are not many guys or gals are around and the ones you might be interested in are all taken, then you should face the reality that you live in the wrong city.


The Numbers


The numbers may not seem to be in your favor. So, it is time to make a decision and move to where you can essentially be in the running for a date or hookup. Dating sites are becoming popular and this provides another option. When you join a dating site, you have the option of searching for potential matches, which does not have to limit you to the city you live in. You could carry on a long distance relationship, which might result in relocating to another city. Be mindful that it only takes connecting with one person to be a success in dating, even though; you may have to go through a hundred to find that one. For that reason, you need to be in a location where there are that many dates to go through to find the perfect one. You should be still thankful that in past generations, it was worse than it is now.

The Major Factors

There are some cities that have not yet caught up with dating apps and dating sites. So, if you want to have success in dating, you should stay away from these cities. Other factors that contribute to the worst cities to be single are demographics, economics, and where there mostly married people. Some cities have a small populace of single people. Economics is a major factor, which includes below-average cost of living and people who earn a below average salary. Education level is also a factor in deciding the worst cities to be single. People with advanced and bachelor's degrees tend to be in a decent job. In the worst cities, this might not be the case. After all, it is not at all possible to maintain a single lifestyle and not be earning money from a job to fund your lifestyle. To help you, we have put together a list of cities that you should really stay away from, if you want to meet, hook up and date other singles.

Fort Smith, Arkansas

If you are looking for a place where the history is rich, Fort Smith, Arkansas is the ideal choice. However, the salary is poor. The cost of living might appear to be remarkably affordable, but don't be fooled by that because of the low salaries. The median income for people living in Fort Smith, Arkansas is over $14,000 under the national level. This is a real western city with the Arkansas River bordering it. It is about three hours from Little Rock, Arkansas where there is a high number of singles. If you were to move to Little Rock, you would find that there is roughly 47.8% single people, even though, this figure is lower than the national average, but more than the city of Fort Smith has. Tulsa, Oklahoma is further west with a single population of 45.6% and the city enjoys a low level cost of living as it is in Fort Smith. The medium income in Tulsa is $10,000 higher than Fort Smith.

Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida has been dubbed the "Horse Capital of the World." It has quite a few options for love and romance that could start with a horseback ride. However, there are not many singles that you could ride with. The married population is about 54% and that leaves a slimmer margin for singles looking for a partner. Young adults who wanted to date in Ocala, Florida would have a hard time because of the median age for a resident is 47.4. The reason for this is that many people retire in Ocala, Florida. There are a few young professionals that relocate to the area because of the lower housing price and the improved job market. The downtown area is vibrant, but only until a certain time of the night when the city closes its doors. If you live in Ocala, Florida, you would definitely have to endure the long wait to experience sufficient growth in the job market. The city of Tallahassee is just three hours drive away where economic growth is consistent. Because of its two colleges; Florida A&M and Florida State University, Tallahassee is a haven for singles. The single population is 58.3%.

Thomasville, NC

Did you know that the largest chair in the world was made in Thomasville, North Carolina? The city is known for being a discounted furniture area and an excellent place to shop for love seats and other pieces of furniture. The city is good for furniture buying, but not for any single person to find a romantic interest. The metro area is small and the population is only 26,841. The town has one of the second lowest numbers of unmarried folks compared to other worst cities to be single. If you are looking for a bigger dating pool, try the city of Durham with 51% single residents. However, the cost of living in Durham is more than 10% higher than Thomasville. $52,143 is the median income for Durham and this is lower than the national level. So, you still would not fare well either way, whether you choose Durham or Thomasville.

Punta Gorda, Florida

Punta Gorda is ideal for retirees who are still active during the day. It is certainly not a place for singles that are looking for an active night life. The city offers a lot more outdoor activities than nighttime activities. The ratio of unmarried individuals is four out of ten. This is the lowest figure ever out of the list of worst cities to be single. In addition, most of the local crowd is seniors, average age is 55. 34.5% of the residents in Punta Gorda are 65 years or older. The community was developed with the seniors in mind. There are a lot of activities that cater to seniors having a vibrant retired lifestyle. However, there is not much done for singles. Fort Myers is located half an hour to the south and has a college community with younger and less committed individuals who want to meet and greet. So, you may consider Fort Myers as a viable option. The residents have an average age of 37, but many of them are unmarried. In fact, 57% of the population in Fort Myers is unmarried.

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Lake Havasu City, Arizona is a nice enough place, but just to visit and not necessarily to live in. It has been popular for those on spring break. However, for the remaining months of the year, the area is isolated and the people living there are married and more mature. The average age of residents is 47, which is similar to Ocala, Florida. There are roughly 31.5% of the population that are 60 years of age and older. In the entire U.S., the number of people 60 years and older is 18.6%. If you want to lead an active single lifestyle, then head west to Santa Barbara along the Pacific Ocean for the top choice of areas with the most singles. The average age is 33 and about 52% of the residents in Santa Barbara are unmarried.

McAllen, Texas

In McAllen, Texas, the numbers just don't add up when it comes to the single lifestyle. You will mostly find young families in this city as well as the nearby town of Brownsville. Almost half of the households include children who are under 18 years of age. The financial or economic situation in this city is not appealing to singles. Yes, it is affordable to live in McAllen, but the household income is one of the lowest of most metropolitan areas in the United States. The city of Austin is nearby to McAllen and so you could choose that option. It is has a large population of singles and a generous average household income; in addition to low cost of living.

Kingsport, Tennessee

Kingsport, Tennessee is ranked one of the worst cities to be single. It has a small metropolitan area. The city has a high percentage of married people with 56.2% compared to entire United States, which is only 49.2%. The city of Memphis is a good recommendation and viable option, if you want to live in a city where 53.7% of the residents are single and the living cost is 14.8% lower than the nationwide average.

Yuma, Arizona

Yuma, Arizona has the second highest in percentage as it relates to married individuals. If you are seeking a good job, don't look for one in Yuma because the unemployment rate is really very low. In fact, the unemployment rate was 27.1 since December 2013. This is a low figure compared to other metropolitan areas in the United States. In addition to the financial troubles of the locals and the low average income in Yuma, Arizona, the living cost is a little higher than the national average. Flagstaff, Arizona is a better city to consider if you are looking for an active single lifestyle. More than 55% of the population is single.

Parkersburg, West Virginia

West Virginia has been labeled "Savings Bond Capital." The city of Parkersburg, West Virginia/strong> is a stable place to live, if you are married, but no sex appeal for singles who want to mingle. In fact, 54.4% of the residents are married. The average age of residents is 42 compared to the national average, which is 37 years old. You will definitely be restless, if you were to be single and live in Parkersburg, West Virginia. The unemployment rate is at a low 5.9% and the average income is more than 18% lower than the national average. By the time, you get paid; you will have to pinch pennies to enjoy a single lifestyle. The city of Morgantown is a better place for singles. The West Virginia University is located in Morgantown, which provides single college students in the dating pool. The average age is 32.

Anderson, South Carolina

Anderson, South Carolina is located in close proximity to Lake Hartwell and is a small town that does not cater to the single lifestyle. The population is only a little over 26,000, which tells the whole story. You probably would be able to bump into someone you know rather than a new romantic interest. The married population is 53.1%. Atlanta, Georgia is two hours away and offers more favorable options for an active single lifestyle.

Other Worst Cities

Other worst cities for singles include South Burlington, Vermont, Brownsville, Texas, Pembroke Pines, Florida, Hialeah, Florida, Warwick, Rhode Island, Yonkers, NY, Pearl City, HI Lewiston, ME, Laredo, TX and Charleston, WV. These are more suburban communities with more families and couples rather than singles. In addition, there is no gender balance, making it harder to match up.

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