What is Draking?


Social media has become quite a powerhouse for almost everything and that includes draking. The Internet is used by millennials and others to promote and express new ideas and beliefs. However, there will always be lurkers online trying to scrounge for more attention by posting about their sad experiences as they try to get sympathy from followers online. You would be surprised that men also go online after an emotional breakup to be expressive about their most deep emotional sentiments. Some will take it offline as well, using their sad experiences to create an original dance or song.

The Rapper

In early 2014, the Internet was swarmed with a new viral dating trend that people had to pay attention to. Many people didn't know what it was at first. It was labeled 'draking.' Some people thought that it had to do with Drake, the rapper who has those praying hands tattooed on his chiseled arm as well as a phrase that might or might not be referring to Rihanna, his ex-girlfriend. In the urban community, this was the belief - that it was all about Drake. Who is Drake? Let's give you a quick tidbit. Drake started his career as an African American character named Jimmy who was bound to a wheelchair as a teenager. If the name Lauren O'Neill does not ring a bell, she is a Canadian Journalist that loved the term, 'wheelchair Jimmy' that much; she posted the face of Drake, the Rapper on several Toronto handicapped signs. It was supposed to be a joke at first. The term, 'Draking' was coined by her from those same actions.


Social Media


OK, let's see if we can delve a little deeper so you can understand more about the term 'Draking.' Let's say you had this friend you know that always dates people and still seem unhappy about how everything is going. This is the kind of friend that will go online to their social media pages and post sad and cryptic lyrics. You might see a post like, "I don't think you are mine or I don't think I ever had you in the first place, even though that would be cool." Or, "I would do anything for you such as go put a tattoo of your name on my chest." Check this out! This is the friend that you would say is Draking so hard that he or she is letting the feelings out so everyone can read between the lines, even the person that they are talking about. The objective is to create poetry, lyrics or song of the drama in your relationship and hope that people see it as being soulful or sensitive instead of complaining and having self pity. Many people think that this tactic only works, if Rapper Drake is the one doing it.

Making it Public

In normal terms, Draking is when someone has an experience such as a horrible break up and only knows how to deal with it by going out of the way to make it public so as to get some pity from others. You end up remaining in your sadness after the romantic failures that you have endured. But, instead of working it out on your own, you end up making it so public that you will put it on all your social media statuses where friends and family members can see. Some of the draking posts could be, "I want to have your love endlessly." Or, "I am having a problem being alone without you." Or "I wish I could have you to do all these things with."

Heartbroken Situation

Why would someone go to such lengths to make sure that his or her feelings are publicized? Well, the person who is heartbroken may not be able to handle it alone and may not have gotten the opportunity to speak his or her feelings to the one who did the break up. For that reason, the person may be lashing out and want everyone to know how difficult it has been. However, more importantly, the heartbroken person wants the 'heart-breaker' to know how much he or she is hurting. They want the other person to know that they are 'draking.' The hurt individual will start to post sad quotes and sad posts to their social media status, proving to everyone that they are in a heartbroken situation.

What Are "Drakers?"

So, it is safe to say that the world of romance and dating has provided a name for soft-hearted people who need an outlet to vent their hurt feelings and feel like they have been heard. These are called 'Drakers.' And their reaction after the breakup is called "Draking." Why would they choose this term to show their emotions? Well, from one of the Rapper Drake's songs, part of his lyrics imply that only he can make all his emotions appear as if it were his last one. It is from this idea that people coined the term 'Draking.' Over time, many people were able to relate to this song by Drake. The cryptic messages that are posted on your social media status are meant to send an overt message that you are hurting and not dealing with it well. Before social media, people handled their private breakups behind closed doors. In addition, you would confide your hurt to a friend and would be able to get some kind of sympathy for your feelings. In the world of millennials, however, times have changed. People coin phrases for certain behavior without thinking that it will hurt the individual. So, if you were to posts sad lyrics, pity poems and sad quotes on your social media page, you can guarantee that you will be labeled as a 'Draker' or 'Draking.'

The Behavior

How else will you know when someone is 'draking?' Well, other than making several attempts at desperately trying to appear caring and sensitive and putting an overdose of sad quotes on their social media feed, they will try to complain about being unfairly treated. You will find the person using the break up to get attention, whether it is positive or negative. The person will bombard his or her friends, giving them constant earfuls of details about the breakup. Sometimes, the person will add some cryptic posts to their social media status, only to have followers prod him or her on telling exactly what is going on. The person could always be complaining about how unfair life is and may even remove his or her profile picture, leaving it blank. This is an attention-getting practice in 'draking.'

Moving On

Despite going through heartbreak, the 'draker' will still move on to the next date in less time than it takes to overcome a breakup. It could be a coping mechanism move or just one where the person doesn't care about life anymore. The same person, though, will go back to sulking after a subsequent heartbreak. It is a brutal cycle.

Hardcore Draker

You become hardcore when you take to the Internet and start saying things like, "I cannot eat anything because I am missing my baby." Or "I can't sleep at night because you are constantly on my mind and I think I am losing my mind because I can't be with you." You will appear as if you are an evolutionary debacle, always taking your dating issues to the public. For those hardcore drakers, they will spend a lot of time looking for Rapper Drake songs or sad songs and building a playlist from that. The person will make numerous attempts at trying to appear extra caring and sensitive. Some people go way overboard by putting up quotes that are 'love soaked' and sometimes pathetic to glean sympathy from social media followers.

The Serious Conversation

Don't think 'draking' stops with just that. There are so many other things that a person can do that will express the sadness felt after a breakup. This might involve having a serious conversation with close friends and indirectly mentioning the sad breakup so that someone can ask more questions about what happened. That gives the person going through the breakup a chance to spill the beans and vent. Other heartbroken 'drakers' will send sad quotes and sad messages to their friends to vent about how pointless life is at the moment. So, 'drakers' are people who celebrate their sadness in a melancholy way. The 'draker' is the kind of person that wants someone to offer calming encouragement, but yet, despite all the encouraging words, the 'draker' will return home and still drown in the obvious sadness again and again.

The Male Draker

Draking is corny and not romantic, but it is obviously being used as a way to get a point across about certain romantic feelings. It is more about sadness and gloom. Usually, guys are emotional as women, but with draking, it affects both male and female. But, the term is more geared towards man as a representative of the male Rapper Drake and his lyrics. It has a twist though. Men that are hardcore 'drakes' tend to always be upset about one woman or other that has treated them like shit. These men will usually have a shitty love life and will always be quickly looking for sympathy from others. They will always be talking about their damn ex. He will text a poem to a friend or wants his friends to listen to a sad song, which can be quite irritating, especially if the song or poem is reflective of a bad relationship breakup.

The Male Pattern

Some of the behavior pattern of a male draker is that he will complain about his breakup to a new date. He will hunt for more attention than is necessary. He will want other women to fall all over him by being extra sensitive toward the women while all the time playing a game and looking for pity at the same time. He always plays the role of a victim.

Dating a Draker

If you are a woman who is dating a 'draker,' he is going to be one of the hardest people to deal with since he sends mixed messages. He may be romantic, but underneath, he comes with a lot of relationship baggage. Usually, he has no boundaries and will play the field with a different person on a Saturday night date. He is not going to be boyfriend material because he will never commit. So, be careful.

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What Is "Draking?" - SoNaughty.com

Social media and Draking has fused together to bring the modern term to the Internet as a way to handle emotions and relationships that may be going sour.

What Is "Draking?" - SoNaughty.com