How Having A Tattoo Will Definitely Help You Get Laid

A tattoo is a sexy addition that can definitely help you get laid and we'll tell you how!

There's no denying it: tattoos are exciting. Nearly all of us as children wish for a tattoo and many of us end up getting one (or two!) as young adults and adults. Tattoos create a certain image for both men and women and that image can definitely help you get laid. How?

Well, for men a tattoo makes them look like a bad boy, which women find sexy and a huge turn on. It's the same for women too. Lots of men find tattoos sexy on women. We'll div into the specifics below and we're pretty sure that by the end if you don't have a tattoo, you'll be planning to get one!

History Of Tattoos


Before we dive into how tattoos can get you laid, let's take a moment to discuss tattoos. A tattoo is a permanent picture drawn on your body and is considered a body modification.

It is permanent because the ink is injected under the skin with small needles. Over time tattoos can fade but they are more or less there forever. Because they are permanent and there is a bit of pain involved, they are not for everyone and often seen as a badge of honor.

Tattoos also create a certain image in the person who has them. Tattooing traditionally was done in native tribes and a sign of adulthood or other milestones. They were eventually adapted by Western culture but for the longest time they were considered vulgar and only men who were sailors or gang members or ruffians ever got tattoos. That is how they created a certain "bad boy" image. It was thought that respectable people didn't get tattoos.

This mindset continued on through the 1900s and even up until the early 2000s. Tattoos became popular in the 70s and 80s in the music scene, especially among rockers and punks. However, they were still looked down on by "respectable" society. In fact, many businesses would not hire people who had tattoos. Recently, this mindset has been changing. Tattoos are no long just seen as something that convicts or gang members get. They are thought of as pieces of art. More and more businesses, even in the corporate world, are starting to be more accepting and open about employees with tattoos.

So now we've established the history of tattoos. This context is important for going over what makes them more sexy to some people.

It's A Fact: Tattoos Make You More Attractive

Now we've already talked about how tattoos were notorious among "bad boys" or people from the wrong side of the tracks. That is a fact. Another fact is that for young girls and even women, bad boys attractive. Even "good girls" tend to rebel and go after a bad boy. When a women is looking for someone that she thinks might be bad or dangerous, the first thing she looks for is tattoos. Even people who wouldn't necessarily want a tattoo on themselves will find them attractive and a turn on in other people. It's hard to deny the attractiveness of that bad boy image!

Tattoos on women traditionally don't give of the bad or dangerous vibe. Instead, they give off an impulsive, fun, and even wild. Years ago girls with tattoos were the ones who were willing to be more adventurous in bed or have one night stands.


For people who are fans of the artistry, tattoos are seen as beautiful additions to a body. They love the art and appreciate it and how it has changed the lines of the body. Tattoo fans love seeing tattoos on other people and find them super sexy.

While tattoos are definitely becoming more mainstream and more and more people are getting them, they still carry a sense of thrill and adventure. The kind of person who is willing to get a tattoo, to have something permanent and sit through the pain, is often perceived as something more adventurous. And as we all know, adventurousness is sexy!

Statistics About Tattoos And Sexiness

Tattoos are something that sex researchers have been interested in for decades. They love how body modifications can change a perception of someone, especially depending on their culture and upbringing. The perception of tattoos in Western society has definitely changed a lot over the decades.


In a recent study, women were asked what they thought of tattoos on men. An overwhelming 72% said that they would definitely hook up with a guy who had a tattoo. They all agreed that tattoos made man look stronger, sexier, and more masculine. When asked about the style of tattoo, only 32% said that they had a preference for the kind of tattoo. The rest said it didn't matter and that any kind of tattoo would make a guy look more exciting.

In the same study, men were also asked what they thought of tattoos on women. About 68% said that they would definitely go for a woman with a tattoo for a fun night or a one night stand. They said that they didn't necessarily think a woman with a tattoo was dangerous or bad but they did think that she might be easy and a fun time. Men also didn't have a preference for a style of tattoo they wanted to see on a woman.

When asked about tattoo placement, women said that they mostly liked tattoos on arms or the chest, especially if the man was built and had muscles. Women still perceived tattoos on the neck, face, or hands as a little "too" dangerous, however. When men were asked about placement, they said they appreciated tattoos on traditionally sexy parts of the body, like the hips, lower back, or shoulder.

Style is Important

Now, in the above statistics, both men and women said they didn't have much of a preference for style when it came to tattoos. However, we find that style definitely comes into play and can make someone look more attractive or less attractive.

For example, if you have a tattoo of a something vulgar, you may attract only a certain kind of person. Women overwhelmingly find tattoos on men make them more attractive but there is definitely a line. A tattoo in general is attractive but if the subject matter crosses a line, then that can change the perception of person. Mostly it's because if someone is willing to get something terrible tattooed on their body, what does that say about them as a person. Even for a one night stand, it can make a woman think twice.

Different style also come and go with time and attractiveness. In the 90s, tribal tattoos became very popular and were seen as super sexy. Now, however, if someone has that kind of tattoo they may get strange looks. A barbed wire tattoo also because super popular in the 80s and 90s and was seen as the ultimate cool guy and girl look. However if anybody got a barbed wire tattoo today, they might get a little chuckle instead.

Style can also indicate background or culture. If someone of a particular background has a native tattoo, it can give them a stronger connection to their background and make them look even sexier and more desirable.

So what we're really trying to say is, your tattoo might attract someone initially from a distance, but if it is something vulgar or silly, you may end up getting a bad look or a few chuckles when they see what the tattoo is. In general, though, it likely won't have too much of an effect on your attractiveness. So if you have a tattoo you got as a teenager that you sort of regret, don't worry too much!

Using Your Tattoo To Your Advantage

As we've already mentioned, due to how tattoos were often taboo and how you have to go through pain to get them, they are seen as edgy and adventurous. Whether you're a man or a woman, if you have a tattoo you are rarely seen as boring or "square."

If you have a tattoo, you can definitely use this to your advantage. If you go out, make sure your tattoo is on display so you can use it to attract some potential hookups. And if you don't have one in a super visible place, perhaps you should consider getting one! But in all seriousness, if you have a tattoo on your arm, make sure your shirt shows it off. Men and women who find tattoos attractive will hone in on them. It's almost like a beacon!

Showing of your tattoo is especially useful for women, which is why so many like to get them in risqué places. If you have a tattoo on your lower hip, for example, and you wear a top or pants that shows it off, you are essentially drawing eyes to that area of your body. And once the eyes are there, they tend to start to travel to other parts of your body. Yes, it can be a bit objectifying but sometimes that is fun!

In general, a tattoo makes someone look at your body. And when you have someone looking at your body, they are halfway to starting a conversation or making a move. In fact, many women and men who have tattoos say that the most popular opening line is someone asking about their tattoo. If you have a tattoo and someone asks about it, definitely let them touch it as you describe your tattoo! That first physical connection is a major turn on and will make them even more interested in you.

Tattoos Can Also Be Intimidating

We've mentioned already that some tattoos are intimidating or can be seen as a no-go. Tattoos that are perceived as gang tattoos, like ones on the face, neck, or hands can often be more intimidating than sexy. Even young men and women who are looking to rebel or find someone dangerous tend to have a line for what they find attractive. However, for every more intimidating tattoo, there are men and women who still find them sexy and a turn on. If you're finding that you are having trouble picking up men or women because of your tattoos, change up your local bar or club to find the types of people who will love your tattoos.

The Bottom Line About Tattoos And Getting Laid

We've been talking a lot about tattoos and one night stands or steamy hookups. Tattoos definitely help in that department! However, when it comes to long term relationships or serious relationships, tattoos can sometimes be a hindrance. That is because the same attributes that men and women love about tattoos - the danger, the excitement, the bad boy/girl image - are great when it comes to hookups. However, those attributes aren't necessarily ones you would want to apply to a long term relationship.

At a surface level, we totally understand this. When we're in the mood for a hookup, we look for danger and adventure. And when we are ready to settle down, we are looking for safety and stability. However, we also realize that people are way more than their tattoos and people with tattoos can definitely make loving and caring partners.

All this means is that while it can be super easy for you to get laid or find hookups, you may have to work a bit harder to find a long term relationship.

If you've got a tattoo, you are that much closer to getting laid!

At the end of the day, if you have a tattoo, your chances for getting a hookup or getting laid are definitely increased. Men and women love tattoos and will always find them exciting and a sign of adventurousness and a willingness to have fun and maybe even make some bad decisions. So if you have a tattoo, definitely use them to your advantage!

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How Having A Tattoo Will Help You Get Laid - SoNaughty

A tattoo is a sexy addition to your body that can definitely help you get laid. Read on and we'll tell you exactly why and how tattoos are super sexy.

How Having A Tattoo Will Help You Get Laid - SoNaughty