How To Hook Up When You Live With Roommates


When you need to know how to hook up when you live with roommates, the easiest answer is to talk it through with them and come to an arrangement. You can set up a time share for your living space, and work around each other's schedules. The best way to work hookups into a roomie situation is through being open -- with your date, and with the other people that you live with.

Learn how to hook up easily when you have roommates, with another great sonaughty.com hookup advice guide full of free how-to steps that will help you hook up.

We here at the sonaughty research desk know a thing or two about hookups, and that is why we have decided once and for all to answer the question of how to get around housemates when you want to bring a hookup back to your place. So sit back and relax, as sonaughty.com answers all the questions you have always wanted to ask, but were too afraid to Google.

My Roommates Keep CBing Me -- What Can I Do About It?

Everyone knows that rent can be a real pain in the backside, and this is why so many folk have roommates these days. But the problem comes when you want to hookup. So we are going to give you a few hints about how to hook up when you live with roommates. No one likes to have blue balls, especially when you are paying rent for the privilege of having a place of your own where you can entertain other people. The best way to deal with this is to make your roommates aware of what they are doing, and let them know in a gentle manner that it is not on. After this, you can work towards a fix that will be cool for all involved.


So Wait -- Do I have To Involve My Roommates With ALL My Hookups?


Well, no, but you can definitely include them in some of your hookup hangs if you all get along with each other. Of course, if you do not then don't even go there, as you will just find yourself with a bill and an argument at the end of the night most likely. The real answer to this question is that no, you do not have to involve your roomies -- at all, in fact. Your private life is your own. A big problem with the house share set up is that through sharing living spaces such as a front room, lounge, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and other amenities in an intimate fashion with others, you create a faux family situation, in which all members tend to fall in to a familial pattern to one degree or another. This creates tension through its inherent falseness, and in the disparity between different members level of commitment to this largely unconscious set up. The best way to work around this is for all house hold members to fess up that they are not related and agree to move forward with greater privacy and respect for each other.

Is It Okay To Make Moves On My Roommates' Hookups?

No, not really... How you you feel if your roomie made a move on your new squeeze? Not great, we are guessing. If you are pretty young and your roomies are likewise, then be aware that stealing each other's gfs and bfs is just going to happen, like it or not, so maybe keep dates to the outside world and save staying over for special occasions. If you are a little older, then consider that if you are in a serious relationship then it may behoove you both to move out -- either to separate apartments, or to share one together. Of course, the subject of this article is hookups -- if you are flying casual, then it matters not a jot where you live, just so you can get your jollies, to all intents and purposes, but just weigh up whether or not having roomies is going to impinge on this.

Is Group Sex The Way To Go When You Want To Hook Up But You Have Roommates?

No. Unless yes. But really no. The thing is, if you want to partake in an orgy, we recommend that you don't bring your partner, and that you don't do it at your own home. Why? Work it out for yourself. The main thing you need to know about why group sex is not the answer to how to hook up when you live with roommates is that you need to have some modicum of dignity -- your partner is YOUR partner, and your living space is YOUR living space, and both of these should be sacred to you. Letting other folk, roomies or not, get in the way of either is not something that you should stand for. If it happens? New partner, new house, new roommates.

How To Politely Tell Your Roommates That You Need Space When You Have A Hookup Coming Over

The best thing to do when you are trying to get your head around how to hook up when you live with roommates is to learn how to talk to each other.

Tit For Tat -- How To Give Your Roommates Space When They Have Hookups, Too

The main thing to think about when you are getting to grips with the topic of how to hook up when you live with roommates is that it is not just you hwo needs space -- they do as well. Get a dialog going and when you learn to communicate with your house mates you will start to find that the problem is not as great as you all thought it may have been to start with.

When Should I Invite A Hookup Over When I Have Roommates?

Great ways to get yourself laid, number 2037528: buy them a sumptuous meal and then propose lounging naked somewhere warm and comfortable. Be sure to have prepared a nest in advance. Proposed nest material includes feathers, moss, fur (this can be got at most good large mammals, such as Mrs Bear, or that elk you saw wandering by the road), wool, and shredded newspaper. Be sure that you build your nest somewhere that is away from the eyes of Monsieur Weasel and Mr Poacher, and also be sure to measure your would-be date before you construct the nest entrance -- many folk forget this, only to find that their date gets stuck head-first in the nest hole! This can work out if you let them go ahead of you (just kidding! We do not condone unauthorized nest construction in condo buildings, schools, oil rigs, prisons, libraries, or liquor stores). Also, crazy early in the morning works -- a great time to contact anyone, we recommend 3 am as the perfect time to give a new person in your life a call.

Top Ten Ways To Get Around Your Roommates When You Have A Hookup

1. Pretend they simply are not there.

Doesn't always work. Actually, never works. Actually, always works if you are really, really good at it.

2. Ask them nicely to give you some space.

This sometimes works, but it only really pays off if they have dates of their own, for which you can likewise bequeath some space.

3. Put up a curtain.

This may be a needed step if you do not in fact have your own room, or if you want to share the living space with your roommates while still having some privacy.

4. Have a different schedule from them.

They work day shifts? Great, have your date round during the day. they work night shifts? Great, have your date round in the night. They work split shifts? Great, have two dates ta different times. They don't work at all? Great, get them dunk and hide them somewhere while you have a date any time of day you like. Just kidding -- we do not condone getting people drunk and/or hiding them anywhere. This comment was meant to be humor.

5. Don't bring your date home.

Then tell your roommate about it and make him feel like crap. He won't.

6. Give your room mates something to do.

Send them out on an impossible errand, such as grocery shopping. Date time!

7. Date someone your room mates hate, or maybe one of their sisters.

They will just up and leave every time you two have a date in the house.

8. Give them some money to sod off somewhere for a while.

Yeah, this one is expensive, but could be totes worth it if you haven't got your rocks off for a while due to your very annoying roomies. Ideas include: cinema, zoo, sky diving, long voyage overseas (e.g., war zone).

9. Live and let live

Just get them used to the idea that you will be having dates over. No tit for tat, no need for space, just peace, and compassionate understanding. Ha ha ha ha.

10. Share your date with your roommates.

Extreme, yes, and kind of icky, and also potentially one of the kinds of things that can really turn your life upside down, but, you know, there are some folk out there who could make this work in some way, shape, or form. Last resort, which is why we put it last. One for the swingers, voyeurs, or DPers among you.

Top Ten Ways To Totally Leave Your Roommate Hookup Problem In The Past

1. Move out. Pure and simple.

2. Move your date in. Not so simple. But replacing a pesky roommate with a paying hookup -- if you can pull this one off then you deserve some kind of award, or at least a smattering of applause. Or just pat yourself on the back. Of course, this has the potential to really blow up in your face: picture the scene in which you have split with your recent hookup, but she still lives with you, and is now the pesky roommate around whom you must navigate your *new* hookups. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn't it? You can give that award back now, genius.

3. Get new roomies. Put up an ad, or recruit from your actual pals, instead of randomers.

4. Stop worrying and learn to love your roomies. Yeah, right.

5. Just don't go there. As in, back to your place. A pain the rear end, but at least the problem is solved. Kind of.

6. Take everyone out to an event together. Might be a bit on the pricey side, but hey, if it means that you all get along from now on then it is all good in the hood, as they say nowadays.

7. Stop dating. Yeah, not really an option, but it does solve the problem.

8. All out war. If your roomies have a problem then just turn it all up to 11. Loud music, very not private make out sessions, and so on.

9. Go to the landlord and get him or her to mediate. Unless you are the landlord. In which case, tell your roomies to sit the heck back down.

10. Suggest a time share in which each room mate gets one evening of the weekend to entertain, or alternating evenings.

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How To Hook Up When You Live With Roommates - SoNaughty

Learn how to hook up easily when you have roommates, with another great sonaughty.com hookup advice guide full of free how-to steps that will help you hook up

How To Hook Up When You Live With Roommates - SoNaughty