How To Have Sex In Public And Not Get Caught

Is it really possible to have sex in public and not get caught? Find out!


No matter who you are or what your sexual background is, there is one kind of sex that we have all fantasized about: public sex. Don't deny it! You've definitely had your own fantasies about public sex, whether it's in a private bathroom or in a parked car in a parking lot or in a movie theatre. But the most important question is this: is it possible to have sex in public and not get caught? We definitely think so, but before you dive in there are some important things to consider.

First, you'll want to ease your way into the concept of public sex, which is especially important if you are new to it. Second, you'll want to follow some basic tips, like being fast, keeping quiet, and skipping underwear to name a few. And third, we'll go over the best places to have public sex to limit your chances of getting caught.

Ease Your Way Into Public Sex First

Sometimes baby steps are best and we find this especially true when it comes to public sex. Before diving right in, you may want to get your feet wet with some of the concepts of public sex. That way you can find out if sex in public is really something you are interested in and you can also practice. Because practice makes perfect when it comes to public sex!

Below we outline some things you can do to mimic the feel of sex in public.


Make your home less private.

A lot of the thrill of public sex is being seen. You can make this happen from the comfort and safety of your own home! Try leaving the blinds open and doing it in front of the window. Make sure it's a time of day when neighbors could potentially see you. Even if they don't, often the thought that they will is enough to get you hot and heavy! It can also help you get over any shyness or apprehensions you are having about public sex.

Masturbate in front of each other.

One of the biggest turn ons about sex in public is the watching factor. Strangers watching you can be exhilarating, but don't forget that even just having your own partner watch you can be super sexy and hot. Why not try watching each other masturbate to see how it feels. You can either both go at it or take turns. It definitely takes some getting used to but we guarantee you'll find it super hot in no time! There's nothing quite like getting off watching your partner get off.

Create similar restrictions.

Public sex comes with a lot of restrictions, like tight spaces or needing to be quick and quiet. You can mimic these restrictions from your home so you can get a similar thrill and bit of excitement without actually being in public! Try setting a time limit to getting it on or coming up with a rule that neither of you can talk. And if you do talk... of course there has to be a punishment! You know, the fun and sexy kind of punishments - A.K.A. the best kinds of punishments!

Add a mirror.

Just how watching each other masturbate can be a big turn on, so can adding a mirror. That way you can peek at each other getting it on and get a sense of voyeurism and exhibitionism all at once. Of course, don't get too caught up in the performative aspect of seeing yourself. You aren't trying to recreate a porn, after all! We recommend putting a mirror at the foot or head of your bed so you can catch a glimpse at certain angles. It can be a great prop for teasing and an extra element of sexiness.

Important Tips For Having The Best And Most Discreet Public Sex


So once you've spiced up your private sex with some of the things that make public sex so fun and exciting, it may be time to move on to the real deal! Of course, there is nothing wrong with keeping it more private and utilizing the above tips. However, for those wanting to take the plunge and get it on in actual public, we think it is important to keep the following six things in mind:

Be fast.

The thing about public sex is that there is a huge chance to get caught. That is part of the turn on, after all! Because of this, though, that means you don't have a lot of time to do it. We recommend skipping the foreplay and just banging as fast as you can. Try to get in a headspace where this is sexy and hot instead of a stress or hinderance, as that can make it harder to come. You can also engage in public discreet foreplay, for example like footsie under a table or whispering, so when you do finally get to the sex you are hot and bothered and ready to go!

Keep quiet.

You want the thrill of maybe getting caught, but you likely don't want to actually get caught! Remember: public indecency is against the law and you can get fined if the wrong person sees you and complains. So, with that in mind it's important to keep quiet during public sex. Think of it as a challenge for you and your partner instead of a damper. Perhaps you can reward each other for keeping quiet. Games can make all sorts of sex way more fun, including public sex!

Timing is important.

When it comes to public sex, timing is everything. If you are going at it in a parked car in a parking lot, you might want to avoid doing it during the day when the parking lot is full of shoppers. After all, you don't want to get caught that easily! We always recommend focusing your public sex endeavours, particularly the outdoor ones, when it is evening or night. That means there are still people around, but less than during the day. Timing is also important when it comes to starting the actual act of sex. Make sure you're both ready for it and all hot and bothered because, like we mentioned before, you'll want to be fast!

Wear discreet clothing.

If you're trying to have public sex and not be seen, definitely avoid wearing flashy or brightly coloured clothing. This is less important if your public sex location or choice is a bathroom stall or dark movie theatre and more important if you're in a secluded park or something. However, even metallic or reflective clothes can catch attention in a dark movie theatre! We recommend dark and muted colors to really blend in.

Wear easy to take off clothing.

And speaking of discreet clothing, it's also important to wear clothes that are easy to take off. That's why public sex in the winter can be kind of a drag since there are so many layers to take off! The best outfits for women and public sex are skirts and dresses because you don't have to worry about pulling down pants for easy access. Until men get into the habit of wearing skirts, loose fitting pants will have to do. Try to avoid complicated clasps or accessories. And perhaps the best tip of all: don't wear any underwear. Not only is it a drag to have to take off, but it is also one of the most often left behind or forgotten articles of clothing. And most importantly, when it comes to public sex is is important to never get fully naked. The more clothes you have to scramble to put on in the event of getting found out, the worse it is for you.

Get used to standing.

If you aren't a fan of standing sex, it's time to get to love it. Chances are, public sex will take place in cramped quarters with little chance of being able to lie down properly. Sex while standing up can take a bit of practice so make sure you have some angle and positions worked out. If you're in a space that has a counter to sit on or lean against, that can be super helpful! And if there is enough space to bend over, standing doggy-style can be a really great way to get off fast.

The Best Places To Have Public Sex To Avoid Getting Caught

Now that we've gone over some tips to making the most out of public sex, we have to talk about location. After all, the location is maybe the most important factor when it comes to public sex. It can't be too pubic a spot, after all, but you also don't want it to be too private either, or you won't get that exhibitionist rush! Read on for some of the best places to have public sex and avoid getting caught.

A car

One of the most popular places for public sex is a car. It's super convenient because you can park it anywhere - it's almost like a small portable house in that regard! And depending on your own comfort level with being seen, you can find a range of locations from parking lots (more public) to a deserted road (less public). Of course, having sex in a car comes with its own set of instructions, but just make sure you're wearing easy to take off clothing and have enough room.

Private roof deck

A private roof deck or patio is almost like having sex at home, just kicked up a notch. It doesn't even have to be your patio, either! And there is always something exhilarating about having sex where people can spy on you from far off. It almost seems a bit private still in a way. If you haven't got a roof deck of your own, you can easily find one in a major city. However, getting up to that deck is up to you!

Hotel windows

If you've got a hotel room with some good window views, might as well make use of them and give viewers outside something to look at! Sex against a hotel window is one of the most classic public sex locations and positions. In fact, there is a hotel in NYC that is famous for people having sex in the rooms and often the rooms get booked for just that purpose. If you want to stay as anonymous as possible, be sure you're high enough up that people can't get a super good look!

Movie theatre

A movie theatre is another classic public sex spot. Sometimes it's easier to get into a bit of foreplay at a movie theatre, like a hand job or fingering. However, if it's empty enough or you can find a good corner, you may be able to maneuver into having some actual sex! This is one of those spots where you definitely don't want to get fully naked, either!

Private bathrooms

A private bathroom is one of the safest and most discreet way to have public sex. It's pretty much like you're in your own private room. You can lock the door, after all! And the only way you'll get "caught" is if someone comes knocking and sees the both of you walk out. They KNOW what you were up to but they didn't see anything. You'll still want to be quick, of course, but this is a great option for people just getting into the idea of public sex!

Follow these SoNaughty tips and you'll be having great public sex without getting caught in no time!

We hope that these tips and pointers will help you out when it comes to exploring sex in public. Whether you want to inject some elements of public sex into your private sex, learn tips to be better at public sex, or find the perfect place to have sex in public, we've covered it all for you!

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How To Have Sex In Public And Not Get Caught - SoNaughty

Is it really possible to have sex in public and not get caught? Find out in this guide! We cover public sex tips and the best locations for public sex.

How To Have Sex In Public And Not Get Caught - SoNaughty