How To Hook Up When You're Home For The Holidays


Make use of your old network of friends when you want to hook up when you're home for the holidays. Old pals from work, from college, even family connections can help -- put the word out there that you're in town and single for the holidays. You can also update folks in your home town via social media, and watch the invitations roll in.

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What Makes The Holidays Such A Special Time To Hook Up?

There is something to be said for the hols period -- lots of folks are back in town, the snow makes everything seem cozy, there are carols on the radio, and you are most likely a little drunk. Your family and friends are around, and the world seems full of optimism. All the people you meet are super horny, and no one is getting laid. There are gifts under the tree and stockings by the fire. There are less people around than last year, because they got old and died, but that just reminds all the young folks that they had better be getting their act together and making babies. There are also babies. The babies add to the theme of regeneration, and the dark, long, cold nights seem to beg for company. So you reach out -- tenderly at first, and then rapaciously, eager for a connection, hungry for that touch of skin on skin. And so on. Basically, the holidays are when people hump people from their home town, mostly because they drank too much eggnog.


Being Home Means You Have Access To Old Flames -- Should You Hook Up With Them?


It can be tempting to jump back into bed with old flames -- and why not! Heck, you could even find yourself getting married to someone you thought you were done with but never really got over. Have fun -- and a little more this holiday season by getting yourself a load of great ex sex, courtesy of your old hookups from around town. One of the great things about going home for the holidays is that you have full access to a wide open stable of hot people who you already know just LOVE to hook up, so why not take full advantage of that.

The Holidays Means Family Time -- So How Do You Balance That With Going On Hookup Dates?

Why not spice up your marriage and hook up with your wife? The truth is that most folks in Hookupville are already hooked up -- permanently. So what does this say about the holiday season when it comes to hooking up? Well, there are a few kinds of sex cultures that encourage wife swapping, but sneaking around isn't one of them. Are you already hitched? If so, you can still hook up, just think about who else you may be affecting. Aside from moral questions, there is the question of time. Yes, holiday season means family, and spending time with your family means that there is less time for YOU. One of the best ways to make some time for yourself is to be up front with your fam about your intentions.

Do You Have To Buy Christmas Presents For A Recent Hookup?

If you, like many peeps, want to know how to hook up when you're home for the holidays, then the first thing you need to remember is that it pays to be generous. Sure, buy them a gift, give them whatever they need, because after all, you are going to have sex with them. Spoil them now, and they will keep coming back -- and when they do, you can get from them what you're really after. Grinch needs some lovin'...

Going Back To The Grind Stone -- Do You Stay In Touch With Your Holiday Hookup After The Holidays?

Most people asking how to hook up when you're home for the holidays want to know whether to stay in touch with a holiday hook up. Well, the truth is that it is really up to you, but in general it is a good idea to stay in touch with all of your past conquests in case you feel the urge again and need a quick and willing sex partner. Keep their number, and the next time you need it bad, just call them up and get down to it. There is also the question of loneliness to consider -- as we get older, many of us start to find that other folk are just less interested in us. Why is this so? It is almost certainly because as time goes by and new and different things start to hurt us, we become less interested in life. We stick to the same old things, and become dull. No one likes an old fart. So keep in touch with everyone you hump, and you have less chance of becoming a miserly old hermit.

School Reunions Are A Great Way To Hook Up -- Or Are They?

One of the best ways to get a hook up is through a school reunion party. These often happen at the holidays since this is a time when a lot of people are back home from all the various places they went off to after leaving town. When you are looking for a way to hook up with someone sexy from your past, then school reunions can be a great source of willing partners in this hot pursuit. In fact, this is one of the best ways to go forwards when you are trying to work out how to hook up when you're home for the holidays. Just be aware that you may get stuck with someone from your past who will not let go! Then you will have to make a baby with them and get married.

Top Ten Reasons Why A Holiday Hookup Rocks

1. You can leave town after you mess things up. That is the hidden benefit of living somewhere other than your home town. Sure, your folks live in Oldsville, but it's also a rich ground for harvesting other drunk young people looking to escape the thousandth telling of grandma's story about how she met gramps (more from gramps later...)

2. The holiday season is romantic -- built-in nostalgia is great for looking back on things you maybe should not have bothered doing, but will probably end up doing again (in multiple positions).

3. It's easy. This is the best reason why holiday hook ups are great -- it is so not hard to get one. Drink plus merriment minus clothes equals fun times.

4. Generous men abound, especially if they are lonely. make full use of the misery of rich old men. They deserve it. After all, they went to literally get inside your body. And you'll probably let them. So, you know, milk their bank accounts.

5. There are lots of parties going on, which increases your chances of getting lucky.

6. Extra presents. Insist that your hookups buy you presents. If they don't, stalk them. Just kidding, obviously we do not condone extortion.

7. You can wear that holiday dress you have always wanted to show off. Finally, someone will pay attention to you in that sequined thing your mother got you because she's jealous of your youth and wants to make it as fruitless as possible.

8. Holiday leftovers of booze and food make for a cheap date at home. Turkey curry anyone? And this amazing drink made out of lots of bits of other drinks.

9. Fun times at Christmas and New Year make for great memories. Add the joy of Christmas to the joy of sex, and you have a match made in heaven. Or a mall Santa in handcuffs.

10. You can blame it on the booze. What better excuse for any bumbled advance on a member of the opposite sex than being drunk? It worked for some high profile sports stars, and it can work for YOU. Just kidding, obviously we are not condoning anything that celebrity sports stars do in private because they're all animals to a man.

Top Ten Things About A Holiday Hook Up That Totally Suck

1. Since you likely meet these folk at family parties, it is likely that they are dating a family member -- awkward. Or you are -- which is even worse. Kissing cousins isn't just a euphemism in some towns.

2. Relatedly (pun not intended -- aw heck, yes it was) it could be a work party, and you don't poop where you eat -- well, we don't anyway. If we did, we would be eating... bad things. Anyway, work parties are just about the dumbest places to hook up. Not only do you have the shame and dirty feelings and the getting judged and the emergency pregnancy kits, but you have all of that AT WORK. Just no.

3. They may expect a present. DO NOT BUY A PRESENT. Save all that hard earned lolly for yourself. They say that time is money -- well, it was YOUR time, so guess whose money it is. Can you say bah humbug? Good.

4. Holiday drinks are awful. Egg nog hangover anyone?

5. If they are single over the holidays then what is wrong with them? (Side note: what is wrong with YOU?)

6. The brief nature of the holidays pretty much dooms the relationship from the start; both of you will be expecting the thing to crash and burn -- just like gramps after a few too many rum punches! Bye, gramps...

7. You're broke, so it is going to have to be a cheap date -- anxiety and loneliness abounds. Fancy a candlelit dinner of pasta in your kitchen? No, neither do they. Stop it.

8. Christmas is depressing, so why add to it with more memories of yet another failed romance? Take the pessimist's way out and don't even start it.

9. It is easy to feel left out at the holiday party, or family get together, and this can lead to some rash decisions -- which in turn can lead to just a plain old rash.

10. Men may be on the prowl for women with ticking biological clocks -- don't think that guys haven't worked out what makes women tick. Beware of the wolves.

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How To Hook Up When You're Home For The Holidays - SoNaughty

Welcome to sonaughty.com, where hookup advice guides are free. Keep reading to discover how to hook up for the holidays with lots of tips and how-to steps.

How To Hook Up When You're Home For The Holidays - SoNaughty