What Is "Drafting Season" & "Cuffing Season?"


If you have not heard about another innovative dating trend, did you know you could be already doing it and not know? Yes, if you are honest with yourself, not everyone can stay abreast of every dating trend, especially since you are trying to hold down a job and keep an active social life. Let's look at some of these dating trends that you may already know about. Breezing, ghosting, stashing, catfishing and are some of the dating terms you may be familiar with. If you are going to date, you should be aware of and know what all these terms mean or you will have a hard time catching up with them all at once.

The Summer and Spring

The most recent dating term is 'drafting season.' This might sound similar to the NFL or NBA drafting season, but it is not. The dating trend "Drafting Season" takes place during the summer and spring months. When the temperature is moderate or warm, you will find that most people love to be outdoors, especially single people who are looking to mingle. This is the ideal time that people gather to meet other people. It gives them the chance to assess pools of possible dates or hookup partners and pick from the pool so they will have someone to go out with during the cold season or cuffing season.


The Comparison


It has features of the sports drafting season where there are several players involved. The drafting season in the dating world is more confusing though since not all players are on the same team. Since it is a little confusing, let us see if we can break it down for you to understand. There are a bunch of players on the dating field. Let's say you draft one, then that one person will be your partner through the cuffing season. It is possible that after going out for a while, the selected draft might become a lover. Later the same person could be benched, ghosted or breadcrumbed. You get to handle it the way you please.

Keeping Track

People who are dating and looking for a relationship have enough things that they have to keep up with. And so keeping up with dating slangs is a continual process and could be a difficult process since everything goes at such a fast pace. So prior to cuffing season, people that date have to deal with drafting season. The dating community has so many slangs to deal with and one more only makes it hard to keep track. Drafting season has joined slangs like draking, ghosting, benching, cuffing and breadcrumbing. To understand drafting, it is important to know more about cuffing.

Cuffing Season

As night falls and the weather becomes colder during the winter and autumn months, most people want the option to be able to snuggle in bed with someone, watching Netflix or getting intimately involved and just going to bed afterwards. So during the summer is when you start out with the vetting process, looking for potential mates to spend the colder months or cuffing season with. The goal is not to be alone during the colder months. During cuffing season, you and your cuffer are now an item. You no longer have to play the field or be alone around the Christmas holidays. The summer months are usually lots of fun hanging out in the sun and likely casually dating with the intention of ending up with a significant person in your life.

The Holidays

However, during the summer or drafting season, you will start drafting people that you will be dating more seriously. You start to draft the people who will spend the winter months with you. In other words, drafting season is an important time for those who are adamant about not being without a guy or gal for the holidays. Don't look at the drafting season as something negative. In fact, if your calendar shows Christmas around the corner and you downloaded the Bumble dating app for the hundredth time, you probably became a participant of drafting season quite subconsciously. Once you take the drafting season as serious as it is to you, then you won't be lonely during the winter.

Potential Companion

How do you find the person you want to be serious with during the cuffing season? The first step is to choose a few people to date and whittle your way down to the ones that you have a connection with or someone that could be the potential companion. So by the end of the summer, you will not think about casual dating, but you will begin to get serious about finding that one person who will be there for you during the holidays (Christmas and Thanksgiving). By September and October, you stop playing the entire field and concentrate on the drafting or vetting of individuals for the cuffing season. By the month of November, it is the cuffing season and if you don't vet or draft someone in the most two recent months, you will be a loner for the entire winter. Sometimes, you may not even realize that you are actually reducing the number of suitors to just one person. It does happen anyway and at times, it is a subconscious action.

Valentine's Day

Once you get to Valentine's Day, things may even get more serious or it is possible that you and your draft may part ways. So, you may be free by spring to start dating again to pick someone new for the next cuffing season. Because of how the process works (kind of like a recycling), some people tend to abuse the process. For example, during the drafting season, there may be an individual who is playing the field with the intention of finding someone to keep around for Valentine's Day. You don't want to date or choose someone with such temporary objectives.

The Summer Fling

With all these dating lingos, it makes people long for that day when it is easier to find love, date or just hook up. Many people would love to go back to the simpler process. However, in the day of the millennial, you have to keep an open mind. The question is whether you are prepared for drafting season or not. What are the signs that you are prepared? First, you have to end any summer flings you have. Then, you have to start getting serious and mentally prepared to start dating. If you hold onto that summer lover, then you will lose out on being taken seriously during drafting season. It will appear as if you are involved in a serious relationship.

Update Profiles

To be taken seriously for the drafting season, make sure you update your dating profile. What does this mean? Do not keep outdated pictures on your profile. Upload a recent photo. And remove the lame pickup line that you have in your profile such as, "I love to take long and leisurely walks on the sandy beach." Make sure your profile description is professionally done. Remember that there is tons of competition and you want to be the cream of the crop. You should be in the game to win it during drafting season. If you have a crappy dating profile, you will be passed over by potential seasonal matches.

Serial Dating

You may have to possibly turn down any invitations to hang out with friends during drafting season since this is the time when you have to up your game and get serious. This is the time when you have to tell friends you are busy and will catch up with them later. If you don't take serial dating as a serious prospect to finding the one individual to spend the cuffing season with, then you might as well go ahead and accept all the invitations for end of summer shenanigans. However, if you are serious, be sure not to accept any party invites for the end of summer. This is the time when you have to consider serial dating to narrow down your choices. Pass up on any other commitments that you are not sure will pan out for the cuffing season. In the vetting process, make sure you don't waste time with anyone that is not a serious contender. Be confident throughout the process that you will find someone to snuggle up with all winter long.

Past Partners

If you ended your last cuffing season and you and your cuffing partner decided to part ways until the next time while you go ahead and date other people in the meantime, then you could meet up again next winter. In other words, you both would assume a standby status, which can be risky. Why? You both could meet different people during the standby period and it might work out differently than you might have planned. If your efforts of finding someone else fail, then you are out of luck and might have to end up spending the winter alone. So, be sure to play your cards right.

The Tips

There are some tips that many have used to make the process so much more successful. If you want to be drafted as early as possible for the cuffing season, you should download dating apps. This puts you in the driver's seats and gives you an advantage over your competition. The dating app gives you more options. Choose the right app to download; one that will give you more choices. Log onto the app and create the ideal profile description. Put humor in it and be as original as possible. Choose a power couple that you like and use the cute substitute for your title, which may say, "Barack Looking For Michelle."

Do It Right

Try not to get into the quicksand during drafting season. It is not OK to just have any potential match because you just cannot allow the cuffing season to come around and find yourself lonely. You still don't want to end up with the wrong person. Therefore, you should start the vetting process early to give yourself enough time to find the right person.

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What Is "Drafting Season?" And "Cuffing Season?" - SoNaughty.com

Learn about the details of drafting season when you are dating or hooking up with someone. This is one of the new dating trends you need to be aware of.

What Is "Drafting Season?" And "Cuffing Season?" - SoNaughty.com