Do Men Judge Women Who Enjoy Casual Hookups?


The short answer is that yes, men do judge women who enjoy casual hookups; but the long answer is that men tend to make judgements based on their own self perceived needs: a man who wants a casual hookup will judge in a good light a woman who enjoys the same, whereas a man to whom casual hookups are not available (e.g., because he is married, or uptight) will judge unfairly a woman who engages in them. Whatever the cause or type of judgement, though, the response of a woman to a man's opinion on these matters should be nothing more than an airy shrug; it's your life, after all.

Keep reading this free hookup advice guide to discover whether men judge women who enjoy casual hookups with all the tips and hints you need to get past this irksome quandary common to many members of the global hookup community.

I Am A Woman Who Really Enjoys Casual Hookups -- Should I Care If Men Judge Me For It?

In a word, no.

I Had A Casual Hookup And A Man Judged Me For It -- What Do I Do About It?

You may have heard the phrase Keep Calm and Carry On -- well, that is just what you have to do, sister. Go out of your way to do you, and the world will respect you for it. But perhaps amend the saying to: Keep Calm And Keep Having Casual Hookups, Too!! In fact, you could consider stitching this slogan into some canvas, or a piece of other suitable cloth, getting it framed, and then smashing it over a man's head next time he walks out of the shower looking so proud of himself. (Just kidding! We do not condone wasting time stitching things by hand. Buy it off Etsy instead).


Should I Think About Changing The Way I Act Just Because Men Do Not Like It?


Yes and no. Yes you should, and no you shouldn't. But how can you tell which path to take? The road less travelled, or the busy highway, dotted with truck stops and littered with the refuse of the masses? And which one is which? Okay, let's take a step back and unpack this dilemma. You have been judged by a man to be a common sort, a kind of lusty baggage, an obstreperous strumpet, perhaps even a painted harlot. Do you change anything about yourself in order to appease this blowhard? Yes and no. Yes, you could undo the sins of your past by taking up a saintly and virtuous observance of the simple and healthy things of life, or no, you could ignore this simple man and his salubrious leanings and continue along your path of wanton cavorting. The choice is up to you.

So I Enjoy Casual Hookups -- How Do I Put Men In Their Place?

Many women ask us: do men judge women who enjoy casual hookups? The answer is that even if they do, the fact that you enjoy this fun pursuit is none of their business. After all, if they are into hookups themselves, then why should they judge you? And if they are not, then why should what they have to say have any impact on you at all in the first place, when all is said and done? The best way to settle this is to either ignore any wrong opinion a man may have, or to argue with him. It is easy to shut a man up -- all you have to do is make him realize how stupid he is. Either repeat back to him what he has just said in a mockingly deep voice if he is a macho man, or a high, reedy tone if he is a bit on the weedy side! Remember: basso for macho, reedy for weedy. If you keep this mnemonic in mind then you will always know what to do in any situation whatsoever, no matter what life throws at you (except laryngitis, because you won't be able to talk).

Do Men Have The Right To Judge Women At All?

A lot of women want to know how they come across after a hookup, and a question that gets asked a lot is: do men judge women who enjoy casual hookups? The fact is that men think that they can get away with anything they want, and the sad thing is that quite often they do. If you want to know whether men judge women who enjoy casual hookups you have to look at the privilege of masculinity and the legacy of the patriarchy. These are issues that are ongoing, and have a lasting and pervasive effect on the world. Do men have the right to judge women? No. Unless that man is literally a judge, and then, yes. But otherwise no. (Disclaimer: They may have a point if you are in a serious relationship with them, and yet are continually cheating on them, breaking their heart over and over again. If so, then perhaps think about what you are doing to someone you claim to love).

How To Do You And Not Give A Damn

Many people, among them some men, but mostly women, are looking for love in the wrong places. Do men judge women who enjoy casual hookups? Yes, of course they do. But the real trick is to not care. This may sound easier than it sounds, but in fact it is even less hard than that. The real trick is to stop caring altogether. Not just about whether people judge you or not, but about anything. Just kidding, we do not condone the cessation of caring. Except about others' opinions of one's behavior, of course. The way to do this is to stop thinking about the person whose judgement you fear. This will immediately draw out the poison of worry from your mind, leaving a blissful state somewhat akin to not giving a s**t.

Top Ten Reasons Why Casual Hookups Are A Really Good Idea

1. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am -- you get what you need with no strings attached (at least in theory). Great for anyone with a short attention sp.. (Attention span joke, not typo).

2. No need to get to know someone first. there is none of this chatting malarkey involved when you go for casual hookups. In fact, you can probably have a whole hookup without saying any words at all. Try it one day for a fun treat.

3. No need to get to know someone after the fact, either. No more follow up calls, or checking to see how someone you don't know is doing after you banged them.

4. They get the heart racing. Want some fun in your life? Life is short, by its very nature, so why not enjoy it, right?

5. They are a great way to get what you want from a date with none of the fuss.

6. They are life affirming. There are very few things in life that can really make you feel alive like nothing else in the world, and one of them for sure is having great casual sex with a hot new person you have just met.

7. Cheap, cheap, cheap. For the price of membership of an online forum (mere pennies) and a few drinks at a bar, YOU can have mind blowing sex with a hot stranger.

8. You can really express yourself and let go. Being tied down to one person who you have to make daily compromises with? That's not for the likes of you.

9. They can turn into real romance -- if you let them.

10. They allow you to network a city or town in a really unique way.

Top Ten Ways To Get What's Great About Casual Hookups... Without Casual Hookups

1. Be in a relationship that really ticks all your buttons.

This is the best way to ensure that you are totally satisfied every single time that you have a sex act.

2. See a professional service provider.

Guys and gals and all that is between are on the market, if you know where to look -- there is plenty out there to choose from if you can't cut it on the hookup scene.

3. Speed dating.

It is a lot quicker than normal dating, plus you get results faster. The great thing about this is that when you start speed dating, the next thing you know it's time to go home. One good thing about this is that you unusually know before you get to your home whether you are going there by yourself or not. This can be achieved by simply looking sideways and seeing whether there is anyone there or not. If there is, it may be the case that you got lucky. Just be sure to verify this if you have never seen them before, or if you carried out your speed dating activities while asleep, or were under the influence of being somewhere else at the time.

4. Blind dating.

It's like dating, but blind people can join in.

5. Being celibate.

It's like dating, except not like dating in any way at all. Okay, so you don't get anything you would get from casual hookups if you decide to knock nooky on the noggin, but there is definitely something to be said for swearing off sex -- at least for a while.

6. Get married -- and swing.

It's like being married, but you get to hump your friend's partner for years and get sick of them instead. The upside is that their partner gets to get sick of yours. The upside is that you can have an affair with your own partner. There are a lot of upsides to this, and only one downside: it's depressing AF.

7. Get married -- and stay faithful.

It's like dating, but for people who hate dating. Of course, if you want to be faithful then that is great, but if either of you enjoys another person carnally since the day that you got married, then the other person gets freebies.

8. Try Being Fluid With Your Sexuality

Bring a bit of cheer into your life by eschewing the opposite sex for your own. Variety is the spice of life, and all that jazz.

9. Try just normal dating

It has worked for the entirety of the rest of human history, after all.

10. Have casual hookups -- but always with the same person.

This is like normal dating, except with the provision that you both have bad memories. The great thing about having no short term memory is that you get to keep doing the same thing over and over again, and the repetition never gets old. The great thing about having no short term memory is that you get to keep doing the same thing over and over again, and the repetition never gets old. The great thing... Just kidding.

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Keep reading this free sonaughty.com hookup advice guide to discover whether men judge women who enjoy casual hookups with all the tips and hints you need.

Do Men Judge Women Who Enjoy Casual Hookups? - SoNaughty.com