Why Working Out With Your Partner Is Good For Your Relationship


Dating is hard. we have to worry about coming off as interesting, cool, and charming to make sure that our dates like us. But more than that, the first thing that we always notice is physical appearance. If you have some work to do, it's going to look like you have some work to do. There's no hiding it. You don't want to show up to a date and see a look of disappointment on your date's face because you're not exactly wearing the same size pants you were when your dating site photo was taken. When we're on the market looking for new relationships, it's much easier to be motivated to work out so that we can look our best, and can attract the most attractive partners. Once we find ourselves in a relationship however, we often begin to get a little too comfortable, and we end up spending more nights on the couch at the gym, because that's just the easier thing to do. We want to spend time with our partners. We want to relax after a hard day of work. The big problem with spending so much time watching television with our partners is that that often involves eating snacks like chips, candy, cookies, or whatever else you have around the house. We stop worrying about our weight and physique because we're not having to actively search for someone to find us attractive; we've found someone who likes us, and who we like. And sure, the early days of your relationship might have involved a lot of Netflix and Chill nights, but the "Chill" part of those nights were burning off some of the calories that you would have been burning off at the gym before. But as your relationship goes on, you'll likely find that you've begun having more Netflix and Fill-Your-Face-With-Snacks nights, where you're not burning off those calories with all of that sex that you had at the start of your relationship.

We still need to look after our bodies though. As we get older, our metabolism becomes weaker, and it becomes more difficult to keep weight off. Regular exercise is very important to maintain health, both physically, and mentally. So why don't more couples take the initiative and exercise together? They're still spending quality time with each other, and they're pushing each other towards bettering themselves, which is one of the most important things for people to do when in a relationship. Encouraging your partner to follow their dreams professionally, artistically, or in any other relevant area that they might have interest in is what one of the most important things that a good partner does. So wouldn't it also make sense to encourage your partner to look after them self physically, and at the same time do the same for yourself? Working out with your partner is one of the most rewarding things that a couple can do together. You'll soon find that going to the gym is less of a chore, and more a recreational activity that you both enjoy together. If your relationship's made you a little flabby, SoNaughty.com looks at some of the reasons why working out with your partner is good for your relationship.

Finding The Right Gym

Where's the best gym to workout at? is it the gym closest to your house? Do you and your partner work close to each other, and perhaps there's a gym that you could  easily meet up after work to work out at. location is important, but also important is that you feel comfortable in the gym. most gyms are willing to give you a tour facilities so, and see which  when you and your partner can most easily see yourself going to  on a regular basis.


Pick the gym the best suits your needs, and sign up for a membership. Most gyms have couple memberships, which works out great for you because it allows you to as a couple like it says on the membership card, end couples memberships are often discounted from to single memberships. The advantages of being in a relationship show themselves yet again.

Setting Goals... Together


Once you and your partner have made the decision to start working out together, and have found the right gym, it's time to start setting some goals. These goals will act as motivators for you and your partner to reach towards. We all know that muscles need exercise to stay in shape. if you sit at your desk for too long without standing up, when you finally do get up, you're likely to feel some pain in your legs or back. Same goes for working out. if you haven't gone to the gym in a while, you're going to have some muscles that probably haven't moved in a long time, and they're going to hurt for the first little bit. After the first day or two, if you haven't set any goals for yourselves, you and your partner may find yourselves on that couch, firing up Netflix and reaching for a bag of chips (as well as a bottle of muscle relaxants); ready to give up. But don't give up. Take out both of your phones, or a pen and some paper, and work together on setting some exercise goals that will at as motivators, and things to work towards!

When setting these workout goals, there's one big thing that you need to be careful of. Never suggest a part of your partner's body that you think needs to be worked on. Even if they ask you. Even if your partner says that they need to work on their stomach, their butt, their arms, or any other part of their body; you should never agree with that assessment of their body. Tell them that if those are areas that they want to work on, that's great, but that you love the way they look, and your exercising together isn't about not being happy with your bodies. It's about getting healthier, so that you can be better partners to one another. You'll be eating better for starters. You'll also be more focused, feel better about yourselves, and have more energy to do fun things like you used to do at the start of your relationship.

Start slow. Your first week, pick 2 days that both of you can go to the gym together. This might end up being the most that you can find in your schedule to work out together depending on how busy you both are, or you might eventually end up working out together 4 times a week, five times a week, or maybe even six. We hope that you will at least keep one night of the week set aside to relax though. Your body needs to relax sometimes, and your muscles are definitely going to need some recovery time at the start. Muscles that you didn't even know you had are going to be on fire in the early days.

So you have your 2 days set aside in your calendar. Now decide how long you're going to go for the first time. Maybe just a half hour to an hour. That's plenty when you're starting out.

Pain Becomes Pleasure

The first couple weeks of working out with your partner is going to hurt. Your muscles are still adjusting to the strain you're putting on them, but by working on side by side machines with your partner, when you see that the other is starting to get tired or fade, you can turn to them and give them an encouraging holler to 'keep going," that they're "doing great," or that you "love the way their butt bounces on the treadmill". Show that you're having a hard time too, but together, you can get through it!

Slowly but surely, your visits to the gym will start to feel less like visits to a medieval torture chamber, and more like a fun way to make your body feel good. You'll get those endorphins running on full throttle, and one day you'll find yourselves getting home, still full of energy, andincredibly sexy. Your journey from wanting to quit after one day, to undressing each other excitedly, and ready to put your newfound cardio to the test, will be a rewarding one, and one that will bring you so much closer to your partner.

The Gym Becomes Merely Your Warm-up

You and your partner are going to become such gym rats that it will no longer be the exhausting and painful chore that it once was. It will have fully transformed into just being your warm-up. The rowing machine won't be able to tire you out anymore. Your bedroom will be your new gym. You and your partner's bodies will have become each other's workout equipment. That sounds a little less romantic than we thought it would.

Benefits Beyond Your Relationship

Now that you're in better shape and feeling healthier, you're going to be so much more successful in life. You'll have more energy to put that a little extra bit of effort in at work. That little extra bit of effort on your side hustles. And you won't be as sedate as you were before. You'll be going out and doing things all the time. You be having new life experiences that you weren't interested in back when you were in your relationship cruise control. Going out and seeing new works of art that you wouldn't have otherwise will expand your horizons and imagination. You'll be able to wear nicer clothes, feel better about yourself, and people will definitely take notice of how driven you are compared to before.

How long have you been wanting to work on a project, but always came home from work exhausted, and just not having the energy to put in the time? Now's the time to push yourself further. To push yourself harder. To make your dreams a reality, so that you can both improve your quality of life, as well as your partner's. You're going to feel so good about the support that you and your partner gave each other through working out. Your confidence will begin to spill into it different parts of your lives.

And this is a bit of a downer, but if at some point your relationship comes to an end, the fact that you and your partner have worked out together, and encouraged each other to be as healthy and fit is possible; well that's only going to help you when it comes time to get back out there into the dating world. When you hit up the dating websites, you're not going to have to be as selective as you used to be. 'Out of your league' isn't a term that you're going to even think about anymore.  Together, you and your partner will have become better versions of yourselves. You'll be sad that the relationship has ended, but when you look back on your time together, and the struggles that you went through at the gym (and in the bedroom), you'll feel much more prepared to move on much quicker than you would have been before. You're going to feel better about yourself. You'll feel better about who you are in a relationship; knowing that you and your partner were able to achieve your goals together, and to support each other. And even though you're back out on the market looking for new partners, you'll feel confident that whoever you end up with next, is going to be very lucky to be with you.

So whether you and your partner stay together for the rest of your lives or not, isn't it better to think of a future where you didn't grow old together on a couch covered in chip crumbs and Cheetos dust?

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Why Working Out With Your Partner Is Good For Your Relationship - SoNaughty.com

If your relationship's made you a little flabby, SoNaughty.com looks at some of the reasons why working out with your partner is good for your relationship.

Why Working Out With Your Partner Is Good For Your Relationship - SoNaughty.com