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Tenga is hot, wild and has great shipping costs on all adult sex toys, including male masturbators and tons more. They have their tried and true products and they are thrilled to bring them to you.

Male Masturbators Are In Stock Right Now In The Sex Toys Collection At Tenga

  • High quality images to match the toy
  • Great website presentation
  • Get your shipments by the weekend


Lovense is a very prominent adult toy website that is bringing you nothing but the hottest and most sought after brands. You will find exactly what you need to get yourself off when you start shopping.

Get Your Ass Over To Lovense Right Now For Kickass Sex Toys

  • Find your new favorite sex toy
  • Discounts for new members
  • New products monthly


TooTimid knows when it is time to switch things up in the bedroom and they know what will help. Maybe you are tired of trying to pick up chicks every night and just want some loving. Well, they have a wide selection of male masturbator sex toys that are sure to get you off in no time with how real they feel. You won't need to hit the bar again.

TooTimid Has Nothing But The Best Sex Toys And Male Masturbators

  • Real feeling sex toys
  • Tested and safe items
  • Lowest rates possible


IntimateGadgets is a new high tech based adult toy store that internationally ships sex toys right to you. These are some of the most realistic feeling male masturbators you can find and you can get the hole designed to look like a vagina, mouth, butthole, and tons more! You can really have some fun with these sex toys!

If You Want Reliable Service With The Best Sex Toys Check Out IntimateGadgets

  • Feels like real skin
  • Wide selection of male masturbators
  • Tons of different styles available


BettysToyBox is an adult toy box that is filled with all your favorite sex toys. The moment you open it you will not be able to leave. It pulls you in. You can find the perfect male masturbators in a matter of seconds and they are so realistic feeling you won't be able to tell the difference!

There Is Nothing Sexier Than The Low Prices On Sex Toys At BettysToyBox

  • Male masturbators with realistic feel
  • Tons of additional sex toys
  • Find new favorites to add to your collection


UberKinky is sex at your fingertips. Start picking out the best sex toys that work for you and the moment you click purchase you know that those sex toys and male masturbators will be at your door in a matter of days. You could even grab expedited shipping and get them the next day!

Grab Yourself The Most Real Feeling Male Masturbator Adult Sex Toy On UberKinky

  • Realistic looking male masturbators
  • Vaginas, butt holes, and mouth designs are all available
  • Gift shipping available


CoolMaleSexToy is asking: why do you need a partner when you have some of the best sex toys and the best male masturbators around the internet? No more dealing with dating and spending money on dinners and movies. Now you get to have the fun with something just as good that won't nag you to take out the trash or stop snoring.

CoolMaleSexToy Has The Best Sex Toys And The Most Real Feeling Male Masturbators

  • Some of the best sex toys on the internet
  • Tons of different styles
  • Pocket-sized available


Members of NiteTimeToys benefit the most on this adult toy store. When you are a member, things like male masturbators and kinky sex toys are always on sale. Sign up is fast and easy and members get far better discounts. Tons of fun will be had when you get your cute butt over there and start shopping.

The Perfect Male Masturbator Adult Toy Is Waiting For You At NiteTimeToys

  • Find the best size for you
  • Lots of other sex toy options
  • Comfort and safety come first


Bondara is home to not only the hottest and widest collection of sex toys, but they also have an exclusive line of male masturbators including pocket pussies and fleshlights. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and feels. It really helps personalize the pleasure to your liking!

Tons Of Male Masturbator Sex Toys Are Ready To Ship At Bondara

  • Easy to clean up sex toys
  • Confidence boosting sex toys
  • Product guarantees satisfaction


JouJou has a fantastic selection of male masturbator sex toys and they know it. They also know their returning customers are always satisfied, not just with the product but with the prices, too. Once you stop by their site, you will not be able to leave. It's quite addicting.

JouJou Knows That Men Have Needs When It Cums To Male Masturbator Sex Toys!

  • Cleaning up is quick and easy
  • Easy sex toy assembly
  • Learn to last longer!

SoNaughty.com's Top Ten Best Male Masturbators Online

Finding yourself the best adult toy that works for you doesn't have to be a big deal! That is why SoNaughy has the top ten websites for male masturbators!

SoNaughty.com's Top Ten Best Male Masturbators Online