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Hey there! We'd like to start off by just saying congratulations on finding the most comprehensive list of sex forum sites on the internet. We know finding the best forums can feel like an impossible task, so we've done all the hard work for you. You'll find descriptions for the top ten sites for every category of sex forum you can think of, and we're willing to be some you probably haven't even thought of yet. Whatever type of forum you might be looking for, you'll find it here! If you came here hoping to find the most comprehensive list of sex forum sites on the internet then you came to the right place! SoNaughty has done all the hard work and found all the best forum sites just for you. And to make your time here even easier, we've organized all our favorite sites into easy to navigate lists. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Look, we know how tough it can be to find the perfect sex forum site. You never know which sites to trust, or if you're even talking to who you want to be talking to. On top of that, some sites just don't live up to the standard you might be expecting with your choice of forum. We wanted to find as many of the best sites as we possibly could, across as many different categories as we could find, just so you don't need to spend any more of your time frustrated with your own searches. So, if you're ready to stop the endless searching, scroll on down the page where you'll find our complete directory of the best sex forum sites on the internet.

And just in case you are new to the world of sex forums – or simply want to learn a little more about internet forums in general–we've included some background information you might find helpful. You'll learn about exactly what internet forums are all about, learn some of the basic terminologies you'll need to know, and what you might expect to encounter when you visit one of the sites we have listed. And don't forget, further down the page you'll find our entire directory of the best sex forum sites around. Enough chatting, let's begin!

Internet Forums 101


Let's start with the basics, shall we? Internet forums are websites where users can post messages and engage in conversations with other members. They are designed to encourage conversations about certain topics, and most of the time all the members of the forum share common interests that the forums are built around. These interests could be almost anything. Video games, sports teams, hobbies. Or, as is the case with our directory, these forums can be a common gathering place for people who share common sexual preferences. A lot of people that use forums like to post questions that they need help answering or something they would like an opinion on. Forums are also a great place to search for information as well. Because the posts are usually archived on the site, you can search back through previous posts and threads to see if what you are looking for has already been discussed.

There is a lot of jargon that forums use to describe various things, some examples of which you've already read in that previous paragraph. To help give you a head start on understanding how forums work and how to navigate them like a pro we've listed out the most common phrases and terms you'll probably come across. Once you get these terms down you'll be a pro in no time at all.

Threads: The most important part of any forum site is a thread. These are basically separate conversations or discussions that are posted by individual users. When you are ready to post something on forum site, you do so by creating a thread for that post and all of its responses. This could be a question to other members, a story you want to share, or s request for advice on a specific topic. By starting a thread you allow other members to post responses to your original post, and it allows you to also respond to your post or the responses you received from other members. Each thread is essentially a conversation between users, recorded one post at a time. If it helps to simplify things further, you can think of a thread as a conversation topic that you are hoping to discuss. A thread could contain a just few responses (like if you were asking for a specific URL to a site you wanted to check out) or it might contain hundreds of different responses as the thread is discussed by more and more of the forum users. Forums are built up of different threads in different categories, with new threads being posted constantly.

Posts: If threads are the cornerstones that all forum sites are built around, posts are the building blocks of those threads. Every thread starts with the original post (or OP for short). This would have been written by the creator of the thread and it is what users will read and respond to when they open the thread. As discussed in our thread definition, this original post could be a question, story, poll, request for information etc. Basically, it could be almost anything that has to do with the thread topic. Any time a user responds to the original post, they do so with a post of their own. The number of posts inside a thread will continue to increase as users continue to discuss the thread. A healthy forum community will be one where you see a lot of new posts across different threads. So take a look to see how often posts are made, and how many threads are active when you are thinking about signing up. You don't want to end up in a forum that no one posts in!

Categories: Categories are how the forums organize different topics for their users. So you'll be seeing a lot of different kinds on almost every forum site that you visit. These are usually displayed as a list and allow you to navigate to a part of the forum where other users are posting about that specific topic. Categories are the easiest way to find the perfect place to post about exactly what you are interested in inside each forum community. When it comes to sex forums you might see categories like BDSM, fetishes, or fantasies. Forum categories are the best place to go when you want to get a quick overview of the forum and the community that uses it. So when you first find yourself visiting a new forum, check out their category lists to find out if they'll be talking about the things you are interested in.

Sub-Forums: Inside each category you will come across a list of sub-forums (you might also call these sub-categories). These are basically ways that the forum site further organizes the discussions that happen between users. Depending on the size of the sex forum, you might only see one or two sub-forums–or none at all. But if you find yourself on one of the larger forum sites, being able to further narrow down the topic you want to discuss will make your time on the site much more enjoyable. Let's say, for example, that you want to start a conversation about BDSM sex on a sex forum site. You could easily navigate to the BDSM category and start a thread where you will get replies from other users who are interested in BDSM sex. But if your post was about a more specific topic that you wanted to discuss, say for example bondage techniques, you might not get the responses you are looking for. That is when sub-forums come into play, allowing you to post in a specific area where other members are talking about bondage techniques and where you are more likely to get the answers you were hoping for. And there are many levels of sub-forums, with each level becoming more and more specific to a given topic.

User Groups: User groups are ways that forum sites can organize their members. This is helpful as it creates a hierarchy of responsibilities and privileges among forum users. Each forum site might use their own terminology for different groups, but most will have some variation of the following: guest/visitor, member, moderator, and administrators. The first group–Guests–is pretty self-explanatory. When you first visit a forum site, and until you sign up for the site, you will be visiting as a guest. Most sites allow guests to view threads, browse through categories and sub-threads, and even view posts from members. But you will more than likely not be able to engage in any discussions or create posts of your own. Definitely, a good way to test the waters and see if you want to join a forum, but if you're looking to engage with other users you will have to sign up first. Once you sign up for the forum site you will become a Member. You will be able to create your own profile, send private messages, and create threads and posts. This category is where most users are sorted into and will allow you to enjoy the forum site to its fullest. The next two categories are forum members that have more specific roles and responsibilities. Moderators, as their name suggests, are there to moderate discussions and threads. They look out for any spam or inappropriate content and help to make sure that threads are kept on topic. They themselves are often very active members of the forum community and will often provide some of the best responses to posts and threads. Along with having all of the abilities of a normal member, moderators also have the ability to delete or move posts or threads, lock or edit threads, and even ban or suspend other users. Consider them the forum site managers, who are there to provide help and their expertise but also to make sure that members are following the rules and the forum is well maintained. If moderators are the managers in charge of the forum members are the content that is posted, Administrators are in charge of all the behind scenes operations of the site. Along with having the same abilities or moderators, they are also able to redefine and create forum categories and sub-forums, maintain backend databases, create and manage forum rules, and make announcements to members of the forum. Administrators are also responsible for promoting and managing moderators and other administrators. These members basically run the forums and make all of the bigger decisions when it comes to the operation of the forums.

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Here it is! the most comprehensive listing of the internet's best sex forum sites. We guarantee you won't find a more complete list anywhere on the internet. Through endless hours of research and testing we've managed to find and list our top 10 sites across 23 different categories, so no matter what kind of forum site you are looking for we are sure you will find it here. Yes, your math is correct. That's 230 different sex forum sites. Are you looking for the perfect forum to discuss your BDSM fetishes? Or do your sexual preference run a little more niche? Whatever you are into, or whatever kind of sexual orientation and sexual preference you might have there is a sex forum that is perfect for you. So get searching, and enjoy all the fun and excitement of the internet's best sex forum sites.

The Complete Sex Forum Sites Directory At SoNaughty.com

If you're looking for the complete list of sex forum sites on the internet then look no further! SoNaughty has found all the best forum sites just for you.

The Complete Sex Forum Sites Directory At SoNaughty.com