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There's one thing that keeps us travelling more than anything else. No, it isn't the culture and history, although we do love a good museum. And it isn't the food and drinks, although that did come in close second. The actual only thing that keeps us excited about visiting new cities in the US, Canada and UK is is: hookups! That's right, the thought of meeting new, sexy people in new cities at popular hookup spots is one of the most exciting aspects of traveling. And can you blame us? We love getting laid as much as the next person. And we're pretty sure if you really think about it, you'll realize that getting it on in a new city at a popular hookup bar or hookup club is exhilarating and totally makes or breaks a trip. And whether it's a business trip or personal trip, you can always find time for a great hookup! Now, we here at SoNaughty.com> want to help you make the best of your trips in the hookup department so we have created an ultimate directory for the US, UK, and Canada. Whether you've got a specific trip coming up or are just daydreaming about a potential vacation, this directory will help you out!

Evolution Of The Hookup Scene


Here's what we think: people have been hooking up since the dawn of time. Seriously! But if we're being more specific, each of these cities and countries have hookup scenes that can be traced back to the starts of towns and villages. And those towns turned into cities and then then those cities grew into what we know today. In general, the start of the hookup scene in each city is attributed too the opening of the first bar, pub, or saloon. Once those establishments were built and the liquor started flowing, the hookup scene truly became an actually "scene."

Worldwide Hookup Bars and Hookup Clubs: Directory


When it comes to building our directories, we scour individual cities to find the very best hookup bars, hookup clubs, and swinger clubs. We look at the basics like location and size and general condition of the venue to help determine if it makes our list. We also look at things that you may not consider, like atmosphere, cozy corners, drink specials, and music choices. Basically we don't leave a single stone unturned when it comes to our directories! That's how you know that each hookup bar, hookup club, and swingers bar that appears in this directory is the real deal and worth your visit.

The Best US Hookup Spots

America, land of the free and home of the hookup spot! That's right: while there are many things we love about the US, the best thing, in our humble opinion, are the hookup bars and hookup clubs. No matter whether we're visiting a charming southern city or a bustling metropolis, we can always have a great night out at a bar or club. We managed to travel to over 20 US cities for this directory but it barely even scratches the surface for all of the great hookup spots that the US offers! Check out some of our faves below.

Notable US Hookup Bars: The Blue Martini Lounge in Arizona; The Halo Lounge in Atlanta; Midnight Cowboy in Austin; The Brewer's Art in Baltimore; Eastern Standard in Boston; The Bar Below in Chicago; Arnold's Bar and Grill in Cincinnati; Round up Saloon in Dallas; Tracks in Denver; Anvil Bar and Refuge in Houston; The Chandelier Bar in Las Vegas; The Varnish in Los Angeles; The Palace in Miami; Bryant's in Milwaukee; Tiffany's Sports Bar in Minneapolis; Cloverleaf Tavern in New Jersey; Industry Bar in NYC; Ray's Happy Birthday Bar in Philly; The Solo Club in Portland; Menger Bar in San Antonio; San Diego Eagle in San Diego; The Saloon in San Francisco; The Misfit Bar in Santa Monica; The Bottlehouse in Seattle; Gaspar's Grotto in Tampa; Bar X in Utah; Off The Record in Washington DC.

Notable US Hookup Clubs: The Rhythm Room in Arizona; The Tongue and Groove in Atlanta; Yellow Jack Social Club in Austin; Bookmaker's Cocktail Club in Baltimore; The Alley Bar in Boston; Studio Paris Nightclub in Chicago; Energy Nightclub in Cincinnati; The Church in Dallas; The Front Porch in Denver; Crystal Nightclub in Houston; The Jewel Nightclub in Las Vegas; Lure Nightclub in Los Angeles; Story Nightclub in Miami; The Lucid Light Lounge in Milwaukee; Viking Bar in Minneapolis; The Den Nightclub in New Jersey; Marquee New York in NYC; The Roxxy in Philly; The Dirty Nightclub in Portland; 502 Bar in San Antonio; Fluxx Nightclub in San Diego; Double Dutch in San Francisco; The Room in Santa Monica; Neighbors Club in Seattle; Club Skye in Tampa; Club Sound in Utah; The 930 Club in Washington DC.

Now that was just a little taste of all of the great hookup spots that the US has to offer. Do you want to know more? Of course you do! We're pretty sure you want to visit all those clubs listed up there already but just you wait because we have even more hookup spots to recommend! You can head to the SoNaughty.com US homepage right here. Already know exactly what US city you want to learn more about?

The Best UK Hookup Spots

There's something very magical about the UK. And no, it isn't the rich, royal history. We instead like to think its because of all the great hookup bars and hookup clubs! For every historic castle in a UK city, we can name you even more hookup spots. And touring a castle is okay but it's only a hookup bar or club that offers you a sexy, flirty atmosphere, good for and drinks, and of course insatiable people to meet! Below we've listed some of the standout hookup spots we encountered:

Notable UK Hookup Bars: The Muddler's Club in Belfast; The Wellington in Birmingham; The Grace Bristol in Bristol; Tiny Rebel Cardiff; The Devil's Advocate in Edinburgh; The Pot Still in Glasgow; Brotherhood of Pursuits and Pastimes in Leeds; Navy Liverpool Bar in Liverpool; Bar Termini Soho in London; The Wharf in Manchester; Shark Club Gastro Bar in Newcastle; Tilt Cocktail Bar in Nottingham; The Fat Cat in Sheffield.

Notable UK Hookup Clubs: Taboo Belfast in Belfast; The Tunnel Club in Birmingham; Blue Mountain Club in Bristol; Fuel Rock Club in Cardiff; Electric Circus in Edinburgh; La Cheetah Club in Glasgow; The Viaduct Showbar in Leeds; Heebie Jeebies in Liverpool; Ministry of Sound in London; Cloud 23 Bar in Manchester; The Cosmic Ballroom in Newcastle; Bodega Social Club in Nottingham; The Viper Rooms in Sheffield.

Notable UK Swinger Clubs: The Pipeworks in Belfast; The Boltz Birmingham in Birmingham; Dare To Swing UK in Bristol; Chameleon's Swingers Club in Cardiff; After Eight Club in Edinburgh; CJ's Adult Parties in Glasgow; Spartan Spa Swinging in Leeds; X In The City in Liverpool; The Hellfire Club in London; Adam And Eve's Club in Manchester; Some Like It Hot in Newcastle; Atlantis Evolution in Nottingham; The Adult Party Place in Sheffield.

We don't know about you, but that is already getting us all excited about visiting the UK. We don't even mind that it isn't sunny all the time. After all, we're most likely to spend a lot of our time inside anyway... if you know what we mean!To get even more excited, you can go to the SoNaughty.com UK homepage by clicking right here.

The Best Canada Hookup Spots

Canada is a very special country. It may be most well known for silly things like maple syrup and poutine but we think that what this great country should really be known for is its great hookup spots. From the Atlantic provinces to the mountains out west, there are great Canadian cities with great hookup bars and hookup clubs just waiting to be discovered! We've listed some of our faves below:

Notable Canada Hookup Bars: The Ship and Anchor in Calgary; The Pint Downtown in Edmonton; The Foggy Goggle in Halifax; Eastside Bar and Grill in London; Blue Suede Sue's in Mississauga; Philemon Bar in Montreal; The Whiskey Bar in Ottawa; Bar Hop in Toronto; Guilt and Co in Vancouver; King's Head Pub in Winnipeg.

Notable Canada Hookup Clubs: Milk Tiger Lounge in Calgary; Prive Ultralounge in Edmonton; Pacifico in Halifax; The Wortley Roadhouse in London; Door FiftyFive in Mississauga; Bar Le Lab in Montreal; Mercury Loung in Ottawa; Crocodile Rock in Toronto; The Bimini Public in Vancouver; Palomino Night Club in Winnipeg;

Notable Canada Swinger Clubs: Twisted Element in Calgary; Evolution Wonderlounge in Edmonton; Reflections Cabaret in Halifax; Lavish Nightclub in London; Sugar Daddy's in Mississauga; Bar Le Stud in Montreal; Babylon in Ottawa; Woody's in Toronto; The Roxy Cabaret in Vancouver; Club 200 in Winnipeg.

We're sure you're already making your Canadian travel plans based solely on the bar names above but don't you want to know even more? Of course you do! You can head on over to the SoNaughty.com Canada homepage right here.

It's so fun and easy to explore all of the best hookup spots in the US, Canada and UK with SoNaughty.com!


Phew! That's a lot of information for one page... and we only just barely went over each country! Now comes the hardest part: how to decide which city in which country to visit. Our dream would be trying to visit every city in every country but, of course, that could take you a while! A more realistic goal would be to pick one city in each country to start with. We absolutely love exploring hookup spots in new cities and we hope that this directory inspires you as well. When it comes to the US, there are so many different cities and states to visit, each one with its own flavor and culture. The US's brother to the north, Canada, is equally as fun to visit and, of course, super friendly. And when you hop across the pond you make it to our favorite European country: the UK! To recap, here are some important links you'll want to remember before you start planning your next trip:

The Very Best Worldwide Hookup Spots

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