Up North: The Ultimate Guide To Hookup Spots In Canada


Listen, we all enjoy teasing Canada every now and then. However, we think it may be time to put our jokes aside and take Canada and everything it has to offer super serious. And what we mean by that, of course, is that we're serious about how great the hookup scene is in Canada! There may be a lot of snow in Canada but did you know there are just as many hookup bars and hookup clubs? Well now you do know! Each hookup spot is better and sexier than the last. And with multiple spots in each city, it would take you a very long time to make it to all of them! But that's okay. What really matters is that you go to at least a few and you have the time of your life. So what are you waiting for? Get out there already!

History of the Hookup Scene in Canada

Like hookup spots in other countries, the hookup spots in Canada got started as early as the first colonial settlements here. Because as soon as you put a group of people together without much to do other than work, they're going to keep busy somehow, right! The earliest bars were built in areas of Quebec and also Nova Scotia. That is where the hookup scene also thrived. And as soon as the west coast was explored, the scene moved west too.


Canada Hookup Bars and Hookup Clubs: Directory


We here at SoNaughty.com have worked tirelessly to bring you this ultimate directory of Canada hookup bars and Canada hookup clubs. We love Canada so much but the only thing we don't love is how far apart all of the major cities are. It makes it so much more difficult to visit each and every hookup spot! We recommend taking it slowly: city by city. You don't need to do it all at once, after all!

The Most Popular Hookup Bars In Canada

Of course there are many popular hookup bars in each and every Canadian city - too many to count, actually! After all, if there is one thing Canadians love to do, it's drink! We've highlighted some of our top choices and the most popular choices below:

THE SHIP AND ANCHOR: Ahoy mateys! The Ship and Anchor in Calgary is the place to go if you want to have great drinks and even better hookups. The bar is just enough of a pirate and ship theme without being touristy or gimmicky. Now that is OUR kind of pirate bar! We recommend trying their gin-based cocktails.

THE PINT DOWNTOWN: There are a lot of great bars in Edmonton but The Pint Downtown is definitely our top choice. This relaxed bar is super unpretentious, very relaxed and homey feeling, and always full of good singles looking to hook up and have a great time. Plus, there are always great drink specials, including 2 for 1 shot nights!

THE FOGGY GOGGLE: One of our fave things about this bar in Halifax is the name! The Foggy Goggle is just so much fun to say! Along with the name, the entire bar is a lot of fun. The bartenders feel like good friends after just a few minutes; the patrons are even friendly. Plus, the drinks are super delicious and strong!

EASTSIDE BAR AND GRILL: You may not think of London for great bars but Eastside Bar and Grill is here to prove you wrong! This bar has been voted the number one singles and hookup bar in the city many times over. After one visit you'll definitely see why! If you do go, be sure to check out the signature drinks menu; it's full of super tasty offerings.

BLUE SUEDE SUE'S: Another bar with a great name! Blue Suede Sue's in Mississauga is practically an institution. Not only has this bar been around for years but it is also one of the best bars to go to if you want to hear blues music. Locals and tourists alike flock to this bar for the great music and even better drink specials.

PHILEMON BAR: There are so many amazing bars in Montreal that it can be overwhelming trying to pick one favorite. However, we absolutely have to recommend Philemon Bar. This bar stands high above the rest for its super trendy and sleek decor, slightly upscale atmosphere, and unique cocktails. Be sure to try their signature Philemon—it's a rum based cocktail and so so good!

THE WHISKEY BAR: As the name suggests, The Whiskey Bar in Ottawa serves whiskey. They also serve other beverages like beers, wines, and other cocktails but, honestly, why would you go to a whiskey bar and not get whiskey? You can find whiskeys from all over the world here, including Tennessee whisky, bourbon, scotch, Irish whiskey and, of course, Canadian whiskey!

BAR HOP: Oh boy, how to describe Bar Hop in Toronto. This bar is...well, it's hopping! But seriously, if you're looking for one of the most fun bars in Toronto, this is it! But be warned: there are often long lines. If you're willing to spend a bit of extra money, try booking a VIP table in advance. Plus, that will be sure to impress any potential hookups!

GUILT AND CO: We are all about Guilt and Co. This Vancouver bar is sexy and sultry and the perfect place to bring a date or find someone to hookup up with. In fact, Guilt and Co is frequently voted one of the best hookup bars in all of Vancouver. That's likely do to the cozy atmosphere, dimmed lighting, and plenty of 2 for 1 drink specials!

KING'S HEAD PUB: Sometimes what we really want is a super casual British style pub and King's Head Pub in Winnipeg delivers just that. The tables and bar are plain and wood and there aren't a lot of decorations but what the bar lacks in ambiance it makes up for in a great beer selection and fantastic food.

The Most Popular Hookup Clubs in Canada

Just how there are too many hookup bars to count, there are also too many hookup clubs to count too! Seriously - there are multiple venues in every Canadian city and hundreds upon hundreds of cities! That may sound daunting but we've made it easy by listing the most popular below:

MILK TIGER LOUNGE: You may not think that Calgary is a happening city for night clubs but that is where you are wrong! There are many great clubs in Calgary, actually, and Milk Tiger Lounge is just one of them. We love the music and atmosphere at this night club. They are always playing the best electronic beats.

PRIVE ULTRALOUNGE: If you are looking for a night club to hit up in Edmonton, we highly recommend Prive Ultralounge. Of course there are many other night clubs that you can visit but at the very least you should go to Prive Ultralounge first. The music is dance worthy and loud and the drinks are cheap. What more could you want?!

PACIFICO: If you as a local in Halifax what their top night club recommendation is, likely they will say Pacifico. We were blown away by this hookup club when we first visited and we actually went back several times. If you are looking to really let loose and party in Halifax, this is the night club to do it at!

THE WORTLEY ROADHOUSE: London, Ontario has a lot going for it but maybe the best thing is The Wortley Roadhouse. This nightclub is located in the heart of the downtown area and always packed on Fridays and Saturdays. It may not be the fanciest of clubs but there are always singles looking to hook up and that's all that really matters sometimes!

DOOR FIFTYFIVE: Sometimes Mississauga gets looked over for Toronto but we are here to tell you that not only does Mississauga have great night clubs but they are maybe just as fun as Toronto night clubs! Case in point: Door Fiftyfive is the perfect spot to down cocktails and shots, dance up a storm, and maybe find someone to go home with.

BAR LE LAB: Pretty much everyone thinks of Montreal as a major party city. With so many night clubs to visit, how can we chose one favorite? Well, after one visit to Bar Le Lab, you'll see exactly why. This night club is equal parts sultry, adventurous, and fun. Plus there are always fantastic drink specials every night of the week!

MERCURY LOUNGE: Ottawa may be most popular for its government buildings and sexy Prime Minister but it should also be known for it's incredible night clubs - especially Mercury Lounge! This night club in Ottawa's trendy downtown district knows how to put on a good night. Time spent here won't soon be forgotten! Be sure to try one of their incredible signature cocktails!

CROCODILE ROCK: Crocodile Rock in Toronto is one of those nightclubs that you need to visit to truly appreciate. Basically its hard for us to put into words just how great this night club is. But we will say: it's always full of friendly people no matter what night of the week it is and the cocktails are never over-priced!

BIMINI PUBLIC: In a city as great as Vancouver there is no shortage of night clubs but take it from us, the one at the top of your list should be Bimini Public. This sleek and sophisticated night club provides a truly elevated experience in everything from the decor to the unique cocktails. Don't leave before trying the Bimini Bellini!

PALOMINO NIGHT CLUB: Winnipeg is known for many things and we hope that one of them is the Palominio Night Club! That's because this nightclub is maybe one of the best times that you can have in Winnipeg - maybe even all of Alberta! We love the cheap drinks and good company that can be found at this popular night club.

The Most Popular Swinger Clubs in Canada

Now there may be slightly less swinger clubs in Canada than there are hookup bars and hookup clubs but that doesn't mean there aren't still many to choose from! We've highlighted the best and most popular ones below:

TWISTED ELEMENT: Twister Element in Calgary is a super popular members only club. It specializes in kinky, erotic fetishes so you'll definitely find plenty of BDSM and torture play toys here! They have various theme nights so no matter what you are into, you can satisfy your curiosity at Twister Element. In order to attend events, you must be a member!

EVOLUTION WONDERLOUNGE: We are huge, huge fans of Evolution Wonderlounge in Edmonton. This members only swinger club has been around for decades. The owners truly want to bring a special and sexy swinging experience to the community and members love it so much they've been coming back for years and years. That's the sort of swingers club we like!

REFLECTIONS CABARET: This popular swingers club in Halifax focuses on the theatrics and flair of sex and fantasy. You'll find staff and members alike dressed up in frilly, velvety costumes. You may even think you accidentally fell onto the set of Moulin Rouge! You aren't required to dress up but it is part of the fun. We highly encourage it! Besides, you won't be leaving your clothes on for very long anyway.

LAVISH NIGHTCLUB: London has a small but mighty swinger club scene. They may lack a lot of options but what the city makes up for is super high quality, sexy members only clubs that people travel from miles and miles to attend. The events at Lavish Nightclub are super special and we can't recommend them enough! For new members, they host a welcome night once a month.

BAR LE STUD: For such a party city, it only makes sense that Montreal would also be a major sex city too. In fact, this is a city that loves to explore its sexuality and sensuality. Bar Le Stud is a perfect place for such explorations! We love their regular monthly events and specialty events. There is something for everyone at Bar Le Stud!

BABYLON: You know what they say: the harder you work, the harder you play. And since we know people in government and business tend to work extra hard, imagine how much extra fun Babylon must be. What we're trying to say is: this members only swinger club is an absolute must-visit for anyone heading to Ottawa.

WOODY'S: Not only does Woody's have a great name, it is also a pretty great members only club. This club features a lot of extra amenities that a lot of swinger clubs don't have, like private and group sauna rooms and shower rooms. There's nothing better than getting steamy and sweaty with your hookup! And we guarantee you won't be able to visit this club only once.

THE ROXY CABARET: The Roxy Cabaret in Vancouver is one of the city's most prestigious and longest running members only clubs. We love the vibe of this club and how great the members get along with each other. They are all super close, if you know what we mean!

CLUB 200: Club 200 got its name because when they opened, the owners were hoping to get 200 members. Now, after being open for many years, this members only swinger club boasts a membership list that is almost 5,000 members long. But don't worry, there are plenty of monthly events so it never feels too crowded!

Canada Hookup Spots: City by City Guide

Now that we've given you a little taste of the best that each city has to offer, it's time to really dig into each and every one of them. After all, you need to decide which are your top cities to visit first, right? Below you'll find a listing for each major Canadian city that we profiled, along with a hyper link to visit the main city page.

Canada Hookup Spots: Calgary

When you first think of Calgary, you may think about cowboy hats or the Stampede. Well, it's time to stop thinking about those first and think about sex clubs first instead! And why? Well, because Calgary has an incredible sex club scene, that's why! For as long as there has... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Edmonton

What do you think of when you think of Edmonton? Likely it isn't a rocking sex club scene. However, you will be surprised to learn that that is one of the best things Edmonton has going for it! We love any city that has a sexy, sultry scene so naturally... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Mississauga

Many people might not realize how fantastic Mississauga is as it often gets overlooked for Toronto, which is right next door. However, we are here to tell you that Mississauga is just as awesome as Toronto, especially when it comes to swingers clubs and BDSM events! There are a lot... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Montreal

Montreal is a sleek and sophisticated city so of course the Montreal sex club scene is no different. This is a city that offers up luxurious and speciality experiences for all sorts of kinks and fetishes, from swinging to BDSM and everything in between. Montreal is also home to some... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Ottawa

We love Ottawa for all of its political history but we love it even more for its incredible sex club scene! Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is a business and political hotspot. People work hard, often in government, which means they tend to play just as hard. The very first... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Toronto

Toronto is a world class city with a world class sex club scene. It's worthy of your undivided attention as you explore everything the scene has to offer! Toronto was one of the first Canadian cities to be founded when settlers first started arriving in Canada. However, the sex club... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Vancouver

Vancouver is the sort of city that has a lot going on and it can be a little overwhelming at first. Whether you're in the city for business, as a tourist, or live there, you need to know all the best places to let loose and have a good time!... Read more.

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What did we tell you: Canada is no joking matter! Of course, some of the hookup bars and hookup clubs may be fun and inspire some laughter but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be taking the scene seriously! Canada is a serious contender for having some of the best bars and clubs in the world. We're sure after reading through our selections, you are likely agreeing.

The Best Hookup Spots In Canada

There may be a lot of snow in Canada but did you know there are just as many Canadian hookup bars and hookup clubs? Explore the top hookup spots with SoNaughty.

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