Explore Merry Old England: The Best Hookup Bars and Hookup Clubs in the UK

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The UK has so much going on it's impossible to see it all in one trip. And we're not even talking about the regular tourist things like visiting castles or museums! Nope, all we're focusing on are all of the great hookup spots located throughout the UK. And trust us: there are a ton! That is one of the things that makes us love the UK even more. Sure, history and culture are great but actually there can be a lot of history and culture to explore at UK hookup bars and UK hookup clubs too, if you think about it!

History of the Hookup Scene in the UK

The UK is one of the oldest cities in Europe so of course it has just as old a hookup scene! The very first hookup bars and clubs can be traced back to the first pubs opening. Some of the pubs in the UK were built as early as the 800s! That is crazy old! Of course, not all of these original buildings are still standing but you can still visit bars and clubs that are still over 800 years old! Just imagine all the crazy awesome hookups those bars have seen!


UK Hookup Bars and Hookup Clubs: Directory


We here at SoNaughty.com have worked hard to provide you with this ultimate UK hookup spot directory. We are hoping that with these suggestions you won't find yourself feeling too overwhelmed when you are planning a trip! And no matter where you are going in the UK, you can always find a fantastic hookup spot. That's what is so great about the UK! Before we list each individual city page, we've highlighted our top hookup bar, hookup club, and swinger club location in each major city:

The Most Popular Hookup Bars In the UK

THE MUDDLER's CLUB: The Muddler's Club in Belfast is one of our fave spots in all of the UK. Shh, just don't tell all the other hookup bars, okay? This bar is low-key, relaxed, and always full of the best people looking to have a really good time. We also love the extensive beer menu and tasty nibbles!

THE WELLINGTON: People may not think of excellent bars when they think of Birmingham but that is all about to change with The Wellington! This traditional bar is the perfect place to hit up after work or a long day for a nice pint of beer or cider. The bartenders are friendly and there are always great drink specials on the go.

THE GRACE BRISTOL: If you happen to find yourself in Bristol, we advise that you head to The Grace immediately. Seriously, no matter what time of day you hit up this fantastic cocktail bar, there are always fun people to meet and drink specials to enjoy.

TINY REBEL CARDIFF: Looking for a fun and flirty bar in Cardiff? Well, Tiny Rebel is the bar for you! Like the name suggests, it's on the tiny sized but what it lacks in floor space it makes up for in fantastic cocktails and great ambiance. Don't forget to try the signature martini!

THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE: Edinburgh has a lot of history that should be explored but the history can wait. Why? Because first you need to go to The Devil's Advocate! This cocktail bar has been one of the most popular spots in the city for years and it just keeps getting better and better!

THE POT STILL: The Pot Still in Glasgow looks like your typical bar but what makes it extra special are the great staff and patrons. One visit to The Pot Still and you'll feel like you've found best friends for life. And maybe even friends with benefits!

BROTHERHOOD IN PURSUITS AND PASTIMES: People travel from all across England to visit Brotherhood in Pursuits and Pastimes in Leeds. This hookup spot is part bar, part recreational activities, and all fun. Grab some drinks and snacks and play some rounds of pool or darts - the perfect way to meet new people!

NAVY LIVERPOOL BAR: Navy Liverpool Bar is popular for many reasons but the biggest is the location. This bar has a spectacular view of the water and a giant patio. We can't think of anything better than sipping on a cocktail while looking over the harbour. Go see for yourself; you won't be disappointed!

BAR TERMINI SOHO: London is not only a massive city but it has a lot of bars too; sometimes it feels like there is a bar on every corner! So how do you choose? Well, we recommend starting with Bar Termini Soho. This upscale cocktail bar in Soho is a great spot to relax, sip a drink, and chat up a local hottie.

THE WHARF: We love visiting Manchester because it is one of the friendliest cities in all of the UK! And The Wharf is one of the best bars to hookup with those super friendly people. The Wharf is a chill and relaxing bar that specializes in local beer and ciders. You'll want to stay all night so you can sample every one!

SHARK CLUB GASTRO BAR: Shark Club Gastro Bar in Newcastle is the perfect bar to hit up on a Friday or Saturday night. But be warned: this popular spot is often packed! We, however, think it's worth it for the drinks, chilled atmosphere, and good vibes.

TILT COCKTAIL BAR: If you are wanting to find the coolest cocktail bar in all of Nottingham, there is only one choice: Tilt Cocktail Bar. This super popular bar is always packed no matter what night it is and that is because of the incredible unique cocktails. You won't find any plain old gin and tonics on this menu!

THE FAT CAT: We have some sad news for cat lovers: there are no actual fat cats at this popular Sheffield pub. There are, however, tasty - and strong! - drinks, fun and flirty people to get to know, and a super relaxed atmosphere.

The Most Popular Hookup Clubs in the UK

TABOO BEFLAST: Looking for the loudest and most rocking night club in Belfast? Well, that would be Taboo Belfast! This night club is a staple for locals; ask them where they like to go on a Friday or Saturday night and they'll surely say Taboo! The music is a mix of dance and electric and the drinks are affordable - what more could you want!

THE TUNNEL CLUB: The Tunnel Club in Birmingham is an older nightclub but don't let that fool you: this spot is still one of the most popular hookup clubs in the entire city. After all, it's been around for decades so of course they know how to show their patrons a good time!

BLUE MOUNTAIN CLUB: We love quirky clubs that play unique music and Blue Mountain Club in Bristol delivers just that! You won't here your typical chart toppers or pop tracks here; instead, they bring in acts and DJs from all around the world. Along with the fabulous music, you can enjoy delicious drinks at a fair price.

FUEL ROCK CLUB: There are a lot of night clubs in Cardiff that deserve your attention but we think that the very first one you should visit is Fuel Rock Club. This popular spot has been entertaining locals and tourists alike for years and they are showing no signs of slowing down!

ELECTRIC CIRCUS: After a long day of exploring the history of Edinburgh, you might be tempted to relax and take it easy. For those more adventurous and wiling to rally, we suggest Electric Circus! This club will provide you with a night you won't soon forget.

LA CHEETAH CLUB: Glasgow has a lot going for it and one of the best things is their most popular and best club La Cheetah Club. This night club has been serving up great music and cheap drinks for decades so that's how you know it's a good choice!

THE VIADUCT SHOWBAR: We love The Viaduct Showbar in Leeds because it is still flying under the radar. Only the coolest people seem to know about it right now - us included! - and that is just the way we like it. More room on the dance floor for us!

HEEBIE JEEBIES: Along from a fun name, Heebie Jeebies in Liverpool offers up fun in even more ways. The music is always loud and popping; the drinks are a great price; and there are always plenty of single locals and tourists looking for a good time.

MINISTRY OF SOUND: It's admittedly hard to choose just one night club in London. After all, there are just so many! However, Ministry of Sound is a staple in the London nightlife scene and will continue to entertain patrons for years to come, we imagine.

CLOUD 23 BAR: One of the best things about Cloud 23 in Manchester is the incredible night views of the city. The second best thing about Cloud 23 are all of the sexy singles that are attracted to this view. After one visit you'll see why this is the most popular hookup club!

THE COSMIC BALLROOM: We are always suckers for great names and we have to admit that The Cosmic Ballroom had us at hello. However, we fell in love even more after experiencing the great music, flirty patrons, and cheap drinks. We like to think the universe provided us with this excellent night club!

BODEGA SOCIAL CLUB: For any New Yorkers reading, nope the Bodega Social club in Nottingham has nothing to do with a corner shop! What this Nottingham bar does have to do with, however, are strong drinks at great prices, friendly patrons looking for a good time, and loud music you can't help but dance to!

THE VIPER ROOM: Sheffield isn't necessarily known for its night clubs but we are about to change that with The Viper Room. This night club is one of the highest rated in the entire region and after one visit you'll totally see why!

The Most Popular Swinger Clubs in the UK

THE PIPEWORKS: It's not super easy to find swinger clubs in Belfast so when we do, we hold on to it dearly. Luckily The Pipeworks is actually a great members only club so we have no problems visiting it when we're in town. The venue is spacious and clean, the members are inviting, and you'll always feel safe to explore!

THE BOLTZ BIRMINGHAM: Looking for a sassy, sultry members only club in Birmingham? Look no further than The Boltz! This super popular spot attracts swingers, exhibitions, voyeurs - pretty much anyone looking for a sexy night out. They host multiple monthly events so there is literally something for everyone!

DARE TO SWING UK: This popular swinger club in Bristol just has one request: that you dare to be adventurous and explore your deepest, darkest desires and kinks. Dare to Swing UK is all about providing a spectacular swinging experience no matter if you're new to the lifestyle or not!

CHAMELEON'S SWINGERS CLUB: Chameleon's Swingers Club in Cardiff is all about providing its members with a safe and discreet environment to get it on and discover new fetishes and kinks. There are multiple theme events each month; we especially love the costume role play nights!

AFTER EIGHT CLUB: Edinburgh has a few swinger clubs to choose from and even though we love them all, After Eight Club is definitely up there as one of our faves. It is also the most popular in the city and boasts a large membership base!

CJ'S ADULT PARTIES: Just who is CJ? We have no idea! But we absolutely love the incredible sex parties that their members only club puts on. They are perfect for having fun, exploring new fetishes, and hooking up. CJ's has multiple parties every week so you can always find something going on.

SPARTAN SPA SWINGING: Spartan Spa Swinging brings something new to swinger clubs: a steamy, sultry spa atmosphere. That's right, along with large play rooms, you can also find shared and private saunas and shower rooms at this popular Leeds hookup members only club! It's super handy because you can definitely work up a sweat in the playroom and it's nice to get clean afterward.

X IN THE CITY: If you find yourself in Liverpool, be sure to join this popular members only club immediately. X in the City is all about providing its members with an unforgettable hookup sex party experience. We love their Wednesday hump-day events!

THE HELLFIRE CLUB: Naturally a city like London has piles and piles of sex clubs to choose from. And we suggest that you definitely try as many as possible! However, the very first one has to be The Hellfire Club. This members only club provides both discretion and luxury.

ADAM AND EVE'S CLUB: Adam and Eve's Club is a specialty members only club located in the outskirts of Manchester. They host regular sex parties but they always have a specific theme. Adam and Eve's Club is known for it's incredible role play and costume parties. Those are the best kinds of hookup clubs if you ask us!

SOME LIKE IT HOT: We are always big fans of good names and Some Like It Hot is maybe one of the best members only club names we've ever seen! For the members of this swinger club in Newcastle, they definitely DO like it hot. And naked!

ATLANTIS EVOLUTION: Nottingham has a lot of rich history, sure, but what gets us really excite about this city are fantastic hookup spots like Atlantis Evolution. This members only club provides a clean and safe environment so you feel free and open to explore your sexuality and desires.

THE ADULT PARTY PLACE: The Adult Party Place in Sheffield offers up the best kind of adult party: the sexy kind! We also love the mindset of thinking of hooking up like a party because, really, it should be just as fun. And hopefully involve cake!

UK Hookup Spots: City by City Guide

Now that you've gotten a taste of how great the hookup spots are in various UK cities, it's time to really dive in! Because of course there is more than one bar and club in each city and you should make time to explore as many as possible! Below you will find a link to each major city that we profiled.

UK Hookup Spots: Belfast

You may not be thinking that Belfast is an optimal city for hooking up in, but that is where you are wrong! This UK city has incredible bars and a super laid back atmosphere, making it perfect for meeting new people and having a great time. Belfast is one of... Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Birmingham

Birmingham may be the last place you think of when you think of fun UK cities to visit. However, we hope that this listing changes your mind. That is because there are actually a lot of great hookup bars and clubs in this awesome city! And we'll be honest with... Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Bristol

Bristol has been many times voted one of the best UK cities to live. So it makes sense that it would also have a great selection of hookup bars and clubs to enjoy too! Bristol is located on a river that feeds into the Bristol Channel. It grew as a... Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Cardiff

Cardiff is one of the most charming cities in the UK! And just as charming are the incredible people you'll meet at all of the fabulous bars and clubs that this fine city has to offer. If you haven't hooked up with a Welsh person yet, we highly recommend it... Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Edinburgh

Scotland has a lot to offer but one of the very best things is the great city of Edinburgh. We love all of the history in the city, of course. There are so many historic sites and buildings to explore. But what we love even more than this is Edinburgh's... Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Glasgow

It's always a tossup between which is the better city in Scotland: Glasgow or Edinburgh. And while we do love both equally, there is something super awesome and special about Glasgow. We hope you enjoy exploring the bars and clubs like we did! Glasgow is a historic city in Scotland... Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Leeds

There are so many incredible UK cities that sometimes it's easy to overlook some of them. Leeds is one of those cities. People often pick cities like London or Cardiff or Edinburgh before the would think to visit Leeds. However, we think that Leeds is worth being on the top... Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Liverpool

There are so many great cities in the UK, but Liverpool should be at the top of your list of must-see cities. It has so much to offer, especially when it comes to clubs and bars! It's also a beautiful city to explore and features some fantastic architecture. Plus, with... Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: London

London is not only one of the greatest cities in the UK, but one of the greatest cities in the world. The city is steeped in so much incredible history and culture, it only makes sense that the bars and clubs would be equally as impressive. And they are! London... Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Manchester

We have a lot of fave British cities, but Manchester definitely ranks up there in the top three. This city has a lot of great neighbourhoods to explore, each one with a different assortment of bars and clubs just waiting to be visited. Manchester has so much to offer that... Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Newcastle

Newcastle is more than just a picturesque northern city where everyone has a funny accent. Yes, this city is fantastic to stroll through, for the great views and bridges. However, the nightlife scene is just as great to explore. Newcastle was founded as a traveling and fishing city in the... Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Nottingham

When you think of Nottingham, your first thought might be Robin Hood. However, we're hoping after you visit and make your way through some of the hookup bars and clubs on our list, you'll think of Nottingham in a completely new light. A fun and sexy light, that is! Nottingham... Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Sheffield

Sheffield is one of our favorite cities in the Midlands! It is a smaller city, but it has so much to offer in terms of nightlife and culture. In fact, there are so many great bars and restaurants in Sheffield that it would take you a very long time to... Read more.

Find the best UK hookup spots with the SoNaughty directory!

Like we said: the UK has a lot of more going for it than simply castles and museums. In fact, we would maybe argue that these hookup spots are even more fun than your typical museum or castle. And even if you find yourself taking a business trip to the UK rather than a vacation, you should still make some time to hit up some of the aforementioned hookup spots! After all, what better way to unwind after a long day of meetings and work than with a sexy hookup, right? Right! To recap, here are some important links to remember:

Explore The Best UK Hookup Spots And More

The UK has a lot of more going for it than only castles and museums, like hookup bars! Check out the SoNaughty directory for hookup spots in major cities.

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