The Majestic United States of America: Exploring The Best US Hookup Spots


America: beautiful, brave, and full of some of the best and most exciting hookup spots! No matter what state you are visiting and no matter what city you're in, you can always find a fantastic hookup spot, whether it be a bar or club. We haven't actually counted but we're pretty sure that the US may have the most hookup bars and hookup clubs. And we definitely aren't complaining! We just wish we had time to visit each and every one. Instead we'll just have to live vicariously through all of our readers so make sure you start hitting up these clubs!

History of the Hookup Scene in the US

Colonists started settling in the US in the 1600s. That may seem like a long time ago but in the grand scheme of things, it actually wasn't! And as soon as colonists started building homes, they also built pubs and saloons. And when the pubs and saloons were built, that kicked off the hookup scene at full force!


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We know there are a lot of hookup spots across the US. So we here at SoNaughtyput together this directory to help with your trip planning. Now, we haven't yet visited every city (that would take a long time!) but we have created pages for many fantastic US cities. Check out the most popular US hookup bars, hookup clubs, and swinger clubs below!

The Most Popular Hookup Bars In the US

THE BLUE MARTINI LOUNGE: Oh wow, what to say about this incredible hookup bar. First of all, it really is the best and most popular in the entire state of Arizona. Second of all, the drinks are incredible and very affordable!

THE HALO LOUNGE: The Halo Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia is one of those bars that can sometimes have lines outside on a Friday night. However, it is well worth the wait in line because once you're inside, you'll have the best night ever!

MIDNIGHT COWBOY: If you're looking for a good time in Austin that also involves cowboy hats and mechanical bull riding, well you are in luck because Midnight Cowboy serves up just that, plus plenty of more fun!

THE BREWER'S ART: Are you a beer lover? Well, then The Brewer's Art in Baltimore is the bar for you! They specialize in local and craft brews and change up the menu often. That means pretty much every time you visit you can sample a brand new beer.

EASTERN STANDARD: Pretty much every local in Boston will tell you that the very best bar in the city is the Eastern Standard. And we agree! This bar is a great spot to pick up a flirty single and have excellent cocktails.

THE BAR BELOW: If you visit Chicago without hitting up The Bar Below, have you even really visited Chicago? Definitely make time in your trip to grab a drink or two at this local hotspot!

ARNOLD'S BAR AND GRILL: Who is Arnold? Nobody knows! But we're glad he opened this fabulous bar in Cincinnati. We love its low-key vibe, cheap drinks, and great company. It's the sort of place you feel immediately at home in!

ROUND UP SALOON: We have a soft spot for western and cowboy themed bras and Round Up Saloon serves up just that! Enjoy special square dancing or line dancing nights or try out their mechanical bull. Cowboy hats aren't mandatory but they are recommended!

TRACKS: Tracks in Denver is another super casual, laid back kind of bar. It's the sort of place where you find a good spot along the bar and sip on a beer or whisky straight while chatting up a friendly local.

ANVIL BAR AND REFUGE: Looking for the hippest bar in Houston? Well, look no further than Anvil Bar and Refuge! This local hotspot has it all: signature cocktails, great fun, and sexy locals and tourists looking for a good time.

THE CHANDELIER BAR: Las Vegas is a glitzy, outrageous city so of course the bar that we recommend above all the rest is just as glitzy and outrageous. If you are looking for the classic "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" night, you'll get it at The Chandelier Bar!

THE VARNISH: There are a ton of hip, awesome bars in Los Angeles, we're not going to lie. However, there is at least one that rises slightly above the rest. And that would be, of course, The Varnish! Be sure to check out their drink specials!

THE PALACE: Miami is a hot city so it makes sense that the bars would be hot, hot, hot! And we mean the sexy kind of hot, although it does get actually hot too of course! The Palace is one of our fave sultry, sexy, bars in all of Miami!

BRYANT'S: If there is one thing Milwaukee has a lot of, it's bars. However, if you were going to visit just ONE bar, we would absolutely have to recommend Bryant's. The drinks are cheap and it's such a great time!

TIFFANY'S SPORTS BAR: The thing we love most about Tiffany's Sports Bar in Minneapolis is how relaxed and homey it is. The second you walk in, you'll feel right at home! Plus, the drinks are cheap and there are always great specials.

CLOVERLEAF TAVERN: Cloverleaf Tavern in New Jersey is the sort of Tavern you go to if you want a no-fuss, super chill sort of evening. No one will be dressed up here but everyone will be having a great time and that's all that matters!

INDUSTRY BAR: Listen, it's not easy picking a best or the most popular bar in all of NYC but we think we're pretty close with Industry Bar. This hookup spot is super popular, has great drink specials, and even better patrons!

RAY'S HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAR: What we love so much about Ray's Happy Birthday Party Bar in Philly is how happy it always is! It really does feel like it's someones birthday every night of the week.

THE SOLO CLUB: The Solo Club in Portland is anything but solo! This is the perfect bar to meet new people and hookup. So we guess in that regard you may arrive "solo" but you definitely won't leave solo!

MENGER BAR: Menger Bar is located in the super posh Menger Hotel. Even if you can't ever afford to stay in the hotel, you can have a lot of fun at the bar instead! The drinks are fabulous and the ambience is even better.

SAN DIEGO EAGLE: Looking for the best time in San Diego? Well the "eagle" has landed at San Diego Eagle! We are quite certain that if you visit this bar it will quickly become your absolute fave San Diego bar.

THE SALOON: San Francisco is a city that loves to relax and socialize so it makes sense that there are a ton of great bars. We thought about it and we're fairly certain that The Saloon is not only one of the most popular, but one of the best!

THE MISFIT BAR: Calling all misfits! The Misfit Bar in Santa Monica is calling to you. There are weekly drink specials, theme nights, tasty snacks, and best of all: singles love to flock here. What are you waiting for?

THE BOTTLEHOUSE: Seattle really knows how to provide a relaxing, low-key bar experience and The Bottlehouse is the perfect example of this. Sample craft beers and local wines in their comfy seats and just get comfy!

GASPAR'S GROTTO: Tampa is another city that always makes us thing of heat, vacation, and partying! Get your fix of all three at Gaspar's Grotto. This bar has everything, even little umbrellas to put in your drink!

BAR X: Utah may technically be a dry state but that doesn't mean that there aren't great bars! In fact, Bar X is up there as one of our all time fave bars. Sample some locally made beer and get to know some flirty locals at this bar!

OFF THE RECORD: Washington DC is a city that is always on the go. Businessmen and government officials love relaxing at Off The Record after a long day at work. Don't forget to try the drink specials!

The Most Popular Hookup Clubs in the US

THE RHYTHM ROOM: Hey Arizona, do you love to dance? Well, then The Rhythm Room is the place for you! This night club will absolutely have you grooving all night long.

THE TONGUE AND GROOVE: For a rocking not soon to be forgotten night in Atlanta, try partying at The Tongue and Groove. It's always full of fun, flirty singles and the drinks are cheap!

YELLOW JACK SOCIAL CLUB: Yellow Jack Social Club has been a staple of the Austin nightlife scene for years. Often there is a long line outside but it's totally worth the wait!

BOOKMAKER'S COCKTAIL CLUB: For a slightly more upscale and subdued night club experience, we highly recommend Bookmaker's Cocktail Club in Baltimore. Treat yourself to a signature cocktail and groove to the chill music.

THE ALLEY BAR: Okay, so it's not actually in an alley but that is okay! The Alley Bar in Boston is a local fave for the great drink specials, loud music, and multiple dance rooms!

STUDIO PARIS NIGHTCLUB: Evoke the coolness and absolute timeless class of Paris at the Studio Paris Night club. This one is a special one so make sure you visit it on your Chicago trip!

ENERGY NIGHTCLUB: Warning: make sure you have a lot of energy before you visit Energy Nightclub in Cincinnati. This night club will keep you on your feet and moving all night long!

THE CHURCH: Have you prayed this week? Better spend night at The Church in Dallas so you can atone for all of those sins! This night club in Dallas is an obvious fave for the religious decor and themed drinks.

THE FRONT PORCH: The Front Porch in Denver is the sort of relaxing, super chill night club. Don't let the name fool you, though: there is actually no porch! Instead, there are multiple dance rooms and good vibes all around.

CRYSTAL NIGHTCLUB: You'll sparkle like a diamond at Crystal Nightclub in Houston! We absolutely love this fun and flirty hookup spot. There is always fun music playing and unique cocktails to drink!

THE JEWEL NIGHTCLUB: Of course a city like Las Vegas is known for it's incredible nightclubs and The Jewel Nightclub is no exception. You'll have the time of your life here so don't miss out!

LURE NIGHTCLUB: Let this sexy, sultry Los Angeles club absolutely "lure" you in. You won't be able to resist it's siren call, in the form of flirty singles and great drink specials!

STORY NIGHTCLUB: If there is one thing Miami is known for, it's rocking night clubs! However, one of the best that absolutely needs to be visited is Story Nightclub. This one has, in our opinion, the best drinks and ambiance!

THE LUCID LIGHT LOUNGE: The Lucid Light Lounge in Milwaukee is the sort of night club that will make you feel anything but lucid! You'll feel like you're in a dream with the hazy lighting, cool music, and delectable drinks!

VIKING BAR: Calling all vikings! Nah, we're just kidding. Despite the name, this isn't actually a viking themed night club. However, it does invoke the spirit and majesty of the viking era.

THE DEN NIGHTCLUB: The Den Nightclub is the sort of nightclub where, no matter what night of week it is, you can always find eager and willing singles looking to hookup.

MARQUEE NEW YROK: Oh wow, how do we pick one best, most popular night club in NYC? It was hard but we finally settled on Marquee New York. This night club has the best music and drink specials!

THE ROXXY: If you ever visit Philly, you absolutely HAVE to hit up The Roxxy. This nightclub is an institution, having entertained locals and tourists alike for decades!

THE DIRTY NIGHTCLUB: The Dirty Nightclub isn't actually physically dirty (thank goodness!) but it is a dirty night out in Portland - the good kind of dirty, if you know what we mean.

502 BAR: If you're in San Antonio and looking for a cool night club that plays house and trance music, 502 Bar is the bar for you! We love dancing up a storm here.

FLUXX NIGHTCLUB: Fluxx Nightclub is hands down the very best nightclub in all of San Diego. We love the incredible music, fantastic sound and light system, and super friendly patrons!

DOUBLE DUTCH: Having a night out in San Francisco? Be sure to hit up the super popular Double Dutch! They are known for their weekly double drink specials so be sure to take advantage of them!

THE ROOM: Santa Monica has a lot of great nightclubs and this brand new one is quickly becoming one of the most popular. Regulars love The Room for it's relaxed ambience and unique cocktails!

NEIGHBORS CLUB: You may not think of night clubs when you think of Seattle, but you absolutely should! Mostly because Neighbors Club is such a great time we don't want you to miss out on it!

CLUB SKYE: Tampa is a city with countless nightclubs. However, one rises above the rest as having the best music and drink specials and that is Club Skye!

CLUB SOUND: Club Sound in Utah is absolutely not to be missed! As the name suggests, it's all about great music at this night club but the drinks are also pretty great too!

THE 930 CLUB: People in Washington DC work hard so obviously they play hard. And one place they love playing the hardest is The 930 Club.

US Hookup Spots: City by City Guide

Now that we've given you a little taste of what each city has to offer, don't you feel yourself wanting to learn more? We're pretty sure the answer is YES! Each of our city pages gives you information about the city and lists multiple hookup bars and hookup clubs, each one reviewed personally by our attentive team!

US Hookup Spots: Arizona

If you are a single individual and you live in the state of Arizona, you may want to check out the compiled list of Hookup Spots Arizona offers, especially, if you have a difficult time finding individuals to connect with. If you are sick and tired of dating or hooking... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Atlanta

You don't have to search for the right hookup spots to find someone anymore. We have discovered through research the Atlanta hookup spots where people can instantly hook up with people that they are attracted to. On SoNaughty, you will be able to view the list of possible hookup spots... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Austin

Sixth Street in Austin, Texas is one of the best places where you can find hookup clubs and bars. Austin, Texas has a history of being the place where live music and other entertainment is loved by the residents and visitors alike. If you are a single person and want... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Baltimore

If you want to connect with someone, you can visit the city of Baltimore. If you are a resident, then all the better. In the city, women outnumber the men. However, this is usually normal in most cities around the world. For every 100 men, there are roughly 125 women... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Boston

When some people think of Boston they may think of the Boston Tea Party or other historical things. That's all fine but when WE think of Boston, we think of fantastic nightlife. History is great and all, but nothing is better than the perfect hookup bar, right? Right! For as... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Chicago

When you think of Chicago, you probably think of one thing first: deep dish pizza. Of course, because it's delicious! However, we want you to also think of something else when you think of Chicago: hookup bars. We're pretty sure after reading through this directory you'll definitely be in a... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Cincinnati

Cincinnati is the sort of city that you don't always think about at first when you're planning a trip. However anyone who has actually BEEN to this gorgeous city knows just how incredible it is from firsthand experience. Cincinnati is a great city because of all the amazing hookup bars... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Dallas

There are a lot of great cities in Texas, but Dallas is definitely up there as one of our favorites. There is so much to see and do in this great city but what excites us most are all of the great hookup bars, clubs, and swingers clubs. Seriously, Dallas ... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Denver

The city of Denver is one of the ideal places where you can tell that the best hookup spots exist, especially if you are single and looking for someone. Denver is the ideal place to meet someone and get hooked in no time. There are a lot of people relocating... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Houston

We love pretty much every city in Texas we've been able to profile. They are all winners in our hearts. But if we did have to pick a few favorites, Houston would definitely top all the lists! Whether you are new to the city and just visiting for a short... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Las Vegas

When you say the Entertainment Capital, you have to think about Las Vegas. That is what it is called. Las Vegas attracts tons of single people from all over the world that come there for different reasons. There are tons of bars, nightclubs, swinger's clubs and casinos to visit. Anything... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Los Angeles

Los Angeles, sometimes called La La Land, is a city that people often dream of moving to someday! You may not be able to move there but you can at least visit. And with our ultimate list of hookup bars and hookup clubs, you can have the best time during... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Miami

Miami! We love Miami. Will Smith loves Miami. Who doesn't love Miami, right? Well, you'll love Miami even more after you read through our list of the top hookup bars, clubs, and swingers clubs! While the city of Miami was officially founded in the late 1800s, people had been settling... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Milwaukee

Milwaukee is at number nine when it comes to the top cities in America that caters to singles and their entertainment lifestyle. Although, Milwaukee does not have the New York or Miami culture, it still hold its own with sizeable clubs, bar and other types of entertainment. There are a... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Minneapolis/h3>

We already know that Minneapolis is the Twin City. If you happen to be single and you are seeking an individual to make a connection with, then you are in luck because SoNaughty has put together a list of Minneapolis hookup spots that will give you the chance to meet... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: New Jersey

If you are a single person and looking for a special person to have that instant hook up, you really don't have to search any further than SoNaughty. This is especially true when you are tired of the traditional nightlife scene and just want to try something different for a... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: NYC

It's no secret that NYC is one of the best cities in all of the US! Yes, it's for many reasons, but we pretty sure the number one reason is how many great bars and nightclubs there are. There's no city quite like NYC for partying, that's for sure. NYC... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Philly

During the summer, Philly is the kind of city that anyone would want to be visiting or even residing in. If you are the kind of person that loves nightlife entertainment, then Philly has a lot to offer. Philly is just as nice during other seasons, but the summer gives... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Portland

The dating scene in Portland is quite lively and active for single people, young adults and couples. Portland does have longer and colder months and so it is not easy for everyone to enjoy the dating scene as regularly as they would in other states such as Florida with its... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: San Antonio

We have the same problem with every Texan city we profile: how do we pick a favorite city? It's pretty much impossible to even rank them but if we did, San Antonio would rank fairly high on the list. As a city to visit, it is gorgeous and full of ... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: San Diego

There are so many incredible cities in California that San Diego can tend to be overlooked. Well, we are here to change all of that! San Diego has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife. Read on for the SoNaughty directory of the top San Diego hookup bars, hookup... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: San Francisco

When you think of San Francisco, you may think of the Golden Gate Bridge or all of the hills. Well we are here to make sure that the next time you think of this great city, you think of all of the incredible hookup bars and clubs. San Francisco has... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Santa Monica

The hookup scene in Santa Monica is different from the one in other smaller cities. California, on a whole is the epicenter for single people. You can lose your identity in Santa Monica, if you are coming from a smaller city because before long, you will be more relaxed, fun... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Seattle

The city of Seattle is very popular for being lively and vibrant. You can find dive bars, full bars, dance clubs, and swingers clubs all throughout the city. There are tons of singles relocating to this area for various reasons. This is the gateway to finding and hooking up with... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Tampa

The city of Tampa is that place in Florida where you can have as much fun as you will let yourself. This is the place where you will be able to let your hair down. The nightlife scene is filled with a diverse culture and people who are single and... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Utah

Utah is a kind of low keyed, relaxed and laid back state. However, this doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy a type of nightlife experience that will make you have fun. There are quite a few universities and colleges in Utah and so you will find a lot of younger... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Washington DC

When you think of Washington DC, you might think of historical monuments and government buildings. However, this city has so much more going for it! Washington DC has a superb hookup bar and club scene just waiting to be explored. Use this SoNaughty directory of top hookup bars to navigate... Read more.

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The Top US Hookup Bars & Hookup Clubs

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