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Top 10 General Sex Forum Sites is one of the best sex forums for beginners and seasoned forum users. The posts don't get too serious and the sub-threads cover a really wide range of topics. From dating & hookup advice, relationship issues, sex chat, and successful hookup stories. This is a great site for people who are new to sex forums or want to join an easy going forum community. You'll be able to discuss every aspect of hooking up and dating with forum members who will give you real and honest responses. Is An Active Sex Forum Site That Covers Multiple Topics

  • Active users
  • Wide range of forum topics
  • Over 500 members

Another excellent general topic sex forum, is a good place to get your feet wet in the world of sex forums. You'll find active forum members who discuss a wide range of topics that make it one of favourite general forum sites. They have sub-forums that discuss dating for members over 30 & over 40, hookup experiences and threads with great hookup advice. You'll find everything you need here to start enjoying the perks of online sex forums. Is One Of The Best General Sex Forum Sites Online

  • Lots of active members
  • Good range of general thread topics
  • Free to register is one of the more active forum sites in our general sex forum directory. With over 2,000 members there are loads of topic threads for you to explore. From the always present hookup success stories to meet up requests and general dating discussions you are bound to find something to talk about. Finding an active community with lots of members is a big part of getting the most out of online sex forums, so you can't go wrong with Thousands Of Members Talking About Anything And Everything

  • Thousands of members
  • A wide range of active topics
  • Active moderators and administrators is a general sex forum site that caters to members who discuss some of the more niche categories of adult hookups and sex. You'll find the site's nearly 1,000 members discuss a range of topics like sex advice and chat, hookup stories, and BDSM. It's that last category that makes this general sex forum site a little more of a find than most other sites. So if you're looking for general hookup and sex discussions, or want to start dipping your toes into the world of BDSM this is a great place to start. Is A Little Bit More Than Your Average General Sex Forum

  • Very active members
  • Large range of sex topics
  • Quick responses is another excellent general sex forum site that covers a wide range of topics for you to participate in. You'll find all the standard general topics, like dating & sex advice, hookup success stories and experiences, and general dating advice. One of the more active threads are "Ask A Dude" and "Ask A Chick", where you can go to ask that one question that has always been on your mind or get advice to a problem you can't seem to solve. Whatever you want to discuss or need help with the members here will help you with whatever you need. Is A Great Sex Forum For Any Of Your Questions Or Problems

  • Wide range of general topics
  • Easy to navigate categories
  • Very active members might not have the largest membership list, but more than a quarter of its members are active. And that's what helped get it on our best general sex forum directory. Along with the active members, you'll find a very nice range of forum topics, some that you probably wouldn't expect on a general sex forum site. Categories like sex positions 101, hookup heaven, and sugar daddies and sugar babies make this forum site one of the more fun in this category. Has Some Of The Most Fun Sex Discussions You'll Find Anywhere

  • Lots of unique discussion topics
  • Very active members
  • Free to register has been a cornerstone in the online sex forum world since 1997. To be honest, we didn't think the internet was a thing back then, so you know this is a forum site that will have a large and dedicated community. One look at some of the forum categories and you'll see that they talk about anything and everything on this site, and not just sex topics. One of our favourite? The Canadian Corner. But you will also find categories about sexual fantasies, BDSM, and sex and spirituality to name just a few. Is A Sex Forum Site That Talks About Anything And Everything

  • Very diverse discussion topics
  • Lots of members
  • Fun and honest responses — This site is for all our male readers. You've all heard about the science of picking up women, and about the guys who claim to be experts. This is a forum site dedicated to those men and the guys who want to become better at hooking up with women. You'll find a wide range of topics like tips for beginners, field reports, relationships, and lifestyles. This site is definitely geared towards the guys who are looking for certain types of women. But if you are interested in that kind of lifestyle this is definitely one of the most active forums out there. Is A Sex Forum Site Designed For Men To Learn The Science Of Picking Up Women

  • Very active members
  • Geared towards men
  • Very large number of topics and posts is another general sex forum site that has been building up its membership community steadily. You'll find all your standard sex forum discussion topics like hookup stories, sex advice, dating profile reviews, and hookup chat. This is one of those great forum sites that you can visit to discuss or find answers to all of your general sex questions. Which is exactly why it's made it onto our list. Is A Quality General Sex Forum Site With A Dedicated Membership Community

  • Good range of topics
  • Easy going members
  • Great moderators has been one of the best sex forum sites on the web for over 20 years. Started way back in 1997, they have been providing their always growing membership with the perfect place to discuss whatever sex topics questions they might have. From dating and hookup advice to success stories and even some horror stories, you'll find all sorts of discussions to join in on. Is One Of The Best Sex Forum Sites For Over 20 Years

  • Incredibly dedicated members
  • Active since 1997
  • Very wide range of topics's Top Ten General Sex Forums Directory has done all the hard work for you. So if you're looking for the best general sex forums on the internet, you've come to the right place.'s Top Ten General Sex Forums Directory