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Top 10 LGBT Hookup Forum Sites is an amazing and active LGBT hookup forum that you really should already be a member of by now. You'll be able to connect and chat with over 30,000 other members about everything and anything you want. And with dedicated sub-forums for how ever you identify yourself, you will have no problem meeting someone that is perfect for you. Ia An Open Chat Forum Dedicated To All Things LGBT.

  • Large member community
  • Sub-forums for all sexual identities
  • Well organized and easy to navigate is all about providing support and open friendship too all members of the LGBT community, in or out of the closet. You'll be able to connect and chat with a very passionate community about everything from sex advice and gender identity to current events and more. It's one of the best places if you're to connect with a real person who might be interested in a little more than the standard easy fling. Is One Of The Best Open LGBT Support Forums Online

  • Very active and passionate community
  • Good range of general thread topics
  • More than just sexting and explicit chat is an LGBT hookup forum that gives its members a place to connect and chat about almost anything. It's an open forum, so really, talk about everything and anything. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, or whichever way you identify, this site is your platform to explore and enjoy. Is Home To One Of The Biggest Open LGBT Chat Forums On The Web.

  • Thousands of members
  • A wide range of active topics
  • Active moderators and administrators is home to Singapore's hottest LGBT hookup chat. You'll find thousands of other like-minded members chatting and connecting about everything and anything that gets them going. It's the perfect place to hang out and experience some of the wild fun Singapore is known for. Is Singapore's Hottest Open LGBT Hookup Forum.

  • Very large community
  • Dedicated to the Singapore LGBT scene
  • Lots of active threads and discussion topics — With close to 50,000 registered members, the LGBT hookup forums at are a paradise for it's members to connect and bond over the hottest male celebrities. The chat goes much further than celebrity crushes to talk about all aspects of gay life, and it is easily one of the best places to make some new friends for a little fun and adventure. Is Home To The Biggest Gay Celebrity Chat Forum.

  • Dedicated to male celebrities and gay life
  • Very active community
  • Well moderated — Finally, a site dedicated to all our beautiful women readers. If you're looking for one of the best lesbian-focused forum communities on the web, look no further than the LGBT hookup forums on You'll make endless new friends chatting about all aspects of lesbian life, and the looking for friends sub-forum is one of the most active you'll ever find. Lets You Join One Of The Most Supportive Lesbian Chat Communities On The Web.

  • Dedicated to lesbians chatting about lesbian life
  • Well organized
  • Very active and supportive community is an open LGBT hookup forum dedicated to, well you guessed it, giving all members of the LGBT community the perfect platform to connect, chat, and hookup. You'll find thousands of active members talking about everything and anything, and with all the explicit threads they currently have going, you'll be making new friends in little to no time at all. Is Home To The Hottest LGBT Hookup Chat On The Web.

  • Dedicated to hookups and romance
  • Lots of fun-loving members
  • Very active community — We don't want to give too much away here, but this site is one our gay readers might be most interested in. With 10,000 members and counting, it's one of the best places on the web to connect and chat about all things gay life. There are lots of different sub-forums and if you happen to be a little younger, they have a teen chat forum as well. How perfect is that! Is The Gay Community Chat Forum You Need To Join.

  • Dedicated to gay community
  • Well organized
  • Very active community is one of the most well organized and active forum sites we've ever reviewed, period. We review a lot of sites that are run by their respective communities, but the LGBT hookup forums at have the entire TotallyHer media network supporting them. One visit to the site and you'll see why that matters. There are threads and sub-forums to talk about all aspects of lesbian life and the lesbian community. Is The Internet's Best Lesbian Forum Community.

  • Very well organized and maintained
  • Part of the TotallyHer network
  • Dedicated to lesbian community is an open discussion forum dedicated to every aspect of transgender life and the transgender community. For any of our readers who have been looking for a supportive community where you can connect with new friends and chat about anything that comes to mind, the LGBT hookup boards at are going to be your new home away from home. Is Home To The Web's Best Transgender Chat Forums.

  • Supports the transgender community
  • Very dedicated and supportive members
  • Incredibly active sub-forums and threads's Top Ten LGBT Hookup Forums Directory

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