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Top 10 Gay Hookup Forum Sites — We're starting things off strong with one of the best places on the web to connect and chat to over 10,000 other men looking to meet and have fun. And with all the different dedicated sub-forums it's no wonder the gay hookup forums at has made its second appearance in our directory. Is The Gay Hookup For You Need To Join Today.

  • Dedicated to gay community
  • Well organized
  • Very active community is the teenaged brother of the amazing It's the perfect place for young gay men to meet, chat, and connect. We think it's important our younger readers have a place to call their own, and the gay hookup forums at gives them just the kind of forum they deserve. Is The Gay Hookup Forum For Teens And Young Gay Men.

  • Part of GayForum family
  • Dedicated to young gay men
  • Very active and supportive community is where you can go to find all kinds of amazing forums, covering all manner of different topics. What puts them on our list of top hookup forums is their amazing gay hookup forum. It's open forum concept and passionate user community has helped it become one of the best places to meet and have fun with the man of your dreams Is The Home Of One Of The Hottest Gay Hookup Forums

  • Thousands of members
  • Incredible active community
  • Very well moderated is hands down one of the hottest gay hookup forums to make this list. If you need a little more convincing, the dedicated sub-forums are listed under "The Backrooms" and "Mostly Safe For Work". And we haven't even started to read you some of the post content yet. Better to let you enjoy that on your own. Is The Hottest Gay Hookup Forum On The Web .

  • Explicit content and threads
  • Dedicated sub-forums for user-posted content
  • Very well organized is one of those sites that is so amazing and diverse it deserves multiple spots in our directory. The gay hookup forums, in particular, are some of our favourites. Without spoiling too many of the juicy details, the dedicated gay hookup personal ads alone are worth multiple visits. Is One Of The Best Gay Hookup Forums On The Web.

  • Part of the network
  • Incredibly active member community
  • Amazing gay personal ads sub-forum is the gay hookup forum site that we are most excited about. They're bringing something new to the hookup forum party with the addition of the popular up vote tool. Combine that with one of the most passionate and active communities and you know exactly why we're head over heels about this forum site. Is One Of The Most Exciting Gay Hookup Forums On The Web.

  • Includes up voting tool
  • Very passionate members
  • Open forum format has some of the wildest and hottest thread topics you'll find on any of our top gay hookup forum sites. Combine that with an incredibly active member community and a super simple open forum format and you're starting to see exactly why they have a place in our top ten. Is Home To Some Of The Hottest Thread Discussions.

  • Very open threads
  • No topic is off limits
  • Very active member community is here to help connect you to all the fun and excitement of the Thailand gay scene. We've all heard the amazing stories, and dreamt of finally planning that epic vacation. The gay hookup forums at bring you one step closer to this amazing community. Is Home To Thailand's Gay Hookup Community.

  • Dedicated to Thailand's gay community
  • Various sub-forum topics
  • Active member community is another amazing site in the extensive Passions forum network. We've already reviewed a few of them earlier in our directory, but the gay hookup forum at might be the best one yet. A growing member community and well-organized forum layout make it clear that this will soon be one of the hottest forums on the web. Is The Growing Gay Hookup Forum You Need To Check Out.

  • Part of the Passions network
  • Growing member community
  • Well organized sub-forums gives a much-needed escape from the aggressive alpha stereotypes that seems to be present on too many of the best gay hookup forums. The laid-back attitude and long list of sub-forum topics make the forums at some of our favourites. We highly suggest you check the site out today. Hey, who knows, it might end up being just the site you were looking for. Is A Gay Hookup Forum That Does Things At Its Own Pace.

  • Laid back atmosphere
  • Rapidly growing member community
  • Long list of different sub-forums's Top Ten Gay Hookup Forums Directory

Everyone said it couldn't be done, but did the impossible and proved everyone wrong once again with our list of the best gay hookup forums.'s Top Ten Gay Hookup Forums Directory