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SpaceFucker.com — Might as well start this list off with a site named SpaceFucker.com, right? Without giving too much away, this is the kind of niche hookup forum where you can go to share some pretty wild sex stories and advice. Definitely not for your average sex adventures, but if you are looking for some new friends who like things a little more taboo this is a great place to start

SpaceFucker.com Is The Niche Hookup Forum Where You Can Get Your Taboo Fix

  • Active users
  • Good range of forum topics
  • Well moderated board


SexyAds.com first started up in 1997, which makes it almost as old as the internet itself. Since it first launched, it has grown to be one of the biggest niche hookup forums on the web. You just need to take a quick look at all the different sub-forums they have and you'll realize that nothing is off limits here. If it gets you off, chances are they have a discussion or two dedicated to it. They even have a sub-forum dedicated to Canadians, if that the kind of thing that gets you excited.

SexyAds.com Is A Niche Hookup Forum Site Where Nothing Is Off Limits

  • A broad range of discussion topics
  • Very large numbers of users
  • Fun and active member community


City-Data.com is the niche hookup forum site for anyone looking strictly for sex and relationship advice, without getting overwhelmed with NSFW or heavily sexual content. You won't find any R rated stories here, or any explicit photos or videos. Just a really dedicated community giving real answers about sex and relationships. So if you're looking for some advice to help your hookup game, but don't want to sort through endless photos and videos this is the place for you.

City-Data.com Is Where You Will Find Real Answers To Real Sex And Relationship Questions

  • Millions of members
  • Very active community
  • No explicit or NSFW content


TooTimid.com is an excellent niche hookup forum site that is dedicated to the discussion of all the sex positions and techniques you have ever heard of, and probably some that you haven't. It is definitely the place to go to learn about something you are interested in, or to discuss some of your favourite techniques. You'll be able to connect with other users who like the same things as you, so who knows what might happen.

TooTimid.com Is Dedicated to All The Different Sex Techniques And Positions

  • Forums dedicate to sex positions and techniques
  • Very active community
  • Easy to navigate forums


Fetish-Planet.org is a lot more than some sci-fi fetish dream. It's the name of one of the internets most extreme niche hookup forums. You'll find sub-forums dedicated to the usual porn categories: amateur, 18+ girls, lesbians etc. But what gives this forum its niche following are the extreme fetish boards. Here you'll find entire sub-forums dedicated to every corner of the niche sex community. Some of which we don't even want to find ourselves in.

Fetish-Planet.org Is The Internet's Most Extreme Niche Hookup Forum

  • Wide range of extreme fetish topics
  • Well organized forum
  • Very active members


ILoveInterracial.com is a niche hookup forum dedicated to one thing. Interracial sex and relationships. We like to think this isn't really a niche thing anymore, but for the time being this is where it gets sorted. You'll find sub-forums dedicated to general interracial discussions and stories, but also sub-forums for those looking for partners to hook up with. Definitely a go-to site for anyone who enjoys mixing things up.

ILoveInterracial.com Is One Of The Best Interracial Niche Hookup Forums On The Web

  • Very organized forums
  • Active user community
  • Includes personals and "looking for" threads


FemaleFirst.co.uk — Finally a niche hookup forum dedicated to women! We've reviewed plenty of forums that help to educate and coach men to attract more women, so it's about time the women got a site of their own. Men are welcome to join in the discussions, but all the content will be targeted to helping and empowering women to find their perfect match.

FemaleFirst.co.uk Is The Web's Best Dedicated Female Niche Hookup Site

  • Female-oriented forums
  • Active and friendly community
  • Quick and real responses from users


LuckyMojo.com — If you're looking for sex and relationship advice but require a little help from the spiritual realm you need to check out the niche hookup forums on LuckyMojo.com. It's the best–and possibly only–place to go to get advice and tips to cast all sorts of different spells that will help you improve your hookup game and get with the partner you've been hoping for.

LuckyMojo.com Is The Place To Go For All Your Spiritual Sex And Hookup Spells And Advice

  • Very dedicated community
  • Spiritual spells and sex advice
  • Very active users


GirlsChase.com — Attention male readers, this is the niche hookup forum site you have been looking for. There are a lot of different pickup artist sites and forums on the web, but very few can claim the dedicated user community and quality of content that GirlsChase.com can. It's the best place to go to discuss topics like tips and techniques, field reports, relationship advice, and hookup lifestyles. So if you need some help when it comes to attracting the women you want, check out the forums here.

GirlsChase.com Is The Niche Hookup Forum Site For Men To Learn How To Attract Women

  • Dedicated user community
  • Content is designed for men
  • Very active members and threads

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