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AfricanAmericanPassions.com is a black hookup forum that connects men and women who are looking for advice and discussions relating to all aspects of black relationships. You'll find sub-forums dedicated to dating ideas, relationship advice, African American culture, and some general topics like current events and sports. If you want to connect and meet with other adults who share the same interests as you make sure you visit and join today.

AfricanAmericanPassions.com Is A Great Forum To Discuss And Connect With Other Like-Minded Adults.

  • Good range of forum topics
  • Well organized forums
  • Growing user community


BlackPlanet.com is a black hookup forum site dedicated to all aspects of black relationships and dating. You'll find sub-forums dedicated to black beauty, dating in the black community, bbws, and lots of different "looking for" threads. With thousands of members in every group, you will be sure to find someone new that shares your passions and interests to connect with.

BlackPlanet.com Is A Black Hookup Forum Site That Covers All Aspects Of Dating And Sex In The Black Community.

  • A broad range of thread topics
  • Active user community
  • Well moderated and organized


CocoaLounge.org is a black hookup forum site that doesn't take itself too seriously and that makes for a very enjoyable experience for all of its dedicated users. You'll find thread topics about how to solve marital disputes, men's love of breasts, and how to communicate in relationships. There aren't any dedicated sub-forums for topics, but with so many different discussions happening you are bound to connect and enjoy your time here.

CocoaLounge.org Is A Fun Loving Black Hookup Forum That Discusses A Wide Range Of Topics

  • Not too serious
  • Content isn't very explicit
  • Good variety of thread topics


Topix.com is a forum website that hosts a very popular African-American discussion forum that handles any and all topics about the African-American community. And this includes dating and relationships within the black community. So if you're looking for a forum with users that are discussing more than just hookup techniques, you will find yourself at home here.

Topix.com Is A Very Popular African-American Forum Site That Discusses All Aspects Of African American Culture And Life.

  • Very engaged users
  • Well managed forums
  • Discussions go beyond sex and relationship advice


BlackToWhite.net — We talked about this amazing site in our interracial forum list as well, so it's not surprising to us it's included in our black hookup forum list too. You'll find all the normal discussion threads about relationships and sex, but what sets it apart are all the sub-forums for niche and alternative sexual practices. It's one of the best forum sites dedicated to the more extreme kinds of sex and play.

BlackToWhite.net Is An Black Hookup Forum Perfect For Those Who Like Their Fun On The Alternative Side.

  • Includes threads for extreme and niche sex play
  • Good variety of sub-forum topics
  • Active user community


LipstickAlley.com is a popular black hookup forum site that is geared slightly towards female users and helping them deal with everyday sex and relationship advice as well as other aspects of African-American culture. You'll find threads that cover all different kinds of relationships and interests, so you are sure to connect with someone who shares your opinions and interests. It might not be as explicit as some of the other sites we've reviewed, but it is certainly worth a shot if you are looking for someone new to meet.

LipstickAlley.com Is A Top Black Hookup Forum Site With A Positive Female Presence.

  • Very active forums
  • Geared towards black women
  • Lots of different thread topics


GrassCity.com — We always say that there is a forum for everything, and this site pretty much proves it. A black hookup forum that is geared towards stoners. What's not to love about that! Its a pretty standard sex and relationship style forum, but of course all the users share in a love for smoking weed. So you know you are talking to some very laid back and fun loving people here.

GrassCity.com Combines Sex, Relationships, And Weed In A Black Hookup Forum You Need To Check Out.

  • Part of the GrassCity weed forums
  • Active user group
  • Very friendly and easy going


MGTow.com is a forum site that is for men only, where members can discuss all aspects of sex, relationships, and dating culture. Not all the thread topics deal with sex and hooking up, but you will find plenty of conversations to join in. If you're a guy looking for a black hookup forum that is made just for men, this is a pretty good choice.

MGTow.com Is A Black Hookup Forum Dedicated And Designed For Men Only

  • Only male members allowed
  • Well moderated and maintained
  • 30,000+ members


BlackWhiteMeet.com is a black hookup forum site that connects you with other adults who share your own passions and desires. You will find numerous thread topics that discuss everything like interracial sex, dating advice, looking for personal ads, and the discussion of various black relationship topics. A site worth visiting if you want to engage with some new people and discuss various aspects of black sex and relationships.

BlackWhiteMeet.com Is A Black Hookup Forum Site That Discusses Every Type Of Black Relationships

  • Active member group
  • Large number of sub-thread topics
  • Well organized and moderated

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