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PrivateArrngements.com is a perfect sugar daddy hookup forum to start our list off with. You'll find a very active community of users who connect and chat about all aspects of being a sugar daddy in today's society. And women are more than welcome too, there are plenty of threads dedicated to sugar babies here as well.

PrivateArrangements.com Is A Great Sugar Daddy Hookup Forum That Covers All Aspects Of The Sugar Daddy Lifestyle

  • Good range of thread topics
  • Active member community
  • Easy to navigate


MillionaireMatch.comFull disclosure guys, we don't actually know if the sugar daddy hookup forums at MillionaireMatch.com actually require you to be a millionaire to join and connect with the site's growing community of SDs and sugar babies. But it probably doesn't hurt to have that kind of money if you're looking to get into this kind of lifestyle, right?

MillionaireMatch.com Is A Growing Community Of Fans And Practitioners Of The Sugar Daddy Lifestyle.

  • Well organized
  • Growing community of users
  • Well moderated forums and threads


SugarDaddyMeet.com is the web's most popular and professional sugar daddy lifestyle site. The sugar daddy hookup forums in the members' area will literally be the best place on the internet for sugar daddies and sugar babies to connect and chat with like-minded adults. With over 1 million active users, 80% of which are women, you won't find a better site to dedicate your time to.

SugarDaddyMeet.com Is The Best Sugar Daddy Hookup Forum Site On The Web.

  • 1,371,934 active members with 1,114,513 female members
  • Very active community
  • Very professional website and forums


SugarDaddyCanada.com — If you have been sitting there wondering if there will ever be a sugar daddy hookup forum dedicated to the sugar daddies and babies that call Canada home, you can stop wondering right now. The forums at SugarDaddyCanada.com are dedicated to the SD lifestyle in Canada. Pretty cool, eh?

SugarDaddyCanada.com The Best Canadian Sugar Daddy Hookup Forum Site.

  • Dedicated to the sugar daddy lifestyle in Canada
  • Active and dedicated user community
  • Well organized threads and sub-forums


SeekingSugar.com is home to one of the web's premiere sugar daddy hookup forums. Once you become a member you will have access to all of the knowledge and resources you would want to dive right into the sugar daddy lifestyle. Sugar daddies and sugar babies of all ages from all parts of the world call SeekingSugar.com home.

SeekingSugar.com Is One Of The Web's Premier Sugar Daddy Lifestyle Sites.

  • Very active user community
  • Professional and well-maintained forums
  • Free sign up


SugarDaddy.net.nz isn't the first top hookup forum site we've reviewed that is dedicated to adults living and visiting the country of New Zealand. We're not entirely sure what's going on over there, but it must be one hell of a good time. The sugar daddy hookup forums are a definite must visit for anyone practicing the sugar daddy lifestyle in New Zealand.

SugarDaddy.net.nz Is New Zealand's Best Sugar Daddy Hookup Forum Site.

  • Active member community
  • Dedicated to members located in New Zealand
  • Well maintained and professional forums


MidlifeBachelor.com is a sugar daddy hookup forum dedicated to giving middle-aged sugar daddies a place to go and discuss all aspects of the lifestyle. No topic is off limits here and you'll find everything from sex and relationship advice to success stories to general masculinity discussions. There are some women members, but this is clearly a site for men by men.

MidlifeBachelor.com Is The Sugar Daddy Hookup Forum For Men To Be Men

  • Dedicated to men and male-centered discussions
  • Active moderators and admins
  • Dedicated user community


LetsTalkSugar.com is the home away from home for sugar babies from around the world. The sugar daddy hookup forums here are dedicated to sugar babies and the discussion of all aspects of the SB lifestyle. You'll find sub-forums that range to talk about sex, money, fashion, and more. So if you're a practicing sugar baby or looking to join the growing community of SB's around the world, it is well worth your while to stop by LetsTalkSugar.com

LetsTalkSugar.com Is The Home For Sugar Babies From Around The World.

  • Content focused on the sugar baby lifestyle
  • Run and maintained by women
  • Very dedicated member community


YoungerWomenWithOlderMen.com — If you're a young woman whose only desire is to be spoiled and pampered by a successful older man, you need to check out the sugar daddy hookup forums at YoungerWomenWithOlderMen.com. It is one of the best places to find that older man of your dreams, so go get him!

YoungerWomenWithOlderMen.com Is A Sugar Daddy Hookup Site Dedicated To Women Seeking Older Men.

  • Dedicated to women seeking men
  • Well maintained forums
  • Active and dedicated community


AgeMeet.com is more than just a site for older men to connect with younger women. The sugar daddy hookup forums at AgeMeet.com are dedicated to age gap relationships of all kinds. Older women seeking younger men, young women seeking old men, and everything and anything in-between. Take a look through the forums and we are sure you will find exactly who you are looking for here.

AgeMeet.com Is The Sugar Daddy Hookup Forum For All Age Gap Relationships.

  • Supports all different kinds of age gap relationships
  • Very tight-knit member community
  • Professionally run and maintained

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