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Newgrounds.com has some of the best adult sex games, and best of all - they're all FREE to play. The owner is very much a part of the process from creation to launch and loves to hear feedback from members. If you have any sexy ideas that aren't game options yet, that doesn't mean they won't be.

Free Sex Games That Do The Job At Newgrounds.com

  • You get access to the New Feature section
  • The site is FREE to join
  • Save sex games for future play


Getsexgames.com is the site you want to try if you don't take life too seriously and want to have a little fun. There are thousands of fun and funny parody sex games - and you can't imagine how many different scenarios. If you're intrigued, this site won't disappoint. It keeps sex games light and humorous with a sexy finish every time.

Getsexgames.com - Laugh Until You Cum

  • Funny and free sex games available
  • Must be 18 years of age to enter
  • No download limit so you can download and save all of your games


Comdotgame.com lets you follow your favorite characters and control them in different situations. Perfect sex games for straight, gay, bisexual and any sexuality in between. Free forums also allow you to chat with fellow gamers to find easter eggs hidden in the top rated games. You won't believe what the developers have hidden inside. Even you can't image the dirty things these characters are doing.

Comdotgame.com - A World Of Lust And Wonder

  • The detail of the sex games will keep you salivating
  • Free to enter
  • Pay for premium upgrades at any time during your game


2games.com is not for the faint of heart. These free sex games are so hot you won't last long playing even the tamest ones. The highlight of this site is the gamer forum where you can chat with other gamers during multiplayer games. Get creative with fellow gay players, and there's no telling the scenes you can create.

The #1 Gay Sex Games Site Is 2games.com

  • Millions of gay gamers online 24/7
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  • Build a free profile for daily updates


Funny-games.biz tempts you with daily updates in categories like 'Furry,' 'Funny,' 'Parody,' 'Porn' and 'Alien,' and that's only a taste of what you'll find here. Choose from light play to full porn videos depending on your mood, and you'll always get off. Sexy lifelike characters are waiting to have fun with you online now!

Realistic Sex Games Are Waiting To Be Played At Funny-games.biz

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  • Create a profile with likes and dislikes
  • The site will always remember your preferences, but you can change them anytime in your profile


Stripparadise.com is full of real babes - no cartoons here. Get real women to do whatever you want them to do. Strip poker and other hot strip style casino games are trending now and always looking for new players. If you're in the mood to play with the hottest girls on the web, don't waste another second. Rooms fill up fast but lucky for you, there are thousands of games to choose from.

Stripparadise.com - Real Babes Doing Naughty Things In Amazing Sex Games

  • Must be 18 to play and chat on sex forums
  • Always free to play with minimal ads
  • Continuous play with no time limits


Sexgamefun.com has every game you've wanted to play. Scroll through thousands of thumbnails to get a glimpse of how hot these free sex games are. You don't even have to play to feel the heat on this site. Cartoon babes, real babes and some of the realist animation characters you've seen are waiting to be controlled and virtually fucked by you tonight.

Start A Sex Game Mission Now At Sexgamefun.com

  • Role play and control online characters
  • You're in complete control of your sex games experience
  • Free gameplay that goes on for hours, so you're never bored


Easysexgames.com is serious about their gameplay, but that's only because they know how addicting their games are. If you're planning on trying this site, be prepared to spend hours playing these sex games. These domination-heavy sex games aren't for the weak. If you love taking control, you're going to love bossing these characters around. Don't hold back and fulfill your naughtiest fantasies.

Easysexgames.com - You're The Sex Games Boss Here

  • You're always calling the shots on this site
  • Must be 24 to enter due to the graphic nature of the site
  • Answer a few questions to find exactly what you're looking for


Gamesbutler.com is a great place to start if you're new to free sex games online. You can choose from the most popular, or you can narrow down your search to anything from 'tickling' to 'busty love.' If you just want to get to second base and take it slow, or you're looking for hardcore porn domination, this site has it all. Go at your speed and explore a little further each time you log on.

Get Comfortable With Naughty Sex Gameplay At Gamesbutler.com

  • No sign in required
  • Must be 18 to join the sex chats
  • Free site with zero obligation
  • No ads, just sex games


Playpornogames.com is loaded with big breasted, horny characters that will do anything you want them to. Imagine yourself as the sex god you've always dreamt of being and then put yourself into online scenarios that let you live out your wildest dreams. No gamer holds back on this site, and you'll see why as soon as you join. Let your inner sex beast run wild tonight.

New Sex Game Adventures Are Waiting At Playpornogames.com

  • Lots of hardcore porn scenes
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  • Thousands of FREE games

Hassle-Free Sex Games Online Here At SoNaughty.com

From fun to naughty and for every skill level, SoNaughty.com has the best in free sex games. Don't get stuck playing just want. Start exploring today!

Hassle-Free Sex Games Online Here At SoNaughty.com